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What Is Your Favorite Mocktail Based on Your Zodiac Sign

What Is Your Favorite Mocktail Based on Your Zodiac Sign?

As the weather is becoming colder and winter is on the horizon, summer becomes a distant memory. That means you will be spending a lot of time at home to warm up and get cozy as you watch your favorite fall movies and TV shows. Of course, you will want to add a snack and a few non-alcoholic beverages, or mocktails as well that are quite delicious.

Or maybe you will forgo the snack some evenings and stick to the mocktail to enjoy. What type of mocktail would be the best one for you to try? That depends on your zodiac sign. Let’s go over them right now so you have something delicious to drink on these cold fall nights as you unwind after a long and busy day.

Aries – Hot Cinnamon Cranberry Punch

Aries is the first fiery sign of the zodiac that is highly passionate, and it is not a surprise that they love their food and drink that contains plenty of hints of spices. They love it downright spicy. Since fiery Mars is the ruler, is that a surprise? This potent beverage contains orange juice, cranberry juice, cinnamon sticks, cloves, water, and lemonade.

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Aries would be the type to add as many cloves and cinnamon sticks as they choose because firstly, they only do what they want. And secondly, the hotter the drink is, the better.

Taurus – Traditional Hot Chocolate with Whipped Cream And Caramel Drizzle

Taurus is all about stability, security, and predictability. That means they love their homes and love what is familiar to them, but it also has to be luxurious by nature since beautiful Venus rules the sign. Nothing will make a Taurus happier if they can relax at home on a cold fall night if they sip their traditional hot chocolate topped with whipped cream and caramel drizzle.

This traditional cold-weather beverage is not just familiar to Taurus but is very loved. Topping it with caramel drizzle and whipped cream makes that traditional drink even more luxurious.

Gemini – Pumpkin Pie Smoothie

Gemini loves any type of variety. And unlike Taurus, they need more excitement than something that is traditional. That is why the fall beverage the Gemini would go for is the pumpkin pie smoothie. The drink contains a hint of sweetness and spicy that the Gemini loves.

It is easy to make, as well. Take one banana and one half of a vanilla Greek yogurt cup and put it into the blender. Then add one half of a cup of milk, one cup of ice, and two-thirds of a pumpkin puree cup. Add one-quarter of a teaspoon of cinnamon, one-quarter of a teaspoon of pumpkin spice, and two tablespoons of pure maple syrup. Then blend it, and you have your pumpkin pie smoothie—a perfect drink for Gemini.

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Cancer – Thanksgiving Punch

Cancer is all about nurturing, and the home and the fall beverage that is perfect for those with this zodiac sign is the Thanksgiving punch. This drink contains the sweetness associated with the home and is the type of drink that is perfect for serving the family.

This beverage is very easy to make as well, which is also appealing to Cancer. All they need to do is take a cup of non-spiced apple cider, two teaspoons of caramel syrup, and one-quarter of a teaspoon of pumpkin pie spice. They can also add apple slices and a cinnamon stick if they like. And they can serve more of these easy-to-make drinks for their family members.

Leo – Pumpkin Spice Hot Chocolate

Leo is the sign that rules royalty, and they gravitate towards anything warm, given that the Sun is the ruler of the sign. Like Aries, they enjoy some spice, but that is not the most important thing. They want their beverages warm and sweet. That is why the pumpkin spice hot chocolate is the perfect fall drink for them.

They can combine three-quarters of a cup of milk, one half of a cup of double cream, and two oz of chocolate, as well as two tablespoons of cocoa powder to add to a blender. Then add one cup of pumpkin puree and a half of a teaspoon of vanilla extract and blend it.

Then put it on the stove to heat until it begins to simmer. Then, add one half of a teaspoon of ground cinnamon, one-quarter of a teaspoon of ground ginger, one-eighth of a teaspoon of ground nutmeg, and the same for ground cloves. Stir it well and enjoy. That will keep the heart of a Leo warm.

Virgo – Apple Harvest Punch

Virgo is an earth sign that enjoys simplicity and anything else that reminds them of their element. That is why the apple harvest punch is a good fall drink for those who have this sign. That is another easy mocktail to make. All they need is one 32-oz bottle of apple juice. One frozen can think of berry juice, one liter of soda water, as well as one cup of orange juice that is pulp-free. Blend it, and voila, the autumn beverage is ready to drink and ready to serve.

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Adding apple slices as a garnish can be done as well if the Virgo chooses to do so.

