July 14, 2024
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Psychic Archetypes Wise Man

Psychic Archetypes: The Wise Man

A psychic archetype represents a core energy expression that we feel defines our psychological and spiritual journey, in this, previous, and future lifetimes.  While we may engage in various forms of life practice, like being a soldier or a doctor, we are one enduring archetype, which could be the Warrior or the Healer.

This article will explore the psychic archetype of the Wise Man.

One Archetype, Many Guises

History is replete with warrior priests and soldier healers (medics).  Educators can be athletes and athletes can be educators.  We can wear many guises over the course of our lifetimes, but we most often operate from a single psychic archetype.

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Sometimes necessity and circumstance can force us into a guise that is far away from our spiritual purpose, or so it will seem.  If we look closely enough at our actions within any circumstance, we will be able to see the consistent psychic imprint of our representation.

I have a varied work history, which includes construction, website design/management, teaching (college English), and now spiritual advising.  Through each iteration of my work opportunities, I found myself in the same role repeatedly … as a spiritual and emotional advisor to the people around me.

The Wise Man

When I was growing up, I was very fortunate to have a Wise Man in my life who was my maternal grandfather, Kenneth Welborn.  He was the second youngest of nine children and never completed high school, but he was by far the most “down to earth” person I knew and still know.  He was a “what you see is what you get” man, who never studied philosophical utilitarianism, but lived a life very much in line with this way of thinking.  He was uncomplicated, straightforward, and hard-working.

A Wise Man archetype individual is a gift to all humanity, but especially valuable to the people of his community and family.  He embodies the best elements of masculinity, which include his ability to produce and sustain.  Responsibility underpins the actions of the Wise Man and his truth is always clear when he shares it with others.  He carries the wisdom of ages as well as the wisdom needed for current times.

Each archetype travels through lifetimes to gather experience inside and outside its ideal representation to enjoy and understand the full range of human experience while learning lessons associated with completing his or her work.  We learn lessons through support and resistance.  A person learns the many facets of freedom by being very free in one lifetime and a slave in another lifetime.

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The Ideal Society (Utopian Vision)

It really is not hard to imagine an ideal society in which each person discovers their psychic or spiritual archetype and is given a way to express that archetype through work and interactions with the other archetypes in the world.  Bringing such a world into existence would require a large-scale and comprehensive acceptance of balance between science and spirituality, between creativity and necessity, and between compassion and integrity.

Reality is an ebb and flow of balance, imbalance, and re-balancing, which is where all souls learn lessons that cannot be found in utopian visions or the spirit realm.  We choose to be here, and psychic or spiritual archetypes indicate that we choose a singular type of role so we can experience true mastership.

Do You Know a Wise Man?

Each archetype has definable and distinguishable traits. The wisest among us never recognize or acknowledge their wisdom, they simply are and do.  They are known by others as wise.

Age Matters

A wise man “becomes” in a lifetime.  He may be an old soul returning for the benefit of further development or as a guide for the many people who will need him once he reaches the late maturity of life.  This archetype simply requires living a long life, and certainly long enough to cross the threshold into his archetype that can be marked by a decline in his physical stature, usually steady starting around 50.

Unlike other archetypes that can choose to perform their roles in many guises, the Wise Man is, by default, a Man.  And his role only becomes active when he reaches a certain age, collects certain experiences, and is known by others for his knowledge and wisdom.

Ability to Listen to and Advise Others

The Wise Man has a crucial role in the advancement of communities, society, and humanity.  They carry the burden of their wisdom and life experience graciously and compassionately.  In many forms of literature and storytelling, they may be alone or married, but they always have a willingness to share as well as the gift of “right timing” when offering thoughts and advice to others.

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Should you encounter a Wise Man, you will find yourself willing to listen to their thoughts and opinions, somehow knowing they will have the answer you need, even if it is a difficult one.  One of the great gifts of the Wise Man is his capacity to listen, comprehend, and respond.  If in his wisdom, there is only the need to be heard, then his “advice” will be a silent reply that still enlightens the person who speaks to him.  When he does speak, his logic will deliver precise solutions, usually in the form of personal life anecdotes or simple, penetrating questions.

Have Difficult Incarnated Lives

Being a Wise Man archetype has a very high price, in terms of incarnated experiences that are most difficult.  Fatherhood will often be intense or complicated in some way.  A Wise Man may be unable to have children, which influences his wisdom, or he may have a large and loving family.  Either way and across the entire spectrum, he will have his wisdom sharpened by the issue of fatherhood.

The incarnated life will be long, another staple of the Wise Man archetype.  And he will retain the sharpness of his mind well into his elderhood.  This long life will also find him at the center of a large family and community.  He easily becomes the de facto leader, general practical problem-solver, dispute arbitrator, and living Google search engine on matters that really do not resolve through internet searches.  Should you know the Wise Man of your community or have one in your family, be sure to cherish him; he is truly a gift from the spirit.

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