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The Energy of Heirloom Jewelry

The Energy of Heirloom Jewelry Across the Generations

It’s a time-honored family tradition. Heirloom jewelry is often passed down from mother to daughter, from aunt to niece, and from grandmother to granddaughter. These family treasures come in many forms. A vintage handcrafted ring with an amethyst stone set in sterling silver may be passed down by a grandmother to her granddaughter as a graduation gift. A symbolic horseshoe-shaped Navajo turquoise pendant may be given by an aunt to her cherished niece when she has her first child. A mother may give her son a Baltic amber beaded necklace to honor his wife on their anniversary. A pair of yellow topaz earrings from the Victorian Era may be passed down to the eldest daughter on her 25th birthday through multiple generations.

Family Pride

Women wear these cherished heirloom pieces with pride. When someone compliments the jewelry, you’ll see them touch the stones as if they were sacred objects. They draw energy, comfort, and guidance from them. The deeply emotional response they have when they touch the stones compels them to share the history of the piece and how it came into their family. They may describe how the necklace originally belonged to their great-great-grandmother, a gift from their great great grandfather when they were courting. They may go on to say it was one of the only worldly possessions they brought with them when they immigrated to America. They may tell how a special pin placed near their heart keeps them connected to their relative, with whom they were very close and who is now deceased. As they speak, they may lovingly clutch their heirloom jewelry because it has more meaning to them than anything money could buy.

The Powerful Energy of Gemstones

Astrologists, natural healers, and many others believe that gemstones are infused with energy that can be passed to those in close contact with the stones. Some of this energy comes from the people who have been close to the stones in the past. In the case of heirloom jewelry, this energy would have come from the women who wore the jewelry through all the generations it has been in the family. These same stones may also contain energy from the ancestral homeland or an ancestral tribe. Energy may have been passed from many members of the extended family who came in contact with the piece going way back. This is very powerful energy that can be passed to anyone who comes in contact with the piece, including a toddler who grasps her grandmother’s special necklace in her tiny hand while being rocked to sleep.

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Of course, every type of stone is said to produce a unique type of innate energy as well. For example, amethyst is thought to heal physical ailments, help repair deeply troubling emotions, and eliminate nightmares. Turquoise is said to strengthen the mind and help educate one through their dreams. Yellow topaz is thought to give mental clarity and help stave off depression. Baltic amber is said to balance emotions, dissipate negative emotions, and give one more patience. If you have heirloom jewelry, you may want to research the type of unique energy associated with the stones it contains and consider how these energies may have combined with the energy passed into the stones by your relatives and ancestors.

The Gift of Positive Energy

To receive the gift of positive energy afforded by heirloom jewelry, you can try the following:

– Wear your heirloom jewelry often, even daily. The more you wear it, the more energy you will derive from it.

– Wear your heirloom jewelry when you’re going through hard times. This could be when you’re sick, having trouble at work, having trouble with the kids, spatting with your spouse, feeling aggrieved by a friend, or when someone close to you dies. You can also wear it to help you through feel a time of high anxiety such as starting a new job, trying something new, or going on a first date.

– If possible, wear your heirloom jewelry close to your heart. If it’s a piece that can’t be worn close to the heart, you can hold it over your heart several times a day while you close your eyes and take a few deep breathes to clear your thoughts. You can always put a ring on a necklace to keep it closer to your heart. Many old-fashioned earrings can be strung on a necklace too.

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– Wear your heirloom jewelry when you go on spiritual journeys. For some, this may be when they attend church, seek guidance from a spiritual leader, or pray. For others, this may be when they go on a long hike in nature, watch a beautiful sunset, or meditate.

– Wear your heirloom jewelry on special occasions. This could be on holidays or on a special weekend getaway with your significant other. It could also be on your child’s first day of school or at a wedding. In these ways, you can pass the positive energy from your heirloom jewelry on to others you love as well.

– Sleep with your heirloom jewelry. You can put it under your pillow, on your nightstand, or attached to your pajamas.

