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What Your Tattoo Says About You Based On Your Zodiac Sign

What Tattoo Should You Get Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Tattoos and Astrology have become increasingly popular over the last couple of years. Both Astrology and Tattoos play an important role in identification and expression. You can tell a lot about someone based on their tattoos and what to expect from their personality. Some Vedic Astrologers even believe that if you get a specific tattoo on a specific area you can protect yourself from the harm a certain planet may be causing in your life. Tattoos can be seen as Astrological remedies, some Astrologers are said to know where on your body you have a tattoo based on your natal chart – what a skill! If you’re curious about tattoos and how it relates to your Zodiac then continue reading:



Aries is the Zodiac sign most likely to have a tattoo on their body. This is because Mars, the ruler of Aries also rules needles and tattoos. And besides that, Aries are extremely bold – they love to grab attention in any way possible. An Aries is likely to get big tattoos that are in your face and daring, they enjoy coming across as fierce and fearless. This is the sign likely to have a massive sleeve on their arms or a big back piece. This sign is courageous and adventurous, they’re definitely not afraid of a little bit of pain. Plus, tattoos make them look extra tough and intimidating! They are also likely to get a tattoo on a whim without much thought because this sign is so impulsive.

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Taurus is a sensual sign ruled by the planet of love and beauty, Venus. A Taurus will take ages to make up their mind about which tattoo they want because they are the sign most aware of permanence and things that last forever. A Taurus might be afraid that they made the wrong decision and have to sit with the consequence of it being on their body forever. Luckily, a Taurus is pretty firm in their decision making and once they make up their mind they are usually very certain about it. A good idea for a Taurus is to get a tattoo that is relatively small and easily hidden, however, a Taurus is quite sentimental so having a meaning behind their tattoo is also important. This sign will go for something simple, yet aesthetically pleasing and pretty.


Gemini has a YOLO attitude and will try anything at least once. They love variety and usually go for more than one tattoo to express the different sides of their personality. They like images that show off their duality like pictures of faces or things that come in pairs like birds. There is an element of randomness to their tattoos. Their tattoos are usually quite expressive and creative to show their wild and interesting ideas. Geminis are very communicative and with their tattoos, they get to say a lot! This sign will often use references from the media in their tattoos. They will use imagines from their favourite films, music, or favourite pieces of art as their tattoos.


Cancer is one of the most sentimental signs in the Zodiac. When choosing a tattoo a Cancer will often choose an image that reminds them of something or someone like a deceased family member or of their pet. They are also the type to commemorate their life partner by perhaps getting a tattoo of a wedding ring instead of wearing a wedding band. The most important thing for a Cancer when it comes to choosing a tattoo is that it is somehow significant and meaningful. However, Cancer is the sign least likely to get a tattoo because they tend to be quite private and don’t like people knowing too much about them. A Cancer also doesn’t like to draw too much attention to themselves and this is another reason why they tend to steer clear of tattoos.


Leos are bold, vibrant, and very creative. This sign loves to stand out from the crowd and draw as much attention as possible. They will often choose tattoos that express their individuality and how special and unique they are. It isn’t uncommon for a Leo to want to bask in their own glory, they might even get a tattoo of their own name or something amazing they have achieved in their life. Leos also have the tendency to tattoo lions or lionesses on their body to represent their own ferocity, fierceness, and power. The colours they go for will also be quite bold and in your face. Leos are very stylish, thus the designs they choose will reflect their eye for aesthetics through their beautiful design.


Virgos are meticulous and perfectionistic in nature, everything they strive for in life has to be absolutely perfect. Their strong attention to detail ensures that they give a lot of thought and research into the tattoos they choose. Some Virgos might opt to completely stay away from tattoos, while others will have insanely intricate and well-thought-out concepts on their bodies, it all depends on the Virgo. Simple linework is often the tattoo of choice for a Virgo – they like things to be uncomplicated and straightforward, but the tattoo will definitely have a specific intention with a deeper meaning behind it.

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Libra is the sign known for its beauty and balance. No matter what tattoo a Libra chooses, it will most certainly be beautiful. This sign will usually go for something that is conventionally pretty, like images from nature such as flowers, birds, or animals. Libra is also the sign that rules relationships so it isn’t uncommon for a Libra to get a tattoo to somehow commemorate their romantic partner – they might get a tattoo of their name or a portrait of their face. They want to show their partner how important they are to them. Libras are very classic and they know what works for them.


Scorpio is the sign of extremes, they tend to have an all-or-nothing approach to life, and this includes their body modifications. Some Scorpios prefer to be subtle in their approach to tattoos and place them in secret spots to uphold an air of mystery. While other Scorpios will be in your face and bold with their tattoos. Because Scorpio is the sign of transformation, this sign may choose to get tattoos every time they go through something. It is almost like a way to brand themselves every time they have survived something. Scorpios will often choose rather dark imagery to tattoo themselves with like snakes, scorpions, or dead roses.


Sagittarius is the free spirit of the Zodiac who loves to go on all kinds of adventures. This is the sign most likely to love travel because they care about their independence and freedom so much. A Sagittarius will often opt to get a collection of tattoos from all over the world to commemorate their adventures and remind them of the places they have been to and seen. Sagittarius is also an incredibly spiritual sign and they might even go for a tattoo of a chakra, a profound quote, or some spiritual or religious symbol they picked up on, on one of their travels abroad.


Capricorns are pretty serious by nature. They tend to be reserved and responsible, but they definitely also know how to let loose and have fun! Capricorns are extremely ambitious and often use their tattoos as motivation to help inspire them to reach their goals. They like to use their tattoos as inspiration for the success they want to achieve in their life. But for other Capricorns tattoos might just be a creative outlet for them. However, this sign is hyper-aware of their image and knows exactly what they are doing when they choose a tattoo. The tattoos they go for are usually minimal and well thought out. There is also a dark side to most Capricorns, so they might also choose dark imagery to express themselves.


Weird and wacky Aquarius is certainly unique and an individualist through and through. This sign tends to go for imagery that expresses just how different they are. They are very unconventional and are usually trendsetters in whatever they do. They might even start a new tattoo trend which everyone ends up copying eventually. It isn’t uncommon for an Aquarius to design their own tattoos to ensure that no one else in the world has it. This sign will put a lot of thought into what they tattoo onto their body. But whatever they choose it absolutely has to remind them and everyone else of their individuality.


Pisces is the dreamer of the Zodiac and absolutely loves fantasy. They are quite creative and imaginative, so the tattoos they go for are usually interesting and out of the ordinary. There is a tendency for Pisces to get tattoos with some element of water to them, be that an image of a fish, a wave, or even a mermaid. Pisces will often go for tattoos that are quite dreamy and ethereal. They like images that are quite magical in nature. This sign is also quite spiritual, so having spiritual or religious elements to their tattoos may also be something that they are drawn to.

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