June 16, 2024
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Speaking Your Truth

Speaking Your Truth

In such a busy and sometimes complicated world, the value of speaking your truth has never been more crucial as it is today.

Hello and welcome, I am Sara Bachmeier the author of Egyptian Numerology; Emergence into the Fifth Dimension and The Path of a Wounded Healer; Liberation is for the Asking. It is my quest to encourage you to always speak your truth because as human beings, we often get bombarded by gossip, loud disturbing noises, and of course messages from others about how we Should Be living our lives. It is no wonder that many of us become overwhelmed and confused about what we really want to say to each other.

Authentic Connection

When I was younger, I was very shy and remember feeling things more deeply and not being confident about what I was trying to articulate. I was much better at expressing myself through music, dance, drawing, or writing.

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Saying what I really thought just wasn’t an option. It did not come natural to me. I would prefer to sit on the sidelines for fear of offending someone or sounding stupid. But for the most part, I didn’t think my opinions were valid or important to anyone else but myself.

The concept of speaking my truth to those around me, was terrifying. I never allowed myself permission to tell people what I really thought or how I really felt.

Now, as I have matured, speaking my truth mindfully, with authenticity, compassion, and from my heart has become an important part of who I am. I learned these basics from a woman named Rita, who was an instructor in a women’s empowerment program. She taught me how to come back to a more truthful way of expressing myself.

She taught her students how to connect with their hearts and speak from that area of the body rather than our heads. We would place our hands on our hearts and breathe into our words before speaking.

The first time I did this, I was very emotional because it brought to my attention just how much I had ignored my heart and never listened to what it had been trying to tell me.

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Sometimes we would use talking sticks where we would hold the stick against our hearts as we spoke to the group. I could often feel my heart pounding through the stick fighting against the wall of fear that I had built around my heart.

I learned that there is no room for fear to be present when I am speaking my truth, whether I am speaking in public or to someone I loved.

Because if I am fully present,  breathing deeply, my fear melts away. If I am still feeling nervous, anxious, or afraid, it means that I am still letting my head do all the talking. And more often than not, that voice is saying

“I wonder what everyone else is thinking of me?”

Holding onto fear of judgment means I am not fully participating in giving 100% of my authentic self to those that are listening, and I am probably not speaking my absolute truth!

When we realize the world is a much more beautiful place to live in when we speak our truth and start connecting to what makes us feel passionate, there is a tendency to suddenly say everything that we have kept locked away all those years.

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It takes practice to find a balance of being assertive rather than editing what we are going to say before we speak. We can learn to say only what is important and truthful.

When I was younger, I noticed that because I always bottled up what I wanted to express.  I had a lot of anger that built inside of me. Because of my insecurity and passion, I had a tendency to lash out and become very defensive whenever something didn’t work out, especially to those who were close to me.

I learned throughout the years, that people mirror back to me how I behave and react. So, as I became more mindful of my actions and started to speak with kindness and noticed that people responded back with kindness and my relationships improved.

The next time we go to reply to a comment or can feel an argument coming on, we can ask ourselves if a period of silence is needed. We can ask ourselves if what we want to say even needs to be said at all.

Because one way we can make sure we are only saying what we need to say is by being quiet more often. If we think before we speak and if we step back and give our words space to resonate, we create a safe space for others to be with us and to open up more truthfully.

Many of us are uncomfortable with silence and have spent our lives thinking that we need to fill a void with words. If we speak less, more authentically, and honestly, we become better listeners.

We have been brought up with the concept of polite small talk, but a lot of the time, this way of communicating can be meaningless and dull.

It is the interesting questions and conversations with people that connect us on a deeper, more personal level. For instance, how often have you caught yourself asking someone how they are doing in order to fill a conversational silence…knowing deep down that you don’t really want to know their full story?

When we find ourselves asking a question because we feel the need to fill a void, we can instead stop and ponder if whether anything needs to be said at all. We can practice getting comfortable with silence.

Another common scenario in the way we communicate with one another is to agree to do things just keep someone else happy or holding space for a friend to complain when what we would really like to tell them is the truth about how much their negativity or gossiping is affecting us.

When we hold back from saying what we really want to express to another person, we let them take our energy and power. When this happens, we can get resentful. Expressing how we feel in an assertive and kind way is essential, and that person will respect us more for doing so.

Of course, the easy option is to join in with the gossip, scandal, complaining, and negativity, but the people who really say what everyone else is thinking cuts through the noise in a direct but mindful way. These are the people that everyone listens to, respects, and are the shapeshifters for how we can develop our connection with each other in an ever-changing technological world.

I absolutely love helping people, and in the past, I was always the people pleaser for everyone. But learning the art of speaking my truth, has helped me set manageable boundaries and allow me to choose who I want to spend time with to support my life and which relationship perhaps are not serving me.

When we speak, whether in reply to someone who is testing our patience or simply just to a friend who probably needs our help, we can take a moment to connect with our heart… so our thoughts and words come from a compassionate place, and then ask ourselves these questions:

  • Am I speaking with kindness?
  • Is what I am about to say necessary?
  • Is what I am about to say helpful?
  • And is the information true?

Learning to be authentic while speaking from my heart becomes a useful tool that adds value and power to my life. Speaking from my heart was a difficult art to master because the world does not always want to hear the truth, especially when it could involve a painful conversation, but when the alternative is to endure unhappy situations, speaking from a place of fear, or having to tell a lie, all of which will mentally exhaust me, suddenly speaking from a place of truth seems like the brighter option.

Maybe there is a truth that you wanted to share for a long time. Something you think others may already know, or you think no one else needs to hear because it may sound silly or irrelevant, but nonetheless, it is something you are passionate about… this is what needs to be shared with the world.

Maybe you are hesitating to tell someone how you are feeling about them, but maybe they are feeling exactly the same way about you… So, tell them how you are feeling and communicate with love and kindness.

Maybe there is a person in your life who could benefit from hearing your truth, but you have been holding back from saying what you feel. Take a moment to put yourself in their place. Wouldn’t you want your good friend to tell you the truth if your behavior has been making them feel uncomfortable?

Your dreams, your heart’s desire, the truth of what you really want in life, and everything you are holding back from expressing to those around you, all of this needs to be realized and released. If it doesn’t, your heart is going to break from regret and from the heaviness that comes from not speaking your truth.

So, I invite you to play with the practice of speaking your truth and notice how freeing it feels to communicate in an honest way.

We begin to notice how much less we need to dwell on situations because we know we have said what needs to be expressed.

Learning to speak your truth in the present moment means regrets will not get a chance to be a part of your future.


Thank you for joining me today. To learn more about Self-empowerment with Egyptian  Numerology, check out my books, schedule a private reading, or visit my website at www.egyptiannumerology.org

May your week be blessed and impacted through truth.


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