Libra – Ginger Apple Spritzer

Libra is all about beauty and balance. Therefore, the perfect type of fall drink would be tasty and, at the same time, not spicy or too fatty. Libra wants to have a calm and pleasant experience for whatever they do. That is why the drink of their choice is the ginger apple spritzer.

It is tasty, and it is light and so easy to make. All that there is to do is to add in equal parts of ginger ale, fresh apple cider, sparkling water, and pieces of a chopped apple into a pitcher to mix. Now they have their delicious and light fall mocktail.

Scorpio – Autumn Spiced Punch

Scorpio is all about intensity, and like Aries, they are highly passionate. That means whatever fall mocktail they would want the most would have to be spicy. That is why Scorpio would love the autumn spiced punch or mocktail, and this drink brings out the intensity that resonates with them the most.

This punch is relatively easy to make as well, and they can either share it with three other family members or enjoy the punch four times on their own. They will need to take out four cups of cranberry juice and one cup of orange juice and add it to a saucepan.

They will then need an empty tea bag or a cheesecloth and add a teaspoon of whole cloves, a pinch of ginger, and a cinnamon stick to add to the pan. An apple needs to be sliced and added to the pan as well. It takes an hour to simmer, and after that, the punch is ready to go.

Sagittarius – Candy Corn Punch

Sagittarius is all about being adventurous and having fun. Therefore, the type of fall mocktail they would love to drink would have to be festive and fun. It is too early for Christmas, but the Sagittarius’s chosen mocktail is perfect for either the Halloween or Thanksgiving season. The candy corn punch is what the Sagittarius will go crazy over.

This mocktail is so easy to make. All you need is one-third of a cup of pineapple pieces, as well as one-third of a cup of orange soda or orange juice. Then top the drink with whipped cream and put a few pieces of candy corn on top.

Capricorn – Gingered Hot Cider

Capricorn is all about working hard while keeping things simple, and they have a sophisticated touch. What is the best fall drink for a Capricorn to enjoy after having a long day of work? The hot ginger cider is what Capricorn would like. The taste has a sophisticated spice to it, and it is simple yet quite enjoyable.

Even though Capricorns are known for putting in an effort and working hard, they would like to make themselves an easy drink that they will enjoy. And the gingered hot cider is very easy to make. All they have to do is simmer up a potful of unsweetened apple cider or apple juice on the stove.

However, don’t bring it to a boil. You will want to remove the pot from the heat. Then add a ginger tea bag into the pot and keep it covered for 10 minutes. Then there is a fall drink to enjoy after a long day of work.

Aquarius – Turmeric Switchel

Aquarius is all about expressing their uniqueness and marching to their drummer. Therefore, they would like to kick back and enjoy a unique fall mocktail. That is why the turmeric switchel is perfect for Aquarius. This drink has a tangy and lively flavor, and the bonus is it contains spices that contain healing properties.

To make this mocktail, you need one cup of water, as well as one tablespoon of honey. Also, add one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to it and mix it up. Then add one teaspoon of fresh turmeric, one teaspoon of grated ginger, and a small pinch of black pepper into it. Mix it well, and then put some ice into it. Aquarius, you have a healthy, tasty, and unique autumn drink to enjoy!

Pisces – Blackberry and Sage Spritzer

Pisces is the zodiac’s dreamer, and this is the one sign that will miss those warm summer days. Their perfect fall drink is a sweet one and will bring them back the memories of summer. That is why Pisces will love the blackberry and sage spritzer. Pisces will also want to serve drinks to their friends and family because they are so giving as it is. This mocktail is easy to make.

The first thing they need is to have one pound of fresh blackberries and three whole sage leaves and leave them on the counter. Then they will need to fill up a saucepan with one half of a cup of water and one half of a cup of honey to bring to a simmer. Once the simmer happens, then turn the stove off and then add the blackberries and sage leaves to melts within the mixture. Stir it around until it blends well. Then pour the mixture into a sieve and put a bowl under it to contain the mixture’s syrup.

Then take a cup, put in two tablespoons of the syrup into it, and add soda water and ice to the cup. You have your spritzer and enjoy it.

Now you have your choices of fall mocktails, and chances are you will love one of the options – even if it is the mocktail that is suitable from a different zodiac sign. However, the mocktail of your choice would be influenced by your rising sign or moon sign as well. Either way, whatever drink you choose to enjoy this autumn, enjoy it and stay comfortable.

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