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Using a Pendulum to Find a Place to Live

Using a Pendulum to Find a Place to Live

The pendulum is a simple, but amazing spiritual tool.  You can make one with a string and a small rock or get one that is carved crystal on a gold chain.  Experimenting with different materials may result in stronger reactions from the pendulum with your energy field, like using silver instead of gold on the chain, or a green stone instead of a black one.

This article will explain how to use a pendulum, and then how to use it to determine the best place to live.

Preparing to Use a Pendulum

As stated in the introduction, you can make your own pendulum from string and a stone in your yard or one you find on a walk.  However, there a plenty of places to buy pendulums online, with a wide variety of materials and designs.  They are not very expensive; and if you want to delve deeply into the use of the tool, you might start with one you like and then consider getting others based on colors and types of stones.

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You can use any pendulum generally, but specific issues work well with specific stones.  Malachite is excellent for money matters and rose quarts for matters of the heart.  There is a good chance that if your concern falls into a certain category, certain stones will react strongly to the type of question.  Also, you should test to see if a stone reacts strongly to you.

Testing and Calibrating your Pendulum

If you can go to a shop and test the pendulum, or you can afford to buy multiple ones to test, then you will discover that some stones react strongly to you while others do not.  Before you ask anything of the pendulum, you want to make sure you hold it properly.  I recommend resting your elbow on a surface and using your non-dominant hand to hold the pendulum by its string or chain.  Place your dominant hand under your forearm to keep your arm steady so you do not influence the movement of the pendulum.

All you need to do for your first test is to make a yes or no statement, which you know is either yes or no.   After you make the statement, wait for the pendulum to react.  It will either spin clockwise or counterclockwise or move in a back and forth or side to side.  All you want to observe is the strength of the movement.  Test the pendulums until you find the one with the strongest reaction, keeping in mind that you may get a different movement with each new pendulum.

It does not matter which direction the pendulum moves to reflect the truth or falseness of the statement, only that the movement is strong.  Once you know which pendulum gives you the strongest reaction, then you want to calibrate it by making a series of true statements and false statements.  You also need to ask the pendulum to show you “maybe”, which is different than neutral, which is no action.

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Lastly, it is important to cleanse your pendulum energetically before you start using it in earnest.  You can get a sage spray, place it in a glass filled with salt, or bury it in soil (a plant pot).  If you use the salt or soil process, letting a new pendulum rest in the salt and soil for 24 hours is ideal.  Sage sprays work much more quickly and are available online.

Figuring Out Were to Live

Figuring out where to live depends on your mobility.  Are you wealthy enough or do you have a skill that would allow you to live anywhere in the world?  Are you limited to the country you live in, for financial or personal reasons?  Are you trying to decide which side of the room you should get at college?

When considering a place to live that would require you to move, especially from one state to another or out of the country, the best process involves using a physical map.  If you do not know where you want to live, but you want to consider the entire world, start by holding the pendulum over a continent and asking, “should I live in this region?”.  Keep in mind that you may get “yes” for more than one location.  If you do, you can refine your search by adding, “should I live in this region at this time in my life?”  Likely you will narrow the choice to a single place.

To find the best spot in a region simply work your way down from the region to a specific country or territory.  If you are in the United States and Europe is the immediate region, go country by country.  Once you have the country, go region by region.  You can work your way down to a specific town.  The nice quality of a pendulum is that it is easy to take with you and use anywhere.  If you go to the town and start looking at property, you can go into a place, pull out your pendulum and simply ask, “here?”

Without a Map

If you do not have a map, you can work online or using a book with photos and information about a place.  While it is possible to simply think of a place and ask, having a visual cue to refer to and see can enhance the strength of the information.  Looking online at photos of a locale or local government information about neighborhoods will strengthen the connection between a place and the pendulum so you can get an accurate read about the place.

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Local Moves

If you cannot move far and need to look at places near where you currently live, then you can go to any location and pull out your pendulum and ask about a place.

Staying Put

And always, remember to ask, “should I stay where I am?”, which may become apparent if you get only “no” answers for each place you try.   It is always possible that this answer will be “yes”, indicating that a move is not what you need to make at this time in your life.

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