July 16, 2024
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Universal Energy

Open yourself up to the Universal Energy

There are many ways to become lucky and be able to take advantage of the benefits brought by our existence. Among them can be found one particular benefit that we never (or infrequently) think about even though it is at our disposal: it consists in opening fully to the Universal Energy. This energy permanently circulates and materializes in many ways. This is a very powerful force that provides you with many pieces of evidence of its existence every day. 

An unlimited and generous universal force

This Universal Energy crosses the universe and resides in every human being. It manifests itself notably through your exchanges with other people, through invitations and the propositions made to you, through the advice you are given, through the encounters this force creates for you.

All of this is offered to you by Universal Energy for you to become better, to guide you and show you the way under certain circumstances. They are celestial signs meant to help you find your way.

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So, do not refuse any of these opportunities that are given to you. Take advantage of them and use them in a positive fashion.

Do not ever become impervious to this Universal Energy. Open your arms and greet these gifts from life with no ulterior motives. If you are to enjoy these moments, make the most of them since there is always a reason behind their appearance.

Even if you don’t know it, do not ask yourself too many questions. Seize the opportunities that come your way to change your life.

Your guiding principle in life must be the quest for the positive in everything you undertake if you seek to improve your existence. 

The Generous Universal Energy can solve your problems

Likewise, if there are problems you are unable to solve, opening up to this Generous Universal Energy can help you overcome them. Indeed, experiencing unsolved problems means you haven’t found the solution to them. That much is obvious.

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Still, there exists a universal principle: you can solve all the problems you are faced with. You possess the inner capabilities to do so.

But if you can’t get rid of them, that means you are subjected to a vibratory block. Solutions do not come to you because they are slowed down or repelled by negative energies around you.

These negative energies can only be dissolved through positive vibrations. You can easily produce them. The Universal Force at work in the universe gives you many opportunities to do so through the events already mentioned above such as:

  • exchanges between you and other people,
  • invitations and propositions made to you,
  • advice given,
  • encounters with other people…

By opening to them, you automatically create positive vibrations that will sweep away the negative waves surrounding you.

As a result, you will automatically open royal paths to success and the resolution of your problems, even those that have been the hardest ones to solve until now.

Do not shut yourself off. Open instead!

Above all, do not become impervious to the energies of the universe, even if you do not feel good, have problems or are in bad mood on the day when you can open yourself up to them.

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More so since it will be under such circumstances that you will be able to derive great benefits from them and that you will be able to improve your existence in a quick fashion in every field!

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