June 13, 2024
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Soul Life Path Messages for the Month of June 2022

Soul Life Path Messages for the Month of June 2022

We are coming out of a Master Number 11 Universal month and into the influence of Master Number 66 for the month of June. We have June which is the sixth month of our calendar year and the Universal number six year of 2022.

Together they create the master number 66 and when broken down, it reveals the delicate secrets within the sacred current of the trinity of number 3 –balancing body, mind, and spirit.

Hello and welcome, I am Sara Bachmeier the author of Egyptian Numerology; Emergence into the Fifth Dimension, and The Path of a Wounded Healer; Liberation is for the Asking. Thank you for joining me today, I am here to deliver the report for the month of June 2022 and Soul Life Path Messages for the soul seekers and spirit transformers of Egyptian Numerology.

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66 is about balance on a large scale. It shows us that when we are balanced body, heart, mind, and spirit, we radiate and synergize with harmony.

This energy establishes a portal for us to travel toward self-mastery and it also encourages the motivation and inspiration to fulfill creative endeavors. Hard at work this month is the double emphasis on empathy including the properties belonging to the healer, magician, and spiritual physician.

There really are no downsides to numbers. There is only alignment and opportunity.

Of course, you can blame anything for negativity and unfortunate circumstances including the planets, eclipse, retrograde, hormones, other people, the government, the news, etc.… And as long as you are not taking responsibility for your energy, this list will grow.

My thoughts on this are that If you continue to live in a world of duality; good vs bad, light vs dark, etc… you will constantly play the victim and perpetrator over and over again in your lifetime.

  • The energy of master number 66 is available to those who are ready to elevate to higher awareness. And if you’re not ready, no worries – nothing bad is going to happen to you because of it. It is just a dynamic energy that is available to all of us this month. But for those of you who are ready, you will have to step into your authentic nature and be cautious of distractions that will vie for your attention. Distractions always surface when there is important work to be done.
  • Secondly, you will need to check all toxic emotions at the door including co-dependency, jealousy, envy, resentment, self-pity, and possessiveness to name a few.

Once your authentic nature and emotional status are balanced, become open to receive and allow this amazing energy to guide you to experience flooding of inspiration and motivation toward self-expression and creativity. This activity will channel through you as innovative and a create natural beautiful flow.

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You will be so engrossed in this sacred movement that you could possibly lose your sense of timing and glide aimlessly into the symmetry of collective euphoria. When you balance the earthly realm with the heavenly realm, it is common to lose your sense of timing but not to worry because your higher self is in the driver’s seat and sees everything from an elevated perspective. You are divinely guided and protected.  Sounds amazing right?

When it comes to self-expression, I often call in Archangel Gabriel to teach me compassionate communication and self-expression. The Angel numbers to align with this month are 666, 333, 1212, and 111.

Here are the Life path messages for June:

Soul Life Path Number 1

Your wheels have been spinning and you have been pulled in countless directions lately. It is time to push the pause button. Because if you do not intentionally stop and take inventory of your well-being, the universe will do it for you. My sincere suggestion is to pencil in some time to spend out in nature where you can re-calibrate your energy to find and establish your equilibrium.

This means that your intellect (third eye) and your intuition (heart) come together through your will of choice (throat chakra). Take the bull by the horns and balance and stabilize your priorities. Your peace of mind and heart should always come first but it is up to you to make this happen.

Soul Life Path Number 2

Travel plans are or need to be instigated this month and you are excited about exploring new territories. You are a rock for your friends and family, and this is an admirable quality that you possess. The season is changing, and this triggers your need to be called to faraway places to seek adventure that stimulates your creativity, your passion, and your curiosity.

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When was the last time you took a break? When was the last time you put yourself in new surroundings? The warmer weather is summoning your courageous spirit where inspiration and true guidance are at your disposal. Get aroused and allow yourself to dream and initiate positive action and adventure.

Soul Life Path Master Number 11

Align with abundance this month. Allow yourself to envision your dreams coming true. Open to receiving the gifts that naturally align to those who follow their hearts.

Abundance can fall under many different categories. It could be money, friendship, passion, inspiration, joy or all of these combined.  The message is to give yourself permission to fulfill your heart’s desire.

Get quiet and center your intentions on receiving because if you’re constantly giving and not receiving you will create an imbalance in the production of your energy and creation and of course this is self-defeating. Align and balance the giving and receiving aspects of your spiritual career and get into the flow of manifestation this month.

Soul Life Path Number  3

Summertime is the season that most reflects your personality and disposition. The sunshine, relaxation, and warmth of your passionate spirit are all in balance with your natural tendencies.

New opportunities surface for you in the form of relationships, occupations, and possibly new locations concerning your living conditions. My vision is that you find yourself energized and following your true North star.

Although this is a productive time in your life, it is also a new beginning to change and alter your lifestyle in a positive direction.

Take the time to let go of old patterns and activities that are outdated and start adding new and Improved elements to your daily routine. This could reflect your diet, exercise, meditation, and play. Re-vamp and re-style your highest version of happiness to reflect your future self.

Soul Life Path Number 4

I see a new project or hobby coming into your field this month to be explored, experienced, and expanded. This will offer you an exciting new opportunity to discover talents that you may not have been aware that you have.

Often times you get stuck repeating the same talents that you have already developed and mastered while forgetting the exhilarating experience of learning a new skill.

When was the last time you learned something new? When was the last time you allowed yourself to explore new talents, skills, and passions?

It is important to remember that you’re not the same person you were a year ago and there is value in introducing you to new opportunities that allow you to grow and stay fascinated about life in general.