The Dark Side

Now, unfortunately, there can sometimes be a dark side to heirloom jewelry too. In fact, some heirloom pieces may retain powerful negative energy that has been passed down through the generations. You may be familiar with the notion that the women in some families are said to be cursed. Perhaps they are never able to marry their true love. Perhaps they die young or die from a disease that causes them to suffer for many years before death. The female members of a family may be plagued by long bouts of depression or mental illness. They may all suffer the terrible loss of a child. Bad things just seem to run in some families.

While some women may ascribe these family curses as “biblical” or “religious,” other women may ascribe them to the negative energy of objects around them, especially those objects, like heirloom jewelry, that are passed down through the generations. They may begin to notice a pattern in their family tree. They may observe that their cousins who do not wear jewelry passed down from their grandmother don’t seem to be affected by the family curse. On the other hand, they may notice that those who do wear the jewelry, especially those who wear it often, may be most affected by the recurring curse.

In these cases, some women may decide they need to get this jewelry out of their life. They may sell the jewelry, donate it to charity, or give it to someone they don’t particularly like (this last one may seem a bit diabolical). They may even decide to take the more drastic measure of throwing it away or destroying it. They may feel that they don’t want to pass down the negative energy they associate with the heirloom jewelry to their descendants. This is how some beautiful heirloom pieces end up in vintage shops and secondhand stores.

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If you believe you have an heirloom piece of jewelry that contains negative energy, you can opt to eliminate the negative energy in the object rather than getting rid of the piece. Remember, any negative energy associated with your heirloom jewelry may not have been the fault of the original owner in your family. They could have received it secondhand, already filled with negative energy. Alternately, there may have been an overwhelming tragedy beyond their control such as a terrible plague that swept through the community or tragic death due to war or persecution that caused the negative energy. Given this, you may feel a sense of responsibility to cast the negative energy out of the heirloom piece for your own sake and for the sake of those who may be the custodian of the piece in the future.

How to Eliminate Negative Energy from Crystals and Gemstones?

Here’s are two methods that people use to eliminate negative energy from stones and crystals:

– Wash your heirloom piece in saltwater. Add one teaspoon of sea salt to a bowl of hot water. It’s best to use sea salt mined from an ancient ocean so it is purer. Stir until the salt completely dissolves. Let the water cool down to room temperature and then bathe your piece in this water for one minute. As you do so, envision your own positive energy flowing into the stone. You can ask your family and close friends to join you and add their positive energy as well. Be sure to rinse your piece with fresh water immediately afterward to remove the salt. Distilled purified water works best but you can also use cooled water that has been boiled. Repeat this process until you feel positive energy from your heirloom jewelry when you touch the stone(s). Trust your intuition. Rely on your sixth sense to guide you. You may not completely understand what is happening, but you will feel it.

– Place your heirloom jewelry into a singing bowl. Do this for only one piece at a time. Hold the singing bowl lightly in the palm of your extended hand. Using the striker, hit the singing bowl a single time on the outside of the bowl where the circumference is the widest. Close your eyes and focus on the sound and vibration that the singing bowl emits. Think positive thoughts about the member of your family who gave you the piece and your family’s future descendants. Allow the sound and vibration to fully fade before you open your eyes again. Don’t be in a rush. Repeat this process for every generation of your family who has worn the piece, plus one more to account for everyone else who could have worn it or touched it before it came into your family. If you bought the piece from a store, you can simply perform the procedure thinking about your own family until you feel the negative energy has gone.

Final Thoughts

The energy from heirloom jewelry can be a powerful force in your life, be it recurring generational energy from your relatives or the innate energy of the particular stone. In fact, the power of these two forces can combine in wonderful ways. If you tune into the positive energies your heirloom jewelry contains, and remove any negative energy it may contain, your heirloom jewelry can improve your life and the lives of those women you pass it down to. It will also give you the opportunity to leave a legacy of positive energy to your descendants.

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