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Soul Life Path Messages for the Month of September 2022

Soul Life Path Messages for the Month of September 2022

Whenever we enter a vortex caused by a seasonal equinox, we experience the veils thinning between the worlds. September is always a magical and mystical time in Egyptian Numerology because it serves as the conjunction where time and space co-mingle, becoming a dedicated cosmic servant in the process of the changing of the seasons energetic sequence.

Hello and welcome, I am Sara Bachmeier the author of Egyptian Numerology; Emergence into the fifth dimension and The Path of a Wounded Healer; Liberation is for the asking.

This month,  the collective power of 2022, a Universal number six year starts descending and 2023, a Universal number seven-year energy begins to ascend up to the collective surface.

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The rising of the Sirian Star, activated on August 8th, marked the beginning of our new celestial year and on September 22nd, we will solidify the energy with the fall/spring equinox (depending on the hemisphere you currently live in.)

Whatever hemisphere you belong to, this is the most productive season to set your intentions for the following year.

In many ancient cultures, the Lions Gate Portal on 8:8 marked the beginning of the New Year energetically.

If you are sensitive to energy, you have already begun to feel this intensity and the shifting of the Universal year energy as it swirls throughout our planetary atmosphere.

I have found that it is not so important to let go of old beliefs as it is to be open to new information. If the new information rings true to heart, the old beliefs will naturally fall away. When you are in sync with the higher dimensions, you begin to rely on your senses and intuition above what you may have intellectually learned and relied on in the past …especially when it comes to energy and vibrations.

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People who cannot yet distinguish the difference between this energetic dance caused by the emergence of the universal life force transference… can get confused because they still believe that the new year starts in January and although we celebrate the actual change of calendar year number in January and the manifestations of our intentions start to appear around the winter solstice, the most potent time to assure fruition of our resolutions is to set our intentions for the following year in September.

September is a number nine calendar month, and the number nine represents both endings and beginnings. It is symbolic of the transition of cosmic powers now occurring… where we witness the decline of the six energy (the ending) and the rising of the seven Universal energy  (the beginning).

I encourage you to do an inventory of everything you accomplished in the past 12 year cycle and start envisioning what you desire to manifest in 2023. Express gratitude for a year well done and get ready to set your intentions for the following year.

Even though we are typically still rooted in a Universal number six year, the hold it had on us energetically will start to wane and become less intense as the number seven shines her gentle healing powers opening a portal that offers us more options toward manifestation.

Reset your biological clock mentality to accept this phase as the beginning of the new year. From many years of observation, I have taught that our Personal energy starts to shift during the fall Equinox. And many people come to me for their yearly reading.

Whether Spring or Fall, the energy around the Equinox aims to assist you in balancing your own life with the true desires of your heart. At this time, you are supported in breaking free from any remaining chains that have hindered or blocked your growth and step into a new level of your highest authenticity and soul light.

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With the blessings from the Equinox, when you merge into the Universal Number 7 energy in September, you can utilize the immense power and force at its strongest point in time.

One of the keyways to support yourself in making this alignment is regular meditation, where you create a coherence with your heart, mind, and the higher levels of light and Divine love.

Here are the Soul Life Path readings for the month of September. If you are a ….

Soul Life Path Number 1 

You have or are presently in the process of shedding old skin. This means old and outdated behaviors are being cleared and tossed out.

A brand new you is coming up to the surface and it is absolutely adorable. Your authentic nature now has room to breathe and that means that you are attracting higher and better.

Part of growing into your new skin is gaining the confidence and trust that you have definitely done the work involving the healing process to become whole and complete.

This season is about finalizing the transformation process and molding into the infinite so you may be free to express yourself and continue moving forward into your soul power.

Soul Life Path Number 2

The energetic shift prompted from our divine cosmos, has steered you in the direction of making peace with family members and friends who once challenged you to step into your power.

A part of you wants to hold onto protecting yourself by staying free from conflict and although this temporarily protects you from further discord, your higher self keeps sending you messages to break the cycle.

These messages can come in the form of repeating numbers, dreams, or impromptu situations where you are guided towards learning new ways of reacting to old behaviors.

