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The power of non-reactivity for manifesting

The Power of Non-Reactivity for Manifesting

Many people are familiar with the ideas of Deliberate Creation, Manifesting and Law of Attraction. The premise of these practices is the idea that we can and do shape reality according to the content of our thoughts. If you can see an outcome clearly within your mind’s eye, fill this visualization with emotion and believe in its reality, then this outcome will come to fruition in your physical experience. Indeed, the life that you are living is always the manifestation of the thoughts you have been thinking, whether you are being deliberate about these thoughts or not.

The New Age movements have brought much attention to this subtle and “magical” relationship between the mind of the individual and the outer world which surrounds him, but this is by no means a recent discovery. In the West, magicians, alchemists, Qabalists and philosophers have long used symbolic systems to direct streams of energy from thoughts into things. Archetypal languages like astrology, the Sephiroth of the Tree of Life, the Seven Rays, colors, tones and herbal essences have been used as vehicles which hold the attention upon a certain quality selected for its resonance with the desired aim. Meditation, chanting and other consciousness expanding techniques are deployed to increase intensity of focus.


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The intensified and prolonged attention cultivated through such work quickens the momentum of energy around a thought-form; once this thought-form has enough energy constellated around it, it will then be reflected in the physical world, due to the ordering principle of this Universe, called the Law of Attraction, the Law of Mirroring or the Law of Correspondences.

As Within So Without

The Law of Attraction, simply stated, is: that which is like unto itself is drawn. As above, so below; as within, so without. That which appears to you to be outside of you is actually the reflection of what is inside of you, and that which is active within you will also be found outside of you.

Carl Jung called this the principle of synchronicity; any beings or objects which coincide in the same place and time share an essence, mirror one another, or are components of a larger whole. This applies in any situation and at all times; everything and everyone around you is mirroring yourself to you. It applies to seemingly significant things, like your mate, job, house and car, as well as seemingly insignificant things, like the stranger sitting next to you on the bus or the coffee cup you keep your pencils in at work.

Once we grasp this principle of mirroring or attraction, we are able to put it to work. The more attention given to a certain objects — like cars, houses, feathers, money or dogs — the more we will encounter those objects.  The more attention given to a certain quality— such as freedom, abundance, joy, rage, lack or unfairness— the more frequently we will encounter manifestations of this quality in our lives.


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The art of deliberate creation involves turning your attention consistently in the direction of that which is desired. We can do this through writing about it, speaking about it, designing it in our minds eye, making lists of its qualities or attributes, and noting these qualities and attributes anywhere in our lives that we can find them. If we can do these things in a spirit of excitement and optimism, then the object of our desire will soon manifest fully in our physical experience.

Alternate Timelines

Because humans are action-oriented and associate progress with effort, many of us assume that the efficacy of our manifesting comes from how assiduously we apply ourselves to these practices. In truth, however, the manifestation of what we want is not the result of lists, visualizations or identifying qualities. These activities merely help us to hold ourselves, for the duration of the exercise, in alignment with the reality of the fulfillment of our wish; yet it does not create that reality.

The reality that you desire exists independently of you, whether you do manifesting exercises or not, in the form of what we might call a potential timeline. This timeline currently exists in vibrational form; this fully-fledged version of what you most desire is currently real in the astral realm, outside of time and space. Whether it will exist in physical form as well depends upon your own ability to let it in. To do this, you must be a point of attraction for the qualities inherent in this goal; you must set the stage, so to speak, and create the vibrational atmosphere in the here-and-now which mirrors its qualities so that this timeline can coincide with you in your life.

The most important quality to cultivate, then, is non-reactivity. In order to attract the manifestation of what we want into our lives, we must be able to ignore the conditions which are presenting themselves to us in physical form, holding our attention upon those qualities which reflect what is desire. At the same time, we must be in a state which is deeply, profoundly relaxed and allowing, as this receptive mode allows the entrance of this new timeline.

If we are constantly reacting to what is unwanted in our lives, we are throwing interference in the path of this new timeline. What is wanted cannot enter into physical experience if our attention is held upon the things which are the exact opposite. For instance, in the array of potential future timelines, there is a potential timeline for you of immense wealth and prosperity. The qualities that are inherent in this timeline feel like freedom, ease, spontaneity, glamour and expansion. If, in your current experience, you are intensely worried about having enough money to pay your bills, and you are regularly focused in ways that make you feel constriction, difficulty, stagnation, limitation and bondage, then the timeline which does, truly, exist for you in vibrational form cannot enter into your experience and manifest physically because this timeline cannot coincide with an opposing frequency.

Cultivate the ability to be non-reactive. This does not mean suppressing your emotions; it means learning how to think and focus in ways that serve your well-being. Meditation is a phenomenal way of cultivating non-reactivity as it gives one the power of detachment from mind, and thus dis-identification from passing experiences.

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