July 17, 2024
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A Psychic Shift in 2024: Allowing your New Year’s Resolution to Evolve

We’re all familiar with the concept of a New Year’s resolution, perhaps you’ve made a few in your life or currently have one (or a few) set for this year. In theory, the idea of a New Year’s resolution is wonderful: “a new year, a new me” is a great sentiment but is one that often lasts for only a few months.

The problem with setting a rigid resolution for the year is that as people, we are constantly evolving: both on an individual and societal level. We can’t fully grasp what challenges or changes may lie just around the corner, so in order to make the most of any resolution, such as a New Year’s resolution, we must allow it to evolve along with us. That’s exactly what we’ll be exploring today!

A Psychic Shift

Don’t worry if psychic shift (also known as psychic change) is a term that you’re unfamiliar with. We’re going to explore the concept now as it’s a vital component of why and how we allow our resolutions to evolve with us throughout the year. A psychic shift refers to our ability to alter our thought processes (both in a mental and spiritual sense) in order to allow for positive change.

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Psychic change is a term that appears most frequently within recovery groups or life-help programs. It’s arguably the most important step in any form of recovery or self-improvement. Once we learn to stop any negative behavior, we must have a positive one to replace it with. Adapting our situation from one of negativity to one of positivity is a psychic shift. It’s when you learn how to change your attitude toward situation variables.

An Example

Allow me to give you an example: imagine that you’re addicted to television. You take all the necessary measures to ensure that you can’t watch it anymore. You get rid of your TV, you delete any apps on your phone, and you block certain websites on your laptop. In your home, you’ve made major changes… however, you haven’t made a significant shift change.

In this scenario, what do you do when you go to a friend’s house and their TV is on? Would you struggle to keep your attention on them and not the television? Would you be lured in, regardless of what show was on?

A psychic shift refers to changing your attitude to account for any situation, rather than just one. With this example, you would change how you view television rather than changing your access to one. Hopefully you now have a better understanding of what a psychic change is. Before we dive in to how you can create and allow for a psychic change, we must discuss the potential pitfalls of an evolving resolution.

The Traps

The reason that many people make New Year’s resolutions (and in such a rigid manner) is so that they can’t change their mind as the year goes on. Many people make unrealistic resolutions such as attending the gym 6 times a week or not eating any junk food. While these are possible, they aren’t realistic and often failing once is grounds to give up.

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Allowing your resolution to evolve i.e. altering your gym attendance on a week by week basis or only eating junk food on special occasions can allow you to achieve a more positive and realistic outcome. What’s better: making a strict and rigid resolution at the start of the year, only to fail a few months in and return to your negative behavior, or allowing yourself some breathing room with an evolving resolution that you’re able to maintain for the whole year?

The trap here is this: you can’t allow your resolution to change simply because you’ve become lazy. If we consider the gym example from earlier: You would have to be careful that you don’t cut out gym days simply out of laziness. If you were injured or needed to do less days this month but more next month, then that’s completely acceptable. Just don’t allow your resolution to become completely meaningless.

Creating a Psychic Change Through Resolutions

So how can you create a psychic shift while maintaining a resolution? A psychic shift is a truly individual experience. Nobody can force you to experience one, it’s possible that they may be incapable of even guiding you to one. Instead, you must allow your own mentality and spirit to lead you towards the epiphany: that lightbulb moment where your perception changes.

In relation to resolutions, this psychic shift typically happens in one way. You must realize that any resolution isn’t actually about sticking to a rigid and often last-minute resolution. If you don’t currently read any books at all and your resolution is to read 8 books a month, wouldn’t 4 books still be a great improvement?

The psychic shift isn’t about sticking to the resolution but rather it’s about exploring the resolution to discover the real goal behind it. You don’t really need to read 8 books a month. Provided you’re reading at least one book per month, you’d still be reading far more books each year that you had done previously.

Evolving Resolutions

Again, it’s important to avoid being lazy. Allowing your resolution to evolve is one thing but allowing yourself to be lazy is another. Understand and remember that self-improvement is still your main goal (provided your resolution relates to an aspect of self-improvement).

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One simple technique you can use to encourage and allow psychic shifts to happen is resolution check-ups. This could be something as simple as making a mid-year resolution or even quarterly resolutions. Some people will even go as far as updating their resolution on a monthly basis in order to factor in any major life changes that are taking place such as a new job or the birth of a child. You want to push yourself but not so much that you crash and burn!

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