Soul Life Path Master Number 22

The energy this month gives you permission to express your joy. You have a strong drive for taking responsibility for your family, friends, and co-workers, and if you can find a way to add some joy in your life and those of others, you can hit 2 cans with one rock.

But if one has to take priority over the other this month, let it be allowing yourself to find joyous expression in the activities you participate in. Allow your affirmations to be around joy, peace, and harmony. Balance your work around appreciation and gratitude and this will ramp up your energy to attract amazing results.

Soul Life Path Number 5

Your healing gifts are multiplied this month as you welcome the attribute of the spiritual physician to work by your side. Even if you are not aware of your healing gifts, you will notice that you are attracted to the healing arts. Don’t let this month go by without strengthening and sharpening your skills of balancing energy.

Get some energy work done on yourself, learn about healing energy, or increase your healing abilities and activities in your occupation. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars learning a new skill because you already have what it takes to be a healer. The element to work with is fire.

Fire can be a tricky element to work with, but it is the most effective for your life path vibration. The number five is about movement and fire is also an energy of transformation. Notice how it can be constructive or destructive, so choose your modality wisely.

Soul Life Path Number 6

This is a powerful month with the energy of the double six’s by your side. This energy provides positive insight and a tremendous amount of potential regarding romantic love, nurturing relationships, or embracing more self-love.

You have a greater opportunity to balance your mindset, thoughts, and emotions. It is the perfect moment to take an action and make changes that encourage you to find new pleasure in your life. If you have been wanting a love relationship, then this month gives you a thumbs up to anticipate a partner showing up for you.

If you have been wanting to strengthen your current relationship, then this month will shower you with the motivation to make things work out. If you have been needing more self-love in your life, take advantage of this unique cosmic current and ride the waves to heal and nurture yourself. One thing is for sure, it will not be a lonely cycle for you.

Soul Life Path Master Number 33

Your capacity to tap into the deepest emotions is your secret sauce to success in self-expression. This month it is time to detach from anything that distracts you from focusing on celebrating the inner child.

There are many times that old wounds surface to be healed and you are afraid to open that door but if you don’t release the pain of yesterday, you will block the light that is longing to shine through your creativity today.

Take the time to communicate with your inner child and you will be surprised at all the joy that will arrive to teach you more about yourself, and your abilities, and to free up your amazing potential.

Soul Life Path Number 7

There is a time for solitude and a time for partnership and socialization. This month calls for you to spend some quality time alone. This isn’t the usual time of seclusion that you need to recalibrate your energy. It is time to reinvent your story.

This alone time requires that you do some deep inner work involving re-writing your goals and plans for the future. Get quiet and ask yourself some important questions. What do I want to be when I grow up?  Does the direction that I am headed in feel right to me?

Ask yourself how you feel about your current goals and if there are any alterations you need to make that will help you sleep better at night. Once you do this work, you are headed for smooth sailing ahead.

Soul Life Path Number 8

You’ve been on a roll lately. So many things have come into fruition and your heart is satisfied that your passion has been expressed through positive activities.

This month, the focus is on relaying your spiritual message through your creativity and passion. What can you do, say, and explore that facilitates and feeds your spiritual internal message of peace? How can you balance your capacity to create with your inner drive to help humanity?

Channel your energy toward your life purpose and allow the universe to facilitate the direction of your spiritual vision. You are capable of balancing the realms between heaven and earth. When you have set your intention and attention on exploring the various possibilities, magic always happens. You are unstoppable.

Soul Life Path Master Number 44

You may have been feeling burned out lately. You have had a lot on your plate and although some of it is exciting it can cause havoc through overstimulation in your mental field. But the good news is, that this month is about tapping into your intuition and balancing your creative flow.

If your current occupation does not allow you to do this, then you will have to get innovative and design activities that allow you to explore your personal passion, exercise your imagination and be inventive with your ideas. You have an above-average capacity to understand the laws of structure whether it is in business, relationships, or politics.

So, take your visionary talents and involve your free spirit to express more creativity, love, and compassion in your life and your energy will begin flowing in rhythm with your heartbeat.

Soul Life Path Number 9

This is a lovely, lighthearted, and playful energy that you are being exposed to this month. If you have children, grandchildren, or friendly neighborhood children … it is a wonderful time to play, observe or spend time with the youthful glow of innocence and vulnerability that radiates through meaningful activity with these little light beings.

You could even get a lift by spending time with kittens, puppies, and horses. Even if you have to volunteer at a shelter or daycare center, I suggest not passing up this opportunity to allow this energy to enter into your field, especially at this time, and make room for a heart-opening experience.

Oftentimes we need this involvement to open doors that are just on the verge of showing us new possibilities in our lives. The answers to our prayers are often found in unusual places and unexpected situations. The message is simple and clear this month… have fun and play.

Well, this concludes the Soul Life Path messages for the Month of June 2022. I have many resources available. My favorite is my Free Masterclass where you learn how to activate your hidden superpowers – Using Egyptian numerology. It reveals your life path and how you can utilize your personal numbers to enhance the quality of your very own superpowers so you can tap into them any time you want to. You will learn the knowledge and secret ingredients that define your unique magic and the key to becoming your very own superhero! https://egyptiannumerology.me/masterclass

I also just released my free e-book “Introduction to Egyptian Numerology” and this is available when you subscribe to www.egyptiannumerology.org

My blessings extend out to all you, Namaste’ Sara

My blessings extend out to all of you, Namaste’ Sara

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