July 13, 2024
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Manifestation is all About Spinning Energy

Psychic Insights: Manifestation is all About Spinning Energy

Some say that for manifestation to work, you have to BELIEVE it will work. Others disagree and say manifestation can attract things into your life, both good and bad, even if you don’t even know you’re manifesting them or believe it’s possible to do so. Either way, understanding more about why manifestation is even possible and how it works will help you get the most out of your intentional manifestation efforts.

We Are Vibrational Energy Beings

To understand why manifestation is even possible, you must first understand that everything that exists in our grand Universe is made of tiny little particles that spin and vibrate. EVERYTHING. This includes your physical body, every cell in your body, your brain cells, your chakras, your aura, your conscious thoughts, your subconscious thoughts, and your deepest desires. Your entire being, physical, mental, and emotional, is basically a bundle of tiny particles of spinning energy emitting vibrations and frequencies into the world all around you. And yes… your thoughts are energy too!

At the most basic level, this is why manifestation is even possible through the law of attraction. High vibrations/energy attracts high vibrations/energy things. Low vibrations/low energy attracts low vibrations/low energy things. If the vibrational energy in your particles is at a high frequency, you will have an easier time attracting high energy things into your life. Positive things like joy, love, wealth, and abundance have high energy. On the other side of the coin, if the vibrational energy in your particles is low, you’ll be more likely to attract low energy things into your life such as sadness, failure, and misery.

So, the state of your vibrational energy is very important to your ability to manifest good things into your life! In fact, it’s fundamental.

You Are Not an Isolated Bundle of Vibrational Energy

Your vibrational energy bundle exists in a world filled with many other vibrational energy bundles. So, you must keep this in mind when manifesting.

While you give off energy vibrations, you also receive energy vibrations from everything around you since everything in the universe is made of these same tiny particles of spinning energy! This includes other people’s thoughts, inanimate objects, and other living creatures. They are all comprised of the same tiny particles that spin and vibrate — and everything is connected! This is a point you should remember the next time you consult with your psychic. She is able to do what she does because of this fact.

When you hug someone or pet your dog, guess what is happening? You are transferring positive high-frequency energy to them and it’s being reciprocated in return. The energy of love is a real thing and it will help you achieve more positive manifestations in all areas of life. While it’s true that positive people will transfer more positive energy to you overall, when you comfort someone who is sad with a hug, you will raise that person’s energy vibrations and that new higher frequency will flow back to you. In fact, being a giving person is one of the ways to stay at a higher vibrational energy level and manifest more good things in your life.

This is one of the reasons psychics have such high-frequency energy all the time. They give of themselves all the time. It’s one of the reasons that just having regular sessions with a psychic can raise your vibrational energy overall. Keep the higher energy and positivity flowing!

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It’s Good To Know Some Physics

You don’t have to understand the scientific mechanisms behind why manifestation works to manifest good things BUT it does make it easier. The truth is that scientists don’t really understand the mechanisms fully either but what they do already know is enough to explain in a general way how manifestation works.

As it turns out, the tiniest particles are not atoms but much smaller particles called quarks. How small? Scientists don’t know for sure, but they estimate these quarks are about a billionth of a centimeter (there are 2.54 centimeters in an inch). Some scientists theorize about quarks are built from even smaller particles called preons. So, when we’re talking about spinning energies, this is not a made-up thing, i.e. it’s not New Age babble. It’s a real thing, based on real science and part of us at a level that is much tinier than the microscopic level.

Positive emotions like laughter, pleasure, the feeling of freedom, and a peaceful calm mood cause these particles to vibrate at a higher frequency. Negative emotions like anger, revenge, pain, and sadness cause these particles to vibrate at lower frequencies. While this may be an oversimplification, it’s still basically true when you average those emotions out over time in the pulses of your life. Psychics know this stuff intuitively but you might be surprised how many scientists come to discover the Law of Attraction through their scientific work.

One of Professor Albert Einstein’s most famous quotations is, “Imagination is everything, it is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” He said this decades before people were talking about the “Law of Attraction,” but it seems he arrived at essentially the same concept through his work in physics. Keep in mind too that it is Professor Einstein’s work that led to a radical paradigm shift in physics and what became known as Quantum Physics, also known as Quantum Mechanics. It’s earth-shattering powerful stuff and it’s what makes manifestation possible!

Thank You Quantum Physicists

About the last person you might think could teach you about the psychic insights into the fascinating topic manifestation would be a physicist, right? Scientists are supposed to be purely logical people so who are they to provide any insight into New Age matters like psychic ability, Law of Attraction (LoA), and manifestation, right? Scientists base things on scientific facts they ascertain through experiments or careful observation. So, asking scientists to explain psychic manifestation and the Law of Attraction may seem at first to you about as fruitless as asking an accountant to explain the artistic process that goes into painting a beautiful mural that elevates the spirit.

If you buy into these stereotypes you may miss out on the scientific beauty of bringing positive manifestations into your life! Try to open your mind to the scientific explanation as to how manifestation works and why positive manifestations will have positive ripple effects that could make the entire world a better place.

Surprise, surprise!

Quantum physicists actually provide the key clues as to why manifestation works… and yes, it definitely works when applied correctly! You CAN manifest good things into your life like a magnet attracts metal.

C’mon, Is Everything in the Universe REALLY Made of Spinning Energy?

Yes! Even your brain waves are made up of spinning energy.

This even includes the thoughts hidden away in your subconscious and the emotions you keep buried so deep down inside you can’t even feel them anymore. All thoughts and all desires are just as much a part of the electromagnetic energy all around you as the brilliant sunlight hitting our planet.

Have you heard of the “butterfly effect?” When a butterfly flaps its colorful wings, the ripple effect of the energy created can cure disease or cause a catastrophic hurricane to slam into the Florida coastline. All energy is interlinked and consequential. Manifestation works in the same way… and if you put out positive energies, you’ll create positive effects, not only in your own life but in the life of others as well.

All energies from all sources interact with all the other energies in the world. What determines if these interactions create desirable or undesirable consequences? It’s the frequency of the energy vibrations in the tiniest particles of your being. Yes, you have quarks and quantum physics to thank for your positive manifestations.

Every frequency and combinations of frequencies give different results. You may have been going through life not really understanding why bad things are happening to you. Likewise, you may not understand why you can’t seem to achieve the goals you set, even when you consider them to be reasonable and within reach of your abilities. Well, now you know why…. your vibrations are probably too low and you need to increase those vibrations and at the same time put positive actions into play.

Final Thoughts

If you are hoping to transform your life with manifestation, it wouldn’t hurt to find an easy to understand book on quantum physics. Alternatively, you can look for online articles or YouTube instructive videos on quantum physics. If you happen to be a college student or live near a college that teaches introductory quantum physic classes or seminars, see if you can audit a few. Don’t be surprised if you see psychics in there too trying to hone their craft through a modern lens. You can ask your psychic to help open your mind so you more easily grasp what you really need to know from this fascinating field to help you manifest good things into your life.

When you first start studying quantum physics, try to do so first without thinking too much about manifestation and the Law of Attraction. Even if quantum physics completely boggle your mind, don’t let that stop the exploration. Just let your mind absorb what it can and allow your newfound knowledge to stretch the current limits of your understanding and imagination. This process will help you in your quest for manifesting good things in your life!

Once you acquire some knowledge about quantum physics, you can go back to concentrating on manifestation with a totally fresh perspective. You’ll have a deeper respect for why it works even if you don’t become a science nerd. You may even be able to make connections in your manifesting that you could not have made without a short crash course in quantum physics.

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