July 15, 2024
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Universal Number 9 Month

Universal Number Nine Month – Soul Life Path Messages for April

I am Sara Bachmeier with Egyptian Numerology bringing to you the Soul Life Path Messages for April 2021. We are in a Universal Month number nine now which inspires and influences many Universal truths. Easter is coming up and the biblical scriptures state that Christ died in the ninth hour representing the fruits of God’s Holy Spirit, which are faithfulness, gentleness, kindness, an open heart, love, peace, and the dark night of the soul. 

In Numerology, the main characteristics of the nine are selflessness, completion, universal understanding, compassion, forgiveness, generosity, humanitarian service, and justice.

The number nine is strongly associated with the Chinese dragon, a symbol of magic and power. 

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In our base numeric 10 system, where all numbers are represented by ten distinct symbols (0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9), the number nine is the last number. When considering all the single-digit numbers, nine is the most sagacious because it is composed of the three trinities (3 x 3 = 9), it represents the principles of the sacred triad taken to the expression of the three divine manifestations in the three planes, the world of spirit, the world of thought, and the world of matter, which gives it a triple manifestation of the trinity. Nine is considered thrice sacred embodying perfection, balance, order, and the supreme superlative. The Hebrews referred to the nine as the symbol for immutable Truth.

According to the Cabal, it is the number of achievements and the freemasons made it the eternal number for human immortality. The number nine was considered sacred in Egypt and Greece because it was the number symbolizing man and his gestation (nine months). In the Aztec teachings, it symbolized nocturnal and terrestrial beings. Because it is the last single-digit number, it stands for hierarchy, representing the nine choruses of Angels. It is a favorable number, associated with eternity. So, let’s see how the number nine influences our Life Path

Life Path Number 1

The message for you this month is “expand, explore and enhance”.

This month is about getting out of your comfort zone and learning something new that will help you advance further in your occupation or spiritual practice. Don’t hesitate to go toward something extravagant and monumental. Nothing changes if nothing changes, and this month is about reaching for the stars and betting big on yourself. 

This could be taking a class, reading a book, or channeling from a higher Source. You have a natural magnetism about you and are a natural conduit with authority qualities. The message this month is to expand, explore, and experience something original that enhances not only your quality of life but those around you. You have an intuitive curiosity that will lead you to researching a subject that catapults your life on all levels – emotional, social, intellectual, creative, and spiritual.  

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Life Path Number 2 & Master Number 11/2

The message for you this month is to ask yourself “What makes me happy?”

You are a natural intuitive that people tend to gravitate towards. Helping other people find peace and beauty in their life and the world around them is as important to you as breathing air. But this month, set some time aside to answer the question regarding your own happiness.

This year especially, things will change and move quickly in all areas of our lives. What was appropriate to our well-being last year or even 6 months ago may no longer hold the same truth. Stay current with identifying and fulfilling what makes your heart sing when you are alone and entertaining solitude. When you answer the question to “What makes me happy? take action to implement that new schedule, routine, or service into your life that will make a difference to your inner child. Because when you take of yourself, you are better able to help those who are important to you. 

Life Path Number 3

This is a super creative month for you and ever since the equinox, you may have found a burst of energy that previously lay dormant.

You will find yourself vacillating between wanting alone time to play with your passionate projects and being among friends, socializing and being the life of the party.

The message this month is “Find Expression” between both of these gifts. It is crucial for you this month to fully experience being creative and being social. If done in tandem, they support each other quite nicely but too much of one without the other could lead to inner conflict for you.

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So, just be aware of how fortunate you are to have been born with these gifts and learn to honor them separately together…

Life Path Number 4 And Master Number 22/4

The Message is about “Nurturing Growth”.

Planting a garden, spring cleaning, cooking, or buying something you have always wanted that will make life more appealing is how you can support your soul this month. 

Reflect on how much you have grown on all levels and make room for more.

Planting a garden will nurture your grounding nature and keep you centered with the earth. Spring cleaning will reduce the clutter in your abode and allow you to acknowledge the simplicity of life and buying something appealing will reward yourself for how far you have come and encourage you to continue forging forward.

Another area that needs to be considered is your circle of friends. Are they supporting and nurturing your growth? If not, make room for new friends that not only respect you but challenge you to be the best version of yourself.

Life Path Number 5

The message for you this month is to “Play”. There are a lot of places where you live that you have not had the time to discover your interest in exploring. They have been calling to you to come out and play and learn the wisdom behind their existence. This could be in nature, a monument, a temple, or even a store or gallery. Intuitively you have been called to visit these places and learn about what is attracting you to these resources.  Sometimes when we make room to search out our intuitive hunches, we find more than what we expected. There is a buried treasure waiting to be unearthed in these intriguing places. It may trigger a memory, direct your path, or answer questions about yourself that lay previously dormant. Have some fun and be open to receive. 

Life Path Number 6 And Master Number 33/6

The message for you this month is “Community Awareness”.

Your supporting and nurturing skills will be called to the forefront when directing them to your community. If there is a project that you have been thinking about that will serve the betterment of humankind, it can be tested out first in your local community. You will get favorable feedback this month when sharing your ideas and concerns with the right people regarding implementing a progressive action that can take place in your own backyard. You have a natural sixth sense around following through with your inventions.  Don’t let other people’s opinions discourage you… sometimes it’s best not to tell anyone about your plans until after you have succeeded. And this month there is plenty of room for progress. 

Life Path Number 7

The message this month is to “seek the holy mysteries” You are an old soul that naturally gravitates toward ancient truths. Find a resource or a place that holds great strength and power and study its origin. This month take the time to visit this place or these places and learn about the history and culture behind it. Ponder on how it is different and yet similar to what you have already experienced. Past lives are not in the past if they are influencing you currently. You don’t have to venture between realms to learn about what is in your truth today. See the commonalities in the holy mysteries and learn how to apply them to your life today. There is great magic in discovering the connection between past, present, and future. There is great beauty in being One with the truth.

Life Path Number 8

The message for you this month is “Balance”. You manifest best when you are in balance with the ebb and flow of energy. Your innate talents for creating connections are on the high this month. Many opportunities will present themselves this month and it will take an effort for you to keep focused on what you desire to materialize in the near future. Don’t get caught up in the false starts that happen when you become distracted. Instead, stay centered on the highest probabilities going forward. If you waste your energy on other people’s vision, you will be disappointed, and your dreams will have a delayed take-off. Save your energy for what is in alignment with your intuition, and you will be successful in all your endeavors. 

Life Path Number 9

The message for you this month is “Be the Light Warrior”. This is a high-energy month for you but not in the way of being socially productive. You have many qualities that make you admirable to the outside world and the one that stands out this month is your light working abilities. 

This is a super powerful month for you to use your magic to help others. This can come in many forms, through your artwork, teaching, prayer, healing, but most important is your honesty. 

Reach out to others this month in the modality that calls to you the most and share your gifts. This month is not about learning, it is about action by using what you already know and the gifts that you already possess.  Trust your intuition to guide you to be at the right place at the right time to deliver the most prominent medicinal message to others…  

The results will be multiplied, and your karmic rewards will enhance your evolutionary process. 

This wraps up the energy influence for the month of April. I hope this information resonates with your soul. If you would like to know more about your Soul Life Path, you can schedule a private reading through my website.    

Have a Blessed Month, Namaste’

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