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The Role of Positive Affirmations

The Role of Positive Affirmations

Positive affirmations play a big part in how our surroundings are. They can be thought of as statements that motivate one to achieve a goal. These statements have proven to actually have a positive effect on the subconscious and conscious parts of the brain. With positive affirmations, one tends to eliminate negative thinking and focus all their energy on the bright side. This keeps an individual motivated to achieve their goal. This article is about what positive affirmations are and how to use them.

Positive affirmations’ impact on life

It is important to know what positive affirmations are. A positive statement that declares how you are going to work towards a goal. It is believed that for ultimate success, it is necessary for the removal of any negative thoughts. By using positive affirmations, individuals remind themselves of their goals.

This makes the brain rewire and channel positive energy towards your task and helps you achieve it much more quickly.  You can overcome any problem in your life if you consider yourself strong enough to do so. If you have faith within yourself, then any other being or thing cannot come between you and your goal. You must think of your goals as already established tasks. This will motivate you to work hard.

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How these statements keep one on the right track

These statements keep the brain exercised and driven towards success. These affirmations act like reminders that help the involuntary part of your brain to maintain focus and work out solutions to that you can overcome any challenges or hardships that come along your way.

Positive affirmations are believed to create a clear vibration pattern of joy and positive energy. According to the law of attraction, opportunities and people are attracted to positivity. Therefore, with positive affirmations, you won’t feel restricted, or you won’t feel any limits. You can go beyond the sky.

How to construct positive statements

If you wish to make statements that help you throughout the day, you must keep in mind these guidelines. You can ignore any negative words such as “can’t”, “don’t”, etc. Ensure that you make your own positive affirmations. Keep the statement to the point and in the present tense. Avoid future tense as it promotes laziness. Using an action word can help make your statement sound interesting. Use some emotions to your statements.  Including and action or feeling word makes the statement more personal to you.

An example of a good affirmation by Jack Canfield is, “I am joyfully driving my new red Porsche Carrera convertible down the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu.” If you want these affirmations to work, you must be reinforcing them regularly.

Pen down your goals

The importance of writing things down cannot be stressed enough. To make sure you are working towards your goal, you can get help from a friend or a family member to check on your progress regarding your goals. You can write these goals on paper. This way, you will feel as if your spirit is free from any energy barrier that was acting as a hindrance.

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It is best if you can remind yourself of these goals three times during the day with every meal. You need powerful words that give your self-confidence the boost so that you can easily work yield a better outcome.

Prepare beforehand

You can prepare by writing down everything you think of. Similarly, you can also prepare yourself ahead of time by rehearsing these statements every day at times of the day. You can also use a list of some positive adjectives that are mentioned in the next paragraph. These words help to add more power to your statement as they personalize it more. It is proven that if one reinforces their positive affirmation before sleeping and when they wake up, they are more likely to get what they want.

Here is a list of some positive affirmations: attached, adore, zestful, clear, renewed, refreshed, light, joyful, free, focused, vibrant, uplifted, juicy, kind, magical, etc.

Some ways to practice efficiently

One may amp up the speed of their positive affirmations. This can be done by effective rehearsing and practice. It is key to say your affirmations out loud. Similarly, you can also try saying them out in a slow manner on purpose. Your tone must be confident, and you should sound sure about what you are saying. Not only sound sure, but you must also be sure.

Make sure you are not restless or stressed while you are saying these statements. Therefore, calm yourself beforehand to make sure your brain doesn’t associate your positive affirmation with stress and tiredness. You can also practice in front of a mirror by repeating your positive affirmations. It is necessary to take care of your mental health and energy; positive affirmations are a great way.

What is the outcome of positive affirmations?

Everyone has different problems that they have to deal with. Whether it is an office problem, a friend problem or an addiction you are struggling with, positive affirmations have the solution to it.

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Therefore, we can establish that positive affirmations are not just made for a particular set of problems or specific aged individuals. It can show positive results on anyone from a child to an adult. This affirmation works differently for all individuals based on their life situations and experiences. You will start to see positive results within the first three weeks of practicing positive affirmations. These daily reminders are crucial for your betterment and development. Therefore, it is necessary to implement them in your day to day routine for a desirable outcome.

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