July 14, 2024
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Receptive Manifestation

Receptive Manifestation

Upon the Material plane, we see that one thing comes from one source and another comes from another; but, for the purposes of your manifestation practices, you need not be concerned with anything but the spiritual source of supply. Read more about Receptive Manifestation.

What is Receptive Manifestation? 

It’s a method in which you obtain what you are looking for, no matter what that may be. There are various ways to conceive of this Source. Some may call it God. Some may call it Mother Nature. Some may call it Universal Energy or the Quantum Field.  

Magical philosophy conceives of the manifested universe as being emanated from what it calls “the Great Unmanifest”, symbolically represented as an ever-welling fountain from which primal force rushes forth under pressure.  

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However, you think of it, this is an extraordinary force, energy or being with whom you personally have a direct and profound relationship.  

It will make your manifestation practices more effective if you think only about this spiritual reservoir as the source of supply for what you desire, as opposed to any earthly or physical source. This will keep you in a Receptive state which hastens the flow of energy which is delivering all that you want to you. 

Cosmic Mirroring 

With every thought you think, you are channeling force through the conscious and unconscious levels of your own psyche, which catalyzes the same activity on corresponding levels of the external universe.  

You exist in a magnetic relationship with everything around you, and as you focus with positive emotion upon that which you desire, you catalyze transformation of the world around you, which ultimately takes the physical form of what you have envisioned.  

If you become preoccupied with the details of the physical avenue through which your manifestation will flow to you, you slow down this process, because your concern implies doubt about the spiritual source of supply.  

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If you understand that this spiritual source of supply contains the energy that creates worlds, then you understand fully that it can and will bring to you your new car, or your new mate, or your new job, or anything else you could possibly imagine. There is no need for you to try to “figure out” whence your manifestation will emerge and in what sort of timeframe and who might help it show up and how it will play out.   

Thinking along these lines obscures our perception of— and potentially even our faith in— the spiritual source of supply. Worrying about the source of supply implies disbelief in the Source which can bring to you what you want; and because the Universe mirrors your beliefs, if you think you have to figure it out on your own, then the only way anything will come to you is by you figuring it out on your own.  

Nervous tension is destructive to processes of magnetic mirroring described above and it is an implicit denial of that belief in your power. You know you are building up, through your mind and heart, that which is to come to you in the material world. You are already taking the most effective action that you might take, so what need for tension? Desire strongly, but not with your nerves, and do not confuse nervous tension with emotional intensity. 

The Higher Self 

You may have experienced moments in life when you felt total trust in the Universe.  

These moments erupt spontaneously sometimes as a peculiar sense that we cannot miss a shot or take a wrong step. You might have experienced hours or even days at work where you felt mysteriously carried by an intelligent force which spoke and acted through you as if by its own will.  

This feeling of inspiration is characteristic of a linkup between your rational mind and the archetypal level of existence, which means that you are acting with the power of the Universe behind you. 

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It is this feeling of a direct link with a higher power that you are looking to cultivate in your daily life, more than rational certainty about the path ahead. Leave aside “figuring out the future” or needing to know how things will play out, and instead watch for those moments when you feel in step with the Universe, as if you were living through the working out in real time of some ancient myth.  

Spend more time in receptive states. Meditate, do breathwork, yoga and relax your muscles with baths or massage. Such activities may feel excessively indulgent to you— especially if you feel like there is much work to be done to bring what you want into being. But these activities keep you primed for connection with the power of the Universe.   

Keeping your nervous system calm and centered hastens the flow of energy which is bringing into being all that you want. The better you feel, the more easily what you want comes. Furthermore, taking time to sit and be— especially when it seems to your rational mind like you need to work, do and exert— implies trust in the spiritual source of your supply. 

Feeling that you can “let go and let God” is a powerful manifestation stance, for it is trust that the Universe responds to your thoughts and words, without need of any action from you. 

Embrace Not Knowing 

Another reason against specifying a physical source of supply for your manifestation is that what seems to you the most obvious material source of supply may not, in fact, be the right one.  

We humans, especially in modern times, are highly identified with our left-brain rational consciousness. We take pride in our ability to know, discern, reason, predict and strategize. But this is quite delusional and egoistic, because our human range of perception is extremely narrow.  

We cannot see very far in physical space, and we cannot see at all through time. Just because you, from your current standpoint, see a particular way forward does not mean that it is the best way forward.  

Similarly, just because you, in your limited human perspective, cannot see the way forward, does not mean that there isn’t one— anymore than the fact that you cannot hear the dog whistle means that it isn’t making a sound.  

Your ability to see the way forward has no relationship whatsoever to the amount of satisfaction that this particular route will bring you. You may well know for certain that you want a new job, and this is a perfectly wonderful desire.  

But if you prematurely decide what work this new job will entail, or where it will be located, or whom you will be working for, the result may simply be extensive delay and wasted effort from “barking up the wrong tree.” You may well manifest the specific job that you aim for— but that job may be entirely incompatible with your happiness and well-being. 

If you look over the course of your life, you will likely notice that the very most fundamental features of your life— like your spouse, your children, your career, your location, your hobbies— developed in ways that you would never have been able to foresee or plan for.   

The most cherished aspects of our lives are usually products of being in the right place at the right time and develop organically and spontaneously out of a series of completely unpredictable coincidences. 

Realizing this, let go of your attachment to knowing. Needing to know cuts you off from all the means of supply that you would never be able to dream up, because you are overly fixated on the route that you can currently see. 

If you let go of the idea that you need to be able to foresee the solution, then the miracle of the solution can bedazzle you as it manifests. Enjoy the unfolding wonder of the journey. Let go of the need to see the way ahead, and instead synchronize your steps with the greater being that is already on its way there.  

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