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The One Reason Why You Push People Away Based on Your Zodiac Sign

The One Reason Why You Push People Away Based on Your Zodiac Sign

More often than not, you mean well in your relationships. You want to be unapologetically you, but at the same time, you want to ensure that you show the best version of yourself as well to your friends and your partners. However, there are also plenty of times when you are dealing with a stressful situation; your best side does not show. That is understandable when you are struggling with something, but you also can get out of hand to the point that you push others away who only want to help you and support you. Everyone is guilty of doing that because that is human nature. However, the way you tend to push others away can show by your zodiac sign. Let’s find out how you do that, so you can be mindful of it the next time you have trouble and others want to support you.

Aries – Intense Mood Swings

Aries, you are passionate and fiery, and you are often a lot of fun. However, you are also the type that operates on instinct, and when something is bothering you, your moods will reflect that a little too much. You can deal with having so many mood swings that you cannot predict them.

For one moment, you are calm and are willing to talk to those who want to support you. However, the next moment, feelings of agitation come over you, and you begin to snap. Those around you don’t know how to respond to your mood swings when you have a hard time. Therefore, that is how you push them away.

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Taurus – You Become Too Clingy and Possessive

Taurus, you are all about comfort, and you treasure your possessions. That includes your friends and partners. You do not like to have interruptions to your comfort zone, and any disruption will shake you up. That means you are going to need plenty of comfort from those around you.

You cannot handle any disruptions on your own, which means you will cling to those who bring you the most comfort. You will not want to let them go, and you will follow them around and expect them to be by your side. You will unintentionally smother them by doing this, and that is why those who want to support you no longer feel they can. They need a break!

Gemini – Inconsistency

Gemini, you are versatile, communicative, and friendly. When something gets you down, you do not like to show it. Therefore, you come off as unemotional or being the type not to be phased by too many things. However, like Aries, you do have mood swings, but it does not usually cause you to snap at those around you unexpectedly.

You will tell a friend one moment that you would not mind their company, but the next moment you will tell them that you don’t want them around because you need to be alone. Which one is it? When you keep telling your friends that you need their support, but then you shut them out each time they offer it, that pushes them away.

Cancer – The Need for Constant Reassurance

Cancer, you are very emotional to the point that you care too much about everything. When something upsets or disrupts you, you feel that your inner world is crumbling down. You feel too much, which is not your fault at all. However, you need constant reassurance that everything will be okay after you learn about something disruptive.

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The problem is that no one has a crystal ball to tell you if things will be okay. That means you will find yourself asking those around you repeatedly if things will be okay, needing their reassurance which they will not be able to give you. If you keep asking them that question all of the time, they will avoid you. 

Leo – Deep Insecurity Masked as Arrogance

Leo, you are warm-hearted and love to be in the spotlight, and you need others to notice you. The one thing that threatens you is that someone will steal your spotlight. If you are good at something, and you see that someone is better than you at it, such as someone more influential or knowledgeable in a niche you share – that threatens you. Therefore, you will compare yourself to that individual and make it known that you are better in that niche than they are.

You also will not hesitate to point out their flaws. Therefore, your friends and others close to you will want to avoid you because you will come off as smug. It does not matter how much support they give you, as that will not make you feel less threatened or more secure.

Virgo – Judgmental and Critical

Virgo, you are very analytical, and you value cleanliness, work, health, and service. If you have a friend who doesn’t live the healthiest lifestyle and does not put their clothes away after they do the laundry, and they have dishes in the sink, you will do your best to stay quiet – even if you are judging them in your head.

However, if something is upsetting you, you will become agitated, and that can cause you to take your nervousness and frustration out onto others. That means you will point their flaws and judge them for their unhealthy lifestyle. No one wants to hear scathing criticism, even if you are going through a difficult time. Therefore, they will avoid you.

Libra – You Tend to Feel Sorry For Yourself Often

Libra, you know that you are charming, and you attract others because of it. Relationships are essential to you, and you make that known. However, there is one issue that you face. You don’t like conflict, and you will go along with what others do against your will only because you don’t speak up. Therefore, you internalize your dissatisfaction, and you also tend to wallow in self-pity about doing something you do not want to do. Or you will bask in self-pity if something goes wrong in your life.

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You have plenty of friends who want to support you through hard times. However, if you keep feeling sorry for yourself and reject their support, you will push others away.

Scorpio – Extremely Secretive

Scorpio, you are intense, mysterious, and private. Those who care about you and love you will respect that. They will not invade your privacy. However, they expect to be a part of your life to some degree because you are in their lives. You have things you want to be secretive about, but you can’t shut them out completely. If they ask you what you did during a particular day, you don’t need to keep all of your activities for the day a secret. You may even be hesitant to open up about the fact that you went grocery shopping on a particular day, and they see that as you are shutting them out. If that keeps up, you will push them away.

Sagittarius – You Don’t Live Up to Your Promises

Sagittarius, people like you because you are very optimistic, fun, and enjoy going on adventures. People love to go to parties with you. However, you often get ahead of yourself and make promises to people you do not intend to keep or are unable to keep. When you cannot keep a promise you made to someone, you are too embarrassed to backtrack on that. Therefore, you will push others away by not honoring your commitments, which can cause others not to trust you.

Capricorn – You Tend to Be Closed-Minded

Capricorn, you tend to be ambitious and serious most of the time. You are not the one to want to have fun because that is not in your nature. However, your friends and partners can understand that about you and respect you for that. What upsets them is that you tend to be closed-minded, and you don’t look at the big picture. You tend to pick on silly things which you don’t allow yourself to let go of and make mountains out of molehills. The fact that you are not the one known to be open-minded is what pushes people away.

Aquarius – You Don’t Want to Be in Touch with Your Emotions

Aquarius, you are a free spirit. You are progressive, nonconforming, and unique. You don’t want to go by the book, and others respect you for that. However, you also come off as cold and unfeeling. When someone is going through a difficult time, you tend not to express emotions even if you listen. They may feel like, at times that they are talking to a robot, and you know how untrue that is because you do feel things deeply even if you don’t want to show it. However, you come off as unfeeling, and you don’t want to be in tune with your emotions. That turns others off.

Pisces – You Think the Grass Is Always Greener On The Other Side

Pisces, you are compassionate, dreamy, and have an appreciation for the arts. However, you are also the type that tends to withdraw when things get complicated. Others can understand and respect that. But the issue is that you tend to want to escape reality, especially when things are difficult because you think the grass is greener on the other side. You think others have it better than you. If you keep wishing to be somewhere else and be someone else with different circumstances, others get tired of hearing about it. They tell you to either make a plan to get there or to accept your reality.

Do you recognize any of these traits in yourself? Have you unintentionally pushed people away because of making any of these habits? You may find that one of these issues hits home, even if it does not correspond with your Sun sign. You have to remember that your Moon sign is also highly influential in your horoscope, along with your rising sign.

Regardless of whether you find that any of these habits you have tend to hit home, awareness is the key. If you know you are pushing people away because of doing any of these things, you can work on the way to monitor so that you don’t push your friends and loved ones away.

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