The truth is that every person in your life is a reflection of either what needs to be healed or a confirmation that healing has occurred.

Take inventory on which is the most appropriate action that needs to develop in your life right now and come into balance with your Soul journey.

Soul Life Path Master Number 11

The message this month is to be the Alchemist.

You often read the energy of others, and this is truly a refined gift.

As you come into a new season, it is paramount to go within and sit with your own energy and ask yourself “Is there anything I need that I am not getting?”

The void that you need to get comfortable with, is calling for your attention. No distractions are allowed to call your name while you contemplate the reality of your oneness to Source.

Have you been impatient with yourself lately, tired of the old routines, or wishing for something better?

These feelings are normal for a spiritual healer and leader, but it is also a cry for help.

Pinpoint what you are presently lacking and make the time to nurture yourself so you can effectively go about your business.

Soul Life Path Number 3

I can’t help but to see your growth and be stunned by the brightness of your personal light radiating off your energy field.

You are growing and glowing at the speed of light and truth. The energy from last month has tripled its effect on you and you are being encouraged to express your soul magic.

Experiment in dipping your energy into passionate interests that will facilitate your spiritual growth. You are riding on a yellow ribbon of success and advancement in all areas of your life.

Give yourself permission to retain a healthy pride and recognition for the awesome progress you have been making. Center yourself in the present moment and savor your honorable breakthroughs and you will attract more to come.

Soul Life Pathe Number 4 

This is a grounding month for you….

You are in transition, and it is important that you stay grounded in your truth. It is like getting ready for a vacation. You can only take the foreseeable necessities and rely on faith that anything else you’ll need on your journey will appear at the perfect time and place.

It is exciting to see what little you actually need to make you happy these days.

The changes that you have previously made in order to get where you are now… may have been subtle and marked by a gradual shift in perspective but if you reflect back to a year ago, you will see that you have come far.

Stay centered and use acceptance and trust as your reliable GPS. It will guide you far and wide while you continue traveling on your highest path.

Soul Life Path Master Number 22

How are you doing in the relationship department? Are you attracting a higher caliber of acquaintances, partners, and romance?

I want to pull the covers off of any illusions you might be buying into. You have done a significant amount of healing to self. But the truth is, that you are not meant to be alone. Sure, the road appears easier when you only have yourself to please and cater to. But real growth happens when you see your reflection in others and act accordingly.

Communion with another may trigger your lack of control or it may show you just how powerful you really are. Let down your defenses and open your heart. You can create an interdependent relationship at this time.

This is when two whole people come together to share and respect their authenticity while working together to construct a healthy intimacy.

Soul Life Path Number 5 

This month Is about transparency.

It is easy to get distracted with all the shiny objects buying for your attention. Whether these distractions come in the form of coworkers, employers, close friendships, family members, or neighbors.

But the rubber hits the road when you are able to witness the value of personal transparency.

Take down any walls of pretense you may be holding onto. Go within on a silent retreat and discover the origin of any fear that is keeping you small. Cultivate a level of personal integrity and invite this quality to reflect the strength of character that makes you authentic. It requires self-love, courage, and trust to become transparent.

You can choose to do the work or let the work do you. Either way, nothing  changes until you are willing to see your higher-self reflecting back to you in the outside mirror.

Soul Life Path Number 6

This month you are under the influence of Angel number 666.

Life Path 6, Universal Month number 6, and Universal Year number 6…

The number 6 tripled is a spiritual scale that weighs out the balance between your connection to the spiritual realm and the physical world. To find the harmony, you need to maintain equilibrium between these two parts of yourself. You are both…soul and a body.

This angel number is a guidepost pointing toward recommitment to nurturing your foundation—your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. It’s also a reminder to let go of the things you can’t control.

Examine your thoughts. Are they in alignment with authentic love and joy?

Or are your thoughts out of balance and focused on material things, worries, fear, lack and doubt … all of which of course won’t serve you.

If this is true, then elevate your thoughts, focus on self-love, and allow healing to occur.

Nurture yourself and be open to the guidance from your Angels.

