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Soul Life Path Messages for the Month of July 2022

Soul Life Path Messages for the Month of July 2022

July is a grounding month colored and flavored with the stable and secure number 4. And after just completing the journey through two Universal Monthly Master Numbers back-to-back, some downtime in our lives is much welcomed and appreciated. Hello and Welcome, I am Sara Bachmeier with Egyptian Numerology bringing the Soul Life Path messages for the month of July.

Because May was a master number 11  and June was a master number 66, the Universe is offering us an opportunity to take a much-needed break.

The number 4 is one of the most spiritually productive vibrations in our numeric spectrum. It holds space for practical wisdom and keeps our Universe connected with traditional sacred order. It beckons you to establish or strengthen your spiritual practice.

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It is one of the numbers we find responsible for grounding down reality systematically through rounded tangible effort, work, action and securing the elemental properties of our world.

It is demonstrated throughout nature within the creation of our four seasons, four directions, four times of the day: morning, noon, twilight, and night. There are four major Archangels, four major intuitive clairs, and four elements of our beloved planet: fire, earth, air, and water.

The number four plays an active role in balance towards several areas of our lives. If this is your life path or personal year number, this energy supports your efforts in mystical and magical ways this month.

Now is the perfect time to focus on your birth element whether it is earth, air, fire, or water.

There are Angels connected to each element just waiting for your permission to guide you further on your soul’s journey. For instance,  Air suggests breathing exercises, water suggests cleansing, fire is transformation and purification, and earth points to our  physical well-being.

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The number 4 is also related to the heart chakra inviting unconditional love to inspire your spiritual evolution.  But, in order to grow, you will enter a chrysalis state. This means that you stop moving outward and begin to move inward. You stop looking for love and acceptance outside of yourself and begin to seek it within.

This is the turning point in your life. In the chrysalis state, you learn to bring love and acceptance to your own experience. This sends a message to your soul that you are ready to consciously participate in the development of your spiritual birth. When you consciously participate in this process, it does not have to be sudden, painful, or disorienting but rather a comforting act of compliance.

The number four has so much to offer us and touches each one of us differently. Some or all of the qualities of this vibration will enhance the foundation of your life in extraordinary ways. The synchronicity to look out for is 444, 13, 777, 666, 1234, and 11:11.

Here are the intuitive messages for our Life Paths this month:

Soul Life Path Number 1

This is an active month for you socially and physically either self-generated or created by outside forces. It is a good time to witness your growth in the areas of patience, tolerance, and compassion. You will be tested on all fronts and your response will prove how far you have come this past year. Make sure you spend time with people that inspire, support, and encourage you to be aligned with your Higher Self and notice how you feel around the people you surround yourself with. You are always available to those who need you but this month, you will benefit from sharing your time with high energy individuals that contribute to your vision of your future self.

Soul Life Path Number 2

Romance and partnership are blooming in the air this month whether it is with a new encounter or the one you presently nurture. Open your heart to receive the love and attention you truly deserve.

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You are ready for relationships that support you on all fronts including  emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually.

If there are walls around your heart, bring forth measures to take them down. What is required is patience and compassion, a little mystery and magic.

Let go of old memories of past failed emotional bonds and create space for true love to infiltrate your Soul’s Life Path.

Soul Life Path Master Number 11

This month will lighten your load and give you the opportunity to relax and indulge in lucid dreaming or active daydreaming while you stay anchored in the solidity of the cosmic force you answer to.

New information is available in the ethers and as you ground yourself with the staff of authority, open to receive, and implement new light codes, several portals to the other side await your permission to grant entry.

Connect with your higher self and say “Yes”.

Soul Life Path Number 3

It will be tempting to distract yourself with social pleasures this month but make sure you allow yourself the downtime needed to replenish your spiritual reserves.

You have nurtured your life path with self-love and forgiveness allowing you to reap the rewards of true peace of mind and heart.

Your capacity to be creative and express yourself relies on the balance between discipline and random ecstasy.

