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manifesting and momentum

Manifesting and the Concept of Momentum

Manifesting and the Concept of Momentum… Manifestation is a process that occurs across four planes: Spiritual, Mental, Astral, and Physical. The Mental and Physical are planes of form, whereas the Spiritual and Astral are planes of force. All these planes are interrelated and function in pairs.

A desire or impulse comes from the Spiritual plane; this is a moving force— a drive to be, will to live, or inspiration to express.

A thought-form is then created on the Mental plane. This is a complex of beliefs or ideas, many of which may be unconscious, which create a structure, framework, or blueprint.

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The Astral is the causative plane of the manifestation of power for the Physical plane. The force of this plane is emotional, and we may call this force momentum. You may envision the Astral plane as full of streaming rays of light, pure force without form at all, while the Physical plane is the material world that you know and seem to live within, where there is only form and no force.

Force and Form

Any object in manifestation is the product of a Physical form and Mental form, with an Astral plane of force dividing them. A Mental thought-form acts as a channel for and determines the configuration of the manifestation of Astral force in matter.

The momentum or emotional force of the Astral plane is affected at every moment by your words, deeds, thoughts, and feelings. The force of this plane responds to your emotional orientation. You are constantly sending this powerfully creative force through thought forms, and this animation of form by force creates manifestations.

These forms may derive from the Mental plane— meaning ideas, beliefs, intentions, visualizations, conceptions, etc. A plan, for instance, is a thought-form we build, and as the Astral force of our emotional attention is sent through it, our plan takes some shape on the Physical plane.

Alternatively, these forms may derive from the Physical matter of what is. Many of us respond to life automatically, accepting the form of “what is” without questioning whether it needs to be this way or actively choosing another shape for it to take. Most people do not know the power they have over “the way things are” in the deliberate construction of thought forms.

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If we move through life passively, producing emotional responses randomly, only when stimulated by external conditions, then all of our thought forms are determined by the nature of the conditions which stimulated them. We thus send Astral force back through the same old form of what is, and simply perpetuate its manifestation on the Physical plane.

This is the reason that most lives follow along a fairly even trajectory, without many dramatic turns either for the worse or for the better. There are ups and downs in any life, but most tend not to stray too far from the general area in which they began. The material conditions of one’s life continue to adhere to a set of defined and fixed conditions if the Astral force is moving through thought-forms that are derived from the current material conditions. Matter gives rise to the thought-form, and the thought-form gives rise to matter, and life is spent in a never-ending circle.

If we are to change the pattern of the way we are living, there must be a change in the plane of mind. When a new thought-form is introduced to the Astral force, a new form may appear on the Physical plane. The Physical form will give rise to a new emotional sensation and the sensation will reanimate the thought-form, and thus this new cycle becomes self-perpetuating in its turn.

Turning Up the Dial

The “voltage” of this Astral force is amplified by the intensity of our emotions. As we hold our attention upon a Physical or thought-form, force on the Astral starts to run through it. If we do this in a highly charged emotional state— whether the emotion is positive or negative— the current of the Astral force becomes very strong.

If the attention is held upon this form continually, momentum picks up, and the thought-form begins to be animated with a life of its own, like a wheel picking up speed as it rolls downhill. As the momentum grows faster and faster, soon the impact upon the Physical plane is decisive.

Emotion is a tremendously powerful force, watering the seeds of thought forms into being. Emotion grants access to certain key faculties of the unconscious, through which we gain entry to the Astral plane. We cannot move this force of the Astral plane through forms by paying lip service to our hopes and dreams. Simply stating or asking for what we want will not suffice. One must inflame oneself with real emotion, and in this state, one may move mountains.

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The more powerfully charged the emotion, the more rapid the growth into Physical manifestation. If we are terribly angry or fearful about a particular condition, and we sit around fuming about how bad it is, or stew in ferocious resistance to what might transpire, we are sending powerfully charged emotional force through the form of this very condition, hastening its manifestation into being.

Becoming Deliberate

The practices of Manifestation arts, like the rituals of religion or ceremonial magic, use elevated emotions like joy, gratitude, appreciation, exaltation and unconditional love to accelerate momentum, these being the highest and fastest frequencies, and thus the most effective modes of accelerating momentum.

The process of becoming a conscious and authoritative manifestor means observing which of one’s thought forms are the deliberate product of imagination, and which are the product of random sensation. By eradicating those thoughts-from that are not serving you, and by availing yourself of the powers of the image-forming faculties of the mind, you may set Astral causes in motion according to your desires.

Whatever image you can make in the imagination can become a workable mechanism for manifestation.  Hold it long enough and steadily enough in mind, and pour in the force of emotions, and it must come to pass on the Physical plane!

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