Soul Life Path Master Number 33

The numbers three and six are the most Empathic vibration in our number spectrum and this month, your sensitivity is on the rise.

It is the perfect time to  practice compassionate communication and self-expression especially when you are confronted with conflicting situations.

This is a reminder not to take the outside world personally. Not everything that happens to you is about you.

With this perspective up front, use your keen insight to create light boundaries around you every morning and use your energy to channel and express Spirit.

Allow yourself to feel, process, and release your emotions daily.

You can make a list and focus on what you value and what you’re grateful for. Release any need to control or fixate on the perfect outcome. When you feel overwhelmed,  let yourself rest and regroup, knowing the universe is supporting you.

Soul Life Path Number 7

Your family plays an important role in your life this month. Connect with the reasons you chose this biological tribe to be born into.

There are specific areas to examine. Specifically, the location you were born in, the religion or lack of, even the nationality and hereditary qualities of your origin  are important.

Examine how all of this supports you today.

Remember that you chose every family member to guide you closer to your life purpose and when you accept this oblation, it will bring you into alignment with your truth.

Even and especially the members that challenged you the most … they are a rare gift. If you are the black sheep of the family, realize that it was you that broke the generational curse of your tribal roots by following your authentic path. Everyone else in your family just continued to fall into alignment with the lineage coding. Not everyone chose to awaken in this lifetime.

So, celebrate you’re your unique disposition and focus on moving onward and upward on your ascension journey.

Soul Life Path Number 8

Have faith that what is occurring in your life today is the manifestation of your previous thoughts and actions.

Manifestation in the physical world is the last step of your thinking process. Whether you consider it positive or negative is beside the point.

When manifestation occurs in the physical world, it is the last house on the block. It is much easier to change the outcome of any situation when it is still percolating in the thought process.

Examine your thought process and how it is tied to your belief system. Is your current situation a reflection of your spiritual growth, or is still producing old patterns that need to be changed?

You are the power behind your reality. If you love what is occurring in the physical world, continue to create from your light source. If what is occurring in the material world is not to your well-being, then find the core belief and change it. You are the magician, sage, and creator of your life.

Soul Life Path Master Number 44

You bring positive energy, blessings, and protection to every project you engage in. You are appreciated for all the hard work you do, and because of your determination and discipline, the outside world may have overwhelming expectations of you.

The more you raise your vibration, the more noticeable your limitations become. Any adverse emotions that you experience this month are going to be a companion on your soul journey. They are signaling to you that

you have the potential for more freedom, which means that every time you are triggered, you are pointing yourself towards an area of potential expansion.

If you are going through a difficult period in your life, remember that you are not alone in this world. There is a very strong guidance from your angels that they are protecting you. Do not fall into fear, as the old timelines collapse, so that you can move forward into a higher timeline. Stay true to yourself, listen to your own inner guidance, and know that you are ready to be set free.

Soul Life Path Number 9

You are ever conscience of your spiritual travels. Your true diligence has paid off with dividends. The veil between worlds have been thinning and I see that you welcome the new information as they download into your physical realm.

Be clear and present this month as the collective shift manifests the power to create through you. This time of year aligns with your heart and your ability to help others.

It is important that you stay unattached to the outcomes of your labor and trust in divine timing. Not everything you know can be shared and digested by others in a constructive manner. This means that you need to cultivate humility and grace when relating well with others.

Something exciting is on the horizon for you. One of your soul’s lessons has been to maintain an essence, feeling and knowing that things will increase, and in this way you are holding space for more opportunities to come your way.

Continue feeling this way, because you are manifesting new opportunities that will bring in more abundance and financial security.

If in doubt, go within and ask your angels and guides to help you discern the truth and listen carefully to the answers.


This concludes your Soul Life Path messages for the month of September.

In honor of this auspicious time of year, I am encouraging you to schedule a personalized life path and personal year guidance reading. It is a combination of your life path and personal year vibration for 2023. Get a jump start on setting your intentions and aligning with the energy of the coming year. You can learn more about this powerful oracle on my website @ www.egyptiannumerology.org

Blessings to all your this beautiful month of September and know that you are loved and blessed. Namaste’ Sara

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