Soul Life Path Number 4

This is the month to change your mind regarding occupation, buying or selling property, or starting a new business.

This will be a profitable month for you financially as long as you stay connected to your intuition and align with your most passionate and treasured desires.

Grounding, Balancing, and protection come naturally to you and are the key words pointing to all areas of your life, but the main focus is the harmonious fusion with your spiritual and material nature. When these are united with Source, the portal to the land of all possibilities will open effortlessly.

If you get stuck this month, always refer to what needs to be done to create balance in your life.

Soul Life Path Master Number 22

It is important to examine the areas of self-expression this month. How do you share your passion with others and what is the underlying motive in doing so?

Are your expectations in alignment with your highest good? Once aligned, how can you best expand your passion to include the collective consciousness?

Your power and influence needs to be an outward expression of great magnitude. You have grown spiritually, and it is time to step up and change how you how you operate in the world.

Soul Life Path Number 5

The positive cosmic flow is circling in, through, and around your life. You can feel this powerful current knocking at the door seeking to influence the direction or next course of action needed for you to take in order to manifest your Dreams.

Give attention to this opportunity and you will be supported in numerous creative ways. Be the conduit between Spirit and the earthly realms by opening yourself up to confidence and unwavering possibilities.

Soul Life Path Number 6

You will be asked, assigned, or promoted to make more of a leadership standing in your community or spiritual groups this month. It is time to set your priorities in order to make room for this to happen. Don’t feel as though you have to spin all the plates simultaneously.

Sometimes it is necessary to let go of certain responsibilities to make room for others to have the opportunity to serve. It is called the spirit of rotation.

Letting go gives someone else the privilege to be of service and allows you to make room for new beginnings.

Soul Life Path Master Number 33/6

Channeling your creative expression through the higher realms has always been your forte. This month it will benefit you highly by getting more organized in the physical realm. Whatever this looks like for you. The mantra to repeat is “My life is impeccably organized”.

Look around your house, yard, and car….  especially your workstation and allow your intuition to guide you in clearing space. In doing so, you will be more productive, focused, and making room for spirit to grab your attention.

Soul Life Path Number 7

This month’s focus is on relationships and partnerships.

Are your current relationships supporting you? Are you actively supporting your relationships? A symmetry must be established this month so if you have been feeling a little out of sorts, find where the imbalance lies and take measures to correct the flow of energy repairing your vital generating sense of power. Direct your attention on the progress you available through this imperative connection.

Soul Life Path Master Number 8

Creating harmony in your life this month will allow your energy to flow freely between your heart and spirit.

You want to establish an unobstructed river of consciousness to guide your intuition to be at the right place at the right time. You are ready to receive abundance in its many forms so make sure nothing is blocking your path, keep your intentions pure, let go of expectations, and open to all possibilities.

Soul Life Path Master Number 44/8

Being in alignment with your path requires strength, courage, and a willingness to go where no man has gone before. You’ve been getting intuitive hits to start something new. The timing was not right previously but now the doors are open and Spirit is summoning you to move forward. You are Divinely protected, guided, and supported at this time.

Feel the fear and do it anyways.

Get a clear glimpse of your highest vision, raise your hands to sky, and say “I Am Ready”… let it go and allow your Angels and Guides to lead the way.

Soul Life Path Master Number 9

You are under the influence of Master number twenty-two this month.

This auspicious energy wants to collaborate with your spiritual path. It holds a high energy towards manifestation when your heart is in alignment with your goals.

You will find it increasingly effortless to pursue the many steps necessary to bring your dreams to fruition.

Let go of past disappointments that tend to weigh you down, believe in Divine Timing, and stay in the glory of the present moment.

Get very clear with your connection to Source. Bask in Oneness of the Universe, and know your prayers are heard and answered.

This concludes the life path messages for this month. If you are interested in Egyptian Numerology, I have some great resources available on my website @ www.egyptiannumerology.org

Have a blessed and amazing month…

Namaste’ Sara

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