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The Benefits and Uses of Talismans

Spirituality is a powerful term encompassing a way of thinking about, feeling, and living in the world. Essential to spiritual life is mindful thinking and experiencing the many different aspects of human existence and conscious interaction with others and our environment. With a spiritual view of life, we can see the divine in the mundane, the miraculous in each and every day, the extraordinary in the ordinary.

One of the most important ways to think spiritually involves a broader and deeper understanding of energy than “gas makes my car go” or “electricity powers the lights in my house”. We are part of a matrix of energy that is interwoven with all the people we interact with, objects that are important to us, and the movement of the solar system.

This article will talk about our potential spiritual interaction with objects, specifically ones we choose to wear or have in our homes that offer us various forms of energy, ranging from protecting against negative energy to boosting positive energy. These objects are known as talismans.

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What is a Talisman?

A talisman can be made from a piece of jewelry you wear, like a ring, necklace, or bracelet. It can be a stone you carry on your person in your pocket, usually inscribed with a symbol.  It can even be a piece of art that you display somewhere in your house, or in various locations of your house. A talisman is an object empowered.

How Do You Make or Obtain a Talisman?

Believe it or not, a talisman can be made from mundane sources, as simple as an unadorned ring or a necklace chain without a pendant.  Such items have to be energetically empowered, which has to be done through ritual and meditation.  You can make a talisman through your own conscious and psychic efforts or you can find an energy practitioner who can charge the object to be a talisman for you.

The most basic method for making a common or unadorned object a talisman is to cleanse it energetically, which is best done using salt or soil. You want to take the object and immerse it in the salt or soil for 24 hours to cleanse the energy.  Once cleansed, you will want to work with the object to set its intention, which you will want to do by putting your energy into the object.

Since you will be giving the object our energy and its intention, it is best to do the work within a salt circle and after you are well rested and properly fed and hydrated.  Much of ritual work requires speaking aloud the intention and repeating that intention while you hold the object.

“I intend this ring to enhance my well-being while I am wearing it” (repeated 3 times or more).

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Let’s say you have a simple band ring; the element can be anything from steel to copper to silver to gold to platinum. Rarity and type of metal can play a role depending on the intention.  Silver is considered the most neutral of all the metals and the most common for energy work, and the standard to rely on for all talisman work if you have to choose only one metal.

Steel is also neutral and a good element for intentions involving the mind and protection.  Gold is “warm” and can be used for intentions involving emotions.  Platinum would be a choice for more intense or specialized energy direction under unique conditions and less for everyday use.


Symbols are the most common way to select or make a talisman.  You can buy almost any symbol you want in the form of a necklace pendant or ring insignia.  These range from region to region throughout the world, and from one religion to another spiritual belief. A symbol inscribed on metal, shaped out of metal, or carved in stone or wood will provide the talisman with its intention.

Some of the more common symbols that can be used as talisman markers include runes, astrology signs, planet glyphs, and so on.  Below are two examples: the Eye of Horus (from Egyptian beliefs) and the Triquetra (from Pagan Celtic beliefs).

Eye of Horus

Source Wikipedia

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Coa Illustration Cross Triquetra

Source Wikipedia

You can do internet searches for symbols related to your concerns, such as a symbol for confidence, inner or physical strength, happiness and longevity, and so on.

Chinese double happiness and longevity symbol

Source Wikipedia

Wearing, Carrying and Recharging Your Talisman

A talisman can be worn every day or for special occasions or in certain situations. You may choose to wear a talisman that makes you more open and approachable if you are going out on a date but one that is for protection if you are going out in public at night to somewhere new.  You may choose a talisman to put on when performing a certain task or to touch and rub when feeling stressed.

From time-to-time, it can be good to cleanse and recharge your talisman.  If you are not using it regularly, you can store it in a box with citrine, which naturally charges stones. Metals will feed off your energy field while also supplying you with energy, kind of like a feedback loop circuit. Cleansing them with the proper metal cleaner is always helpful.

Since I often work in public spaces doing tarot and oracle card readings, I have a number of different pendants I choose to rotate in and out of use depending on my mood, concern, or the nature of the event.

Talismans for Your Home and Office

If you have a workspace in an office or an office for your work, at home or in a commercial building, you may already have unintended talismans on your desk, by a window, or even inside your desk. It could be something as unassuming as a child’s trophy or a piece of art you like.  But you can certainly be more intentional if you want to really leverage the power of a talisman.  Say you work in a high-stress environment, a talisman to deflect anger or aggression might be particularly useful.

An Altar for Your Home

Altars are a common place to put a talisman for the home or the ones you wear when you are not wearing them. Bronze statues are particularly powerful, but resin ones will do if the bronze is too expensive.  While the composition is important, it is not as important as the intention or symbols. I have a very happy buddha next to an abacus on my alter to invite wealth and success into my home because I use one of the rooms as my office (the one with these items).

Ultimately having and using talismans is another way to live spiritually and intentionally, helping you to be more of a creator and in control of the unfolding life story you have chosen and are part of. They also make great gifts for the people you care about.

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