July 13, 2024
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Owl Totem

The Owl Totem in the Native American Zodiac

Oftentimes, the owl spirit animal visits people in their wake and dreams or thoughts very often. Such people need to understand that the owl totem has a very deep and ethereal significance. It symbolizes wisdom and one’s good judgment. It emphasizes the importance of knowledge and people with this totem have a very sharp vision and observation just like a true owl. However, these people also possess great insight and intuition. In the Native American zodiac, the owl totem corresponds to people born between November 23rd and December 21st.  

Commonly known as Owl Spirit Animal Meanings

The owl totem also represents the change and transition that a person goes through in life. It also highlights an important event that one might face in life sometimes, however, the changes may not be as huge as one might expect, but they push you to abandon old habits nonetheless.

This also pushes one with the owl totem to better and newer things that help to improve one’s lifestyle and take it to a new pathway that is beneficial. The owl totem denotes for wisdom and all the wise things. Therefore, this also signifies that the totem looks beyond the masks that people tend to wear often. The owl spirit animal cracks through the make-believe created by the people.

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Mystifying Totem in Native American Zodiac

The owl totem indicates that the individual will find interest in the mysteries of the world and the fantasies that the world has to offer. They seek to make sense of life and everything in it which they do not immediately understand. They intend to create the best possible solutions for complications that only add to the wisdom of the intuitive owl spirit animal.

The true meaning of the owl allows you to appreciate all the wonders the world has to offer because the owl totem is always grateful for the things given to it and takes nothing for granted.

Does an Owl totem Symbolize Good Luck?

One has to pay attention to all the little things in life when the owl totem appears, especially the people who have the souls and spirits of the true wanderers. This is when one realizes that the keen observation of little things leads to better aid in solving bigger challenges and completing the tasks that are more significant. The owl totem helps one to unlock their full and ultimate potential when discovering newer abilities.

Love for an owl Spirit animal

When coming to interact with an owl, one needs to understand that something is coming their way. It can either be a message or a warning, but it depends on what kind of guidance one chooses to seek in the end in order to get a step ahead. This applies especially when it comes to love! The owl totem realizes that not all romantic encounters are supposed to be successful, as they understand that sometimes, no matter how hard one tries, something in this world is beyond our control.

It is easy to lose yourself in the thrills of new love and lose track of everything around you, but the owl totem is there to ensure that you have the experience but not give yourself entirely into it.

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Positive Traits of the Owl Spirit Animal

With the owl totem, one gains the ability to truly see the people as they actually are underneath the layers and layers of the facade. They understand when it is the right time to stay silent and when to say something that needs to be said. They are keen observers of their surroundings. They are sensitive and deep individuals who do not only act based on their raw emotions. Their moves and behaviors are very calculated and well thought out.

Negative Traits of the Owl Spirit Animal

Even though some consider the sighting of an owl as a bad omen, the owl spirit actually gives a proper wake-up call. This is the chance for those with the owl totem to try harder, be kinder and be serious about the important things in life. Traditionally, the owl symbol is linked to death under specific beliefs, but it only represents the symbolic idea of death. One way to see this is how life changes in a sudden way after a significant event.

Those with the owl totem can feel the winds change when they actually begin to do so. They know when it is the time to let go of the bad and unfavorable things to make room for things that bring benefit and betterment in life. The owl spirit animal leads on to take the reassuring big steps so the others that are suspicious ultimately follow you through.

The owl totem needs good judgment

As long as you are on the path of your life, hard choices and difficult decisions will throw themselves in your way very often. This is where the owl spirit animal directs you to the lessons that help make things easier and guide you accordingly.

You need guidance and support

No matter how strong you think you are and how adept you may have been, it does not change the fact that everyone in this world needs guidance and help. But the owl totem means that you are wise, and this shall help you in making the best decisions that will satisfy you and all the people around you.


The owl spirit animal stands upright for wisdom and intelligence. But it entirely depends upon you on how you decide to utilize these gifts on facilitating yourself and those around you. The wise foresight helps you to make the right decisions at the best moment. The best thing about those with the owl totem is that their wisdom and aura makes people feel safe and secure around you at any time possible.

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