June 16, 2024
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Tyler Henry

Tyler Henry: The Psychic Medium Star Who’s Bringing Astrology to Hollywood

Tyler Henry isn’t your typical 28-year-old. This Capricorn-born psychic medium has been making waves in Hollywood with his uncanny ability to connect with the other side. With his show “Hollywood Medium,” Tyler has charmed his way into the hearts of many, delivering messages from beyond to some of the biggest names in the industry. But who is Tyler Henry, and what makes him so special?

Early Life and Discovery

Tyler Henry was born on January 13, 1996, in Hanford, California. From a young age, he knew he was different. At just 10 years old, Tyler began experiencing intuitive mental images. He later realized these were messages from the spirit world. By the time he was a teenager, he was conducting readings for classmates and honing his craft.

Breakthrough with “Hollywood Medium”

Tyler’s big break came with the launch of “Hollywood Medium” on E! in 2016. The show was an instant hit, captivating audiences with Tyler’s heartfelt and often emotional readings. Celebrities like Khloé Kardashian, Snooki, and Alan Thicke have all sat down with Tyler, seeking connections with their departed loved ones. His genuine and empathetic approach has earned him a dedicated fan base.

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Netflix Series: “Life After Death with Tyler Henry”

In 2022, Tyler expanded his reach with a new Netflix series titled “Life After Death with Tyler Henry.” This show follows Tyler as he travels across the country, bringing comfort and closure to everyday people through his psychic readings. The series not only highlights his incredible abilities but also delves into Tyler’s personal journey and the challenges he faces as a medium. “Life After Death” offers viewers a more intimate look at Tyler’s life and his unwavering commitment to helping others heal.

Astrology and Psychic Readings

While Tyler is primarily known for his mediumship, he also incorporates astrology into his readings. He believes that understanding a person’s astrological chart can provide deeper insights into their life and experiences. For Tyler, astrology is another tool in his spiritual toolkit, helping him to better connect with his clients and offer more comprehensive guidance.

Personal Life and Inspirations

Despite his fame, Tyler remains grounded. He credits his close relationship with his mother for keeping him humble. Tyler often shares that his psychic abilities are a gift meant to help others, not for personal gain. His approach to mediumship is deeply compassionate, always prioritizing the healing of those he reads for.

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What’s Next for Tyler?

Tyler Henry shows no signs of slowing down. He’s expanded his reach with books like “Between Two Worlds” and his latest, “Here and Hereafter.” In these, he delves into his experiences and provides readers with a deeper understanding of life, death, and what lies beyond. Tyler is also working on new projects that promise to bring his unique abilities to even wider audiences.

Why We Love Tyler Henry!

Tyler Henry’s appeal goes beyond his psychic abilities. He’s relatable, kind, and genuinely cares about helping others find peace. In a world where many seek answers, Tyler offers a comforting presence, reminding us that we’re never truly alone.


Other Psychic Celebrities

Tyler Henry is not alone in the spotlight. Patti Negri, known as the “Good Witch of Hollywood,” is a renowned psychic medium and author. She has appeared on shows like “Ghost Adventures” and has a strong following for her unique abilities.

Another notable psychic is Theresa Caputo, the “Long Island Medium,” who has captivated audiences with her show on TLC, connecting with spirits and delivering heartfelt messages.

Matt Fraser, star of “Meet the Frasers,” combines psychic insights with a touch of humor, making him a beloved figure in the psychic community.

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These celebrities, along with Tyler, are helping to bring psychic phenomena and astrology into mainstream conversation, providing comfort and clarity to many.

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