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Small Ways You Can Encourage Yourself Each Morning To Tackle On A Busy Day

Small Ways You Can Encourage Yourself Each Morning

You are facing many projects at work to tackle, and you have tight deadlines. Also, you must take your son to soccer and your daughter to a dance recital after work. The dog is also not eating well, so now you have to fit a time to take him to the vet while you have so much to face. The chaos and busyness are sapping the motivation out of you. The good news is there are ways you can remain calm and encourage yourself amid chaos and stress while you tackle everything on your plate. As the Day Of Encouragement, happening on September 12th, is approaching, let’s review some methods to do each morning before getting on with your day that can help encourage you to tackle a stressful day.

The Important Thing To Always Remember To Prioritize Yourself

The one thing that so many women, especially mothers, do is put everyone else’s needs before their own, and that is because that is a learned concept from society that is damaging. Each time you do that, you will keep pouring out of an empty cup because you do not refill it as you keep tending to everyone else’s needs. When that happens, you risk burnout, and signs of burnout are having feelings of resentment when it comes to taking care of others since you never get time to have others take care of you, apathy, headaches, fatigue, depression, and digestive issues, to name a few.


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When you are burned out, you will feel terrible and be short with everyone, and you will not be able to provide what they need because you are not getting what you need. Therefore, before getting into the tips to utilize to encourage yourself each morning before tackling a difficult day, it was essential to bring out that message. Let’s get into it now!

Set The Intention Each Day To Be Kind To Yourself

When planning your day, don’t bully yourself into tackling each thing. Talk to yourself as you plan your day as if you are talking to someone you love. It is easy to bully yourself because you are your worst critic, as everyone is. Set a reminder to yourself to be easier on yourself each morning. And if you cannot fulfill a task for that day because you have too much to do, do not berate yourself. Remember, it is just as important to schedule downtime as it is to schedule the time you need to take your child to an extracurricular activity, for example.


Meditate Each Morning

Before you begin your day, set an intention to meditate for five to ten minutes, as you will clear your mind and start your day with clarity and a vision for how you want your day to go. Do not allow anyone to distract you when you take that time for yourself to meditate. You will want to go into a comfortable room to meditate effectively. This time is for you, not for anyone else.

Take A Bath In The Morning

If you want to schedule a time to take a bath before you start your day, that is something you can do. You can soak in the tub for ten to 20 minutes in the morning. You can add essential oils, flower petals, bath bombs, Epsom salt, and so on to provide a relaxing environment. As you soak in the tub, think about your accomplishments and think kind things about yourself. This relaxation will give you the love and encouragement to start the day effectively. If you add bath time to your morning routine consistently, you will feel much better and calmer, even during times of chaos.

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Do Some Stretches

You will tense up when you wake up and anticipate a stressful day. And when you are physically tense, you will add to the stress that the day brings on, making you feel physically, mentally, and emotionally worse. Therefore, you will want to stretch each morning to release muscle tension. And you will want to do some stretching during the day while you are at work or while you are running errands. However, the time to do that is before returning to your car and doing some stretches in the parking lot. You can stretch your desk by dropping your shoulders and taking some breaths if you are at work.


Recite Affirmations

This tactic should be utilized during activities to encourage yourself each morning to tackle busy days. You want to recite encouraging and believable affirmations, such as “I can take on the day like a pro,” for example. The more you do those affirmations, the more you will believe in yourself, and the more you can find yourself handling a lot more stress better than you did before. That means you will want to do those affirmations while taking a bath or doing meditation work, stretching, etc.

Plan Days To Order In Food

The reality is you cannot cook every day, and if you have a hectic day and the idea of cooking adds to the stress, consider ordering food. It is said that the best thing to do is to prepare dinners for each night on the weekend, but sometimes that is not doable if you have a hectic schedule with family. You may also work on the weekend. Therefore, tell yourself it is okay to not cook for a particular or many nights because taking time for yourself is more essential than standing in the kitchen for an hour preparing dinner. Meal kits are an idea for preparing food quickly, but even with meal kits, you need to prepare dishes. That is why it is perfectly okay to order food, even unhealthy!

Take A Walk

Walking before you begin your day is one of the best ways to relieve stress and find encouragement each morning. If the weather does not allow you to do that, whether it is raining or snowing heavily, or if it is too cold if you live in a climate where you have cold winters, you can invest in a treadmill if you do not have one, and you can walk on there. But if the weather is suitable for a walk, even if it is cold, you can bundle up. You can go for a 20-minute walk to clear your mind and become refreshed, with a winning attitude of believing in yourself for tackling the day. Remember to recite your affirmations too.


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Don’t Forget To Journal

Another way to encourage yourself each morning to tackle each day is to set time for yourself to journal. You can say what you need to say, and you do not need to censor anything. As important as it is to recite affirmations, you also need something to release pent-up stress; journaling is an excellent way. Say what you need to say in your journal, as you can remember that no one will see what you say except for you! And then you will feel more refreshed after. If you also want to feel as if you are talking to someone each morning to talk about what is troubling you, you can download an AI friend app. Either way, whether you journal or do that, you will feel as if you can purge the feelings that bother you, which will help you immensely for the day.



When you live a chaotic life involving never-ending work projects, family responsibilities, and other responsibilities such as aging parents or finances, it is easy to get lost in the sea of never-ending stress, which will lead to burnout. That is why it is essential to do a self-care ritual each morning and to wind down each evening before bed. On the Day Of Encouragement happening on September 12th, you will want to take the day and determine how you can encourage yourself so you are confident to tackle stress. And you will want to follow through on doing that daily. You have read some helpful tips to do that, but on that day, you will also want to think about other ways to encourage yourself daily.


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