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Universal Number Eight Month

Universal Number Eight Month

Egyptian Numerology March Messages

I am Sara Bachmeier with Egyptian Numerology bringing the month of March messages for Life Paths numbers one through Master number thirty-three.

If you don’t know your life path number go to my website and under “Chart Readings”, I give an example of how to calculate your Soul Life Path Number.

Universal Number Eight Month

March 2021 is a Universal number eight month and we also have our Spring/ Fall Equinox happening on March 20th.

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What do springtime and the number eight have in common? Fertility, growth, and lots of new energy. It is going to be a super-powerful time of year for both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres.

Let’s take a look at How we calculate the number eight for the month of March?

Remember that 2021 is a Universal number five year. So, we will be experiencing this energy all year regardless of what month we enter into and each month has a numeric frequency. The month of March is the third month of our calendar year. 

We add the Universal year number 5 to the calendar Month number 3, and we get the Universal month number 8 for March 2021.

Number five is about personal freedom, movement, adaptation, change, and transformation. The number three refers to self-expression, creativity, and sharing your unique message with the world.

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Putting these two phenomenal energies together gives birth to the number eight. In order to access the current of electric and atomic energy from this number, we must have personal integrity in place within our lives and when we are in alignment with integrity, the Universe supplies us with the resources to manifest our talents and gifts at record speed.

So, let’s get on with the life path messages. 

If you are a Life Path Number One

This is a productive month for you concerning the business, relationships, and finances. Self-expression, motivation, and communication are the keys to your ultimate success. Stay focused on what will bring you the most joy moving forward.

Mentorship is coming into your field. Either a long-awaited mentor or teacher makes an appearance, or you become the mentor for others.

This is an exciting opportunity for spiritual advancement and the numbers point to your long overdue readiness in this area. You have planted the seeds, now it’s time to reap rewards. Let the motion of the Spring season carry you to fertility and growth. 

Do the research necessary to take action but do not procrastinate. This is a green light to move forward in your long-anticipated plans.

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Life Path Number Two and Master Number – Eleven

You have been feeling the undercurrents of creativity calling for your attention. Think in terms of something fun, passionate but definitely innovative. In order to tap into this project, something has to change in your life to make room for it to materialize. You have been too busy, and it is struggling to make its way to the surface. 

This could require making more room for time, practice, research, or clearing some space for channeling that delicious energy that makes you enraptured in a playful ceremony.

The message is to listen to your intuition and act on this creative opportunity. If you align yourself with a clear vision and incentive, the Universe will bring to you everything needed to materialize it into physical form.

Life Path Number Three

This is a powerful month for you. You will get intuitive insights like the North Star on how to best proceed with your spiritual life. Will it be reading, writing, or watching a movie?

Don’t take these inner prompts for granted. This month, you are meant to act on whatever feels strongest to you. Allow yourself to be guided along your journey with a clear intention of doing what’s best for you. 

This won’t be a big social month for you because you will get clear instructions on what to do to advance your self-esteem, confidence, and self-love and this will require alone time. So, don’t freak out if you get a sudden urge to cancel a social date to go on a solo safari.

This month is about pulling in the resources to take care of yourself.

If you listen, this action will catapult you closer to fulfilling your most intimate dreams.

Life Path Number Four and Master Number Twenty-Two

This month is about taking a vacation, letting go of the details of work, and planning a trip away from home and responsibilities.

Is there family, friends, or a retreat you’ve been wanting to attend?

Do you need to focus more on your significant other and relationships in general?

This is a good time to reflect on how much you have grown this past year, how you believe others perceive you, and most importantly… are you showing up as the person you need to be in order to support yourself, emotionally, and spiritually?

Step away from the perfect order of your daily routines and get a little messy. Scramble up your itinerary, throw away the maps, and walk outside the lines this month. 

Try some risky business and activities like soaking your bones in a hot tub, dancing like nobody’s watching and even driving on a scenic route to nowhere.

