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The Reason You Always End up Alone Based on Your Zodiac Sign

The Reason You Always End up Alone Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Some couples stay together for a long time and may remain together for life. That is because they accept the flaws of one another and realize that there is no such thing as perfection (and Virgos that are in long-lasting relationships have had to get this fact a while ago). You also have some people who often show the best aspects of their zodiac signs which can help a relationship succeed. However, plenty of others don’t and can deliver the most challenging aspects of their signs. That is one reason that they may end up alone. Sometimes people end up alone by choice.

However, let’s assume that you are the one who struggles to find a suitable mate. Let’s find out why you always end up alone based on your zodiac sign

Aries – You Can Be Challenging to Handle

Aries, you are a free spirit, and you come off as intense. You also tend to look after your needs before you look at the needs of others. It is not that you are purposely that way. That is the nature of the first fire sign of the zodiac. You also can be pretty blunt to the point that you can unintentionally offend others with what you say. When you mix that together, your ex-partners would say one thing about you. You can be too much to handle, and if you become aware of this fact, you can fix those aspects by putting your partner first at times and creating a filter for your words.

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Taurus – You Can Be Too Stubborn and Clingy

Taurus, you are grounded, and when you know you want something, you do not allow anything to change that. That means you are tenacious, and you also need comfort and stability. What does that mean? You can be not only quite inflexible, but you are also the type that does not want to let go of something if it threatens your stability and security.

As a result, your partners can feel smothered by you, in addition to the frustration they feel that you don’t like to make compromises. Therefore, those things will hurt your relationships which means if you don’t work on learning to compromise and give your partners space – you will end up alone.

Gemini – You Are Too Indecisive and Moody

Gemini, you are versatile, and you need intellectual stimulation. You also don’t like commitment, but that does not mean you won’t commit yourself to a relationship if you feel the partner is right for you. However, you constantly change your mind and change your feelings. One moment you want one thing, and the other moment, you want something else. You can also be moody. You struggle with making decisions. That means you don’t follow through on things you start. That will be a significant turn-off to your partners, and they will grow tired of it. The challenge for you is to follow through on the first decisions, which can help you maintain your relationships.

Cancer – You Are Too Insecure

Cancer, you have a lot of love to give, and you will take excellent care of your partner. You have taken the best care of the partners you have had once you started having relationships. However, you also have a side to you that your partners do not like. You can be overly sensitive, jealous, and clingy.

Your sensitivity makes them feel as if they are walking on eggshells. Your jealousy makes your partner wonder if you trust them. The clinginess becomes overbearing, and you will not maintain your relationships by doing that. You can work on not taking things too personally and trusting better, as well as allowing your partner space to keep your connections.

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Leo – You Can Be Too Self-Absorbed

Leo, you love being in the spotlight, and even though you are warm and generous, you tend to focus too much on yourself. You want attention to yourself, and you tend to ignore the feelings of your partner. Your partners of the past did not feel as if you listened to them if they needed to talk.

For instance, you had an ex that used to come home from stressful days at work only to keep hearing you go on about one stressful event that happened during the day. You did not allow them to vent and talk about their day. That is no way a relationship will stick. You can always get the opportunity to talk about yourself, but you must listen and show interest in your partners too. A successful relationship is about giving and taking.

Virgo – You Want Everything to Be Perfect

Virgo, you are analytical, clean, service-oriented, and helpful. However, you have a challenge, and that is that you want everything to be perfect. You do know and realize that perfection is not achievable. Yet, that is what you expect from your partner and your friends. Any flaws they have will cause you to become overly critical of them, and no one will stick by your side if you cannot accept them for who they are.

As mentioned in the introduction, Virgos, who learned this fact, perhaps the hard way, will likely have successful relationships. Accept that many people do their best, and perfection is not a reality. No one is perfect, and that includes you.

Libra – You Don’t Speak Up

Libra, you live for having relationships. You have so much love to give, and you can be so charming. How could you end up alone with those traits? There is a problem, however. You always allow your partner to do everything they want even if it goes against your wishes. Therefore, you allow yourself to become a doormat, and the only reason that happens is that you don’t speak up if you are upset with something.

Healthy conflict is needed for relationships to thrive of any kind. However, since you don’t like to face disputes, you keep quiet when your partner does something you don’t like. Then you become passive-aggressive, and that keeps pushing your partners away.

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Scorpio – You Keep Clamming Up

You are secretive and mysterious, Scorpio. That can be quite intriguing to others. However, you are also highly passionate, and you take your time when it comes to getting into a relationship because you don’t trust easily. Even once you allow yourself to have a relationship, you don’t always open up.

You don’t always show your vulnerable side, and you clam up if there is the threat of you having to show it to your partner. Your partner wants to know every part of you: your vulnerable parts and your strong parts. However, if you never show them your weaker side, and you keep clamming up, no one will stick with you.

Sagittarius – There Is No Stability

Sagittarius, exploration and going on different adventures are crucial to you. That is why the best relationships for you are those who love traveling and movement as much as you do. However, there is a time when everyone needs stability – even you. You just want it less than others. Since you always want to be on the go no matter what and don’t like laying low too often, your partners fear that you will get up and leave for good one day because your need to travel takes over. Their fear of that about you is why you will end up alone in the end.

Capricorn – You Work Too Much and You Can Be Too Pessimistic

Capricorn, you are highly ambitious and overly serious. But unfortunately, you also tend to look at things with the glass half-empty. There is a good chance you may end up alone as long as you keep working long hours to the point that you hardly see your partner. Additionally, when you do see your partner, you end up complaining about your work-related stress, among other things.

As long as you keep those things up, you will have many exes to count and have no one left in the end. Finding the balance to fit your work and other areas of your life, in addition to seeing the glass half-full, sometimes will help you and your relationships succeed.

Aquarius – You Are Distant

Aquarius, you are the type to march to your own drum, and you love your freedom. However, those traits don’t necessarily cost you your relationships. The issue with you is that you cannot be in touch with your emotional side. Therefore, you become cold and aloof. Any partner you have will feel like you are on a different planet when attempting to reach out to you, even if you are in the same room together! Your distance will drive your relationships away, and therefore, there is a good chance you will end up alone. That is not something that you really want!

Pisces – You Are Not Grounded Enough

Pisces, you are dreamy and can be overly emotional and sensitive. You are highly giving, and you will put your partner’s needs ahead of your own. However, you don’t have a realistic outlook on your partner and your relationships as a whole. You are not grounded enough to realize that relationships take time and work, and many times don’t work out the way you want.

Your ex-partners would have gotten tired of your unrealistic views of your relationships. If you realize your relationships are not turning out the way you envisioned, then you self-destruct, which is another thing that will hurt your relationships. That is why you have a higher chance of ending up alone.

As you see, everyone has flaws, and every relationship has difficult periods. However, if you can accept your partner’s shortcomings as they also accept yours and work on them together, that will help strengthen relationships – as long as they mean something to you. Therefore, it does not matter what your sun, moon, and rising signs are. Everyone has flaws, and relationships take work. If neither party is willing to put the work into them, then it will not work out. Those who do end up alone and who want to be in relationships often exhibit the worst aspects of their zodiac signs and never address them.

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