Why? Because the world will have more value when you let go and swim with the flow. This month is about roaming around without a leash and not telling anyone where you are going. Get a little lost and trust that your instincts and intuition will guide you where you need to be at the right time to receive a spiritual download full of golden gems. 

 Life Path Number Five

Health is your number one focus this month. What can you change, add, or research about to increase your vitality, strength, and overall wellbeing?

While last month called for going inward, this month is more outgoing.

The emphasis on physical activity will increase your ability to release any stored-up energy leading toward anxiety or moodiness.

If increased exercise is not an option, change your diet or do a cleanse. For optimal results, do all three this month.

In the process of being more active, you will propel the opportunity to meet someone who will further advance your inner dreams. 

There is a message waiting for you from the other side and this information will come through a chance meeting. But you must make yourself available and that requires going outside your comfort zone. 

Life Path Number Six and Master Number Thirty-Three 

This is a month for a lot of changes. Some of this change you initiated, and some will seemingly come out of nowhere.

Although this whole year is about change, movement, and transformation, these next few weeks are offering you ample opportunities to increase your financial status, sell or buy property, stocks, and possibly start a new business. 

Be in touch with your intuition as well as research to discover which direction will support your realm of creativity.

It is advised not to make any decisions that inhibit your desire for self-expression and personal freedom. This means don’t sacrifice financial gain for your happiness.

The message suggests you can have both if you put self-love first. Take some time to ponder on what this means to you going forward.

Life Path Number Seven

The message this month is about taking inventory of your personal relationships. Are they supporting you? Are you still in sync with your circle of friends? Is it time to open the door and invite new companions and new energy into your daily correspondence and communications?

Reflect on how much you have changed this past year. Do you have new interests? What direction do you desire to travel in this year and do have the people in your life to support you?

I know these are a lot of questions, but it only takes a moment or two to answer them and be honest with yourself. You already know the answers… 

Life is like a vacuum, once we release something that no longer serves us, a new opportunity takes its place. This month is about opportunities, possibilities, and good fortune but you must center yourself in the best position to receive and this requires making the adjustments necessary to support growth. Ask yourself, “what can I do to prepare myself for abundance?” Open your heart & mind to receive the answers. 

Life Path Number Eight

A lot of energy is coming through for you this month. It will feel like Energy on steroids. You would think that because it is a Universal number eight month, that this would be a positive month of success for you and it very well could be, but there is a lot of energy to balance at this time. If you find yourself grounded, this could work for you but if you are not, it could be a bit overwhelming.

So, the message for you is to spend some time in nature and nurture communion with the spirit realm. This will help ground in the energy and amp up your intuition.

Grounding is of great importance to your well-being, creativity, and business affairs. Don’t jump into any quick decisions without becoming balanced on all levels, body, heart, mind and spirit.

This is always good advice, but this month is vital to listen to your intuition and connect with Source before taking leaps into unknown territory.

Try earthing, gardening, and cooking this month. Stay focused on balance and the rewards will certainly multiply.

Life Path Number Nine

This is a resourceful month for you. All of the time you have spent in self-reflection and realization have given you the opportunity to flourish.

Anything you set your attention on this month will certainly manifest, so it is important to focus on what you do want and drop any fears or limiting beliefs of failure.

Speak out and visualize your dreams daily and watch for signs, symbols, and synchronicity to guide you.

Be ready to take action because opportunities will come seemingly out of nowhere and disappear just as quickly if you don’t respond favorably.

Know that you will be at the right place at the right time to make progress in whatever your best intentions point towards.

This could be relationships, creativity, new business ventures, relocation, and financial opportunities.

The message is loud and clear- when your heart and mind are connected, your intuition is always spot on. 

Go for it with loving blessings from the Universe.

This concludes the messages for this month. I am the author of Egyptian Numerology; emergence into the fifth dimension. I have a mentorship program available for those that want to elevate, expand, enhance and encourage their spiritual directive through their Soul life Contract. You can learn more on my website at Egyptiannumerology.org.

Have a blessed week. Namaste

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