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What Type of Energy You Have Based on Your Zodiac Sign

What Type of Energy You Have Based on Your Zodiac Sign?

You know about your zodiac sign, and you also know about your Moon and rising signs, as well as other factors in your chart. You may also know about your element, meaning that if you have many influences of Aries and Leo, you have a lot of fire in your horoscope which means you are more or less the passionate type. On the other hand, if you don’t have many Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn influences, then you have very little earth in your chart. That means you tend not to ground yourself very well in stressful situations. However, what about the energy type related to your zodiac sign?

There are four energy types. The type 1 energy type is lighthearted, extraverted, buoyant, flexible, and optimistic. Type 2 energy is easy-going, fluid, shy, sensitive, caring, and emotional. Type 3 energy is active, determined, swift, and reactive. Finally, type 4 energy is reflective, straightforward, introverted, and critical. Now let’s take a look at the zodiac signs and see their matching energy types.

Aries – Type 1 And 3

Aries, you are fiery, and you know that. You are active, competitive, and at the same time, fun. Therefore, the energy types that match your sign are types 1 and 3. You have an optimistic and cheerful side to you, and you are highly extroverted. That is fitting with type 1. However, you have more traits that surround competitiveness and energy, which is why you may have more influences from the type 3 energy type. That is the reason that you have the level of determination that you do. Therefore, since you have both types 1 and 3 as your energy type, most make you fiery.

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Taurus – Type 4 With A Small Amount of Type 3

Taurus, you are stable, and you need to stick to a routine. However, since your sign is an earth sign, you would be more pragmatic, and you are also not overly flexible. Therefore, your dominant energy type is type 4, which is why you are seen as relatively straightforward. You also respect authority, which is also a trait of Type 4 energy. However, at the same time, you have some influence of Type 3 energy because you are driven and determined and a hard worker. The other aspects of Type 3 energy are not relevant to you, however.

Gemini – Type 1

Gemini, you are versatile, and you love to socialize and try new things, and you love to learn new things. You are extremely curious, and your enthusiasm for social contact and learning is why your energy matches Type 1. In addition, type 1 is extraverted and light-hearted, which you can be. Your spontaneity and flexible nature are also why you match this type even though you tend to be moody. That also explains your flexible nature as your decisions and moods change often.

Cancer – Type 2 With A Small Amount of Type 3

Cancer, you are sensitive and caring. Therefore, you will want to protect those who you care about, as well as those who you see, are vulnerable. You are highly emotional as to why your matching energy type is Type 2, as that is the most sensitive form of energy. However, you also have a fierce side to you, which is why you are highly protective. You can also be vengeful if you did what you could to help someone, and they never thanked you for it – or purposely hurt you. Therefore, you do have a small amount of influence from the Type 3 energy for that reason.

Leo – Type 1 And Type 3

Leo, it is not a surprise since you have plenty of similarities to Aries. You love being in the spotlight, but you are also warm-hearted. Therefore, you are primarily made up of Type 1 energy. You are full of enthusiasm and warmth, and you look at things with the glass half-full. That right there matches you with Type 1 energy. However, you have some influences of the Type 3 energy because you can become competitive and determined to win if you feel threatened in any way. That makes you different from Aries, as they match more with the type 3 energy than you – but it still has a heavy influence over you.

Virgo – Type 4

Virgo, you are highly analytical and pragmatic. You care about matters revolving around health and service. However, you also can be pretty critical of yourself and others as you have a perfectionist way of thinking, and that is your perspective. Therefore, you match the Type 4 energy entirely. The Type 4 energy is reflective, introspective, and highly pragmatic, and can be highly critical. You also respect authority, and you also appreciate those who you feel are worthy of your respect.

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Libra – Type 1 And Type 2

Libra, you are sociable, gentle, and you are also balanced. Relationships are important to you, but you also want peace. That means you consist of two energy types which are 1 and 2. Because you have the Type 1 energy that makes you outgoing, and you like to keep a positive spin on things. Yet, at the same time, you are also easy-going, caring, and fluid which is why you have just as much Type 2 energy as Type 1. You are the one who someone can talk to all night, and they know that you are listening to them because you do care.

Scorpio – Type 3 And Type 4

Scorpio, you are intense, and you are also very secretive. You may be a water sign, but you don’t show the same type of sensitivity characterized in Type 2 energy. Therefore, you are a mix of Type 3 and Type 4. You have a passionate and driven nature which you do keep to yourself. If you want something, you will do whatever it takes to go after it. However, because you consist of many Type 4 energies, you are highly analytical and pragmatic about how you go after it. The quiet nature associated with Type 4 is also why you are secretive, and when you add the Type 3 and 4 energies together, that is also how you can unravel mysterious things. Your determination to undercover mysteries by using logic and intuition is what defines your sign.

Sagittarius – Type 1 And Small Elements of Type 3

Sagittarius, you are known to be gregarious and optimistic. You are fun-loving, and you are up for going on a great adventure. That is why you mostly match the Type 1 energy. You always look at the glass half-full, and you do always see the silver lining in even the bleakest situations. You have such an intense enthusiasm for what life can offer. However, you do have a smaller amount of Type 3 energy behind your passionate nature for learning new things and gaining new experiences. You need to be highly influenced to be driven towards something specific, however.

Capricorn – Type 3 And Type 4

Capricorn, you are very business-oriented and goal-driven. You take matters seriously, and that is why you consist of both Type 3 and Type 4 energy. And you are pragmatic, thorough, and you do not want to rush anything because every step to achieving your goals is essential to you. You want to ensure that you get each step right, and that is where your Type 4 energy comes in. Your driven nature is why you have an equal amount of Type 3 energy associated with your sign. When you add both of those energies together, you are the type that ensures that you find success in every goal you set.

Aquarius – Type 1 And Small Amounts of Type 2 And 4

Aquarius, you are a free spirit, and even though you are distant, you are a great humanitarian, and you are friendly, and you are also an excellent problem-solver which is why you are progressive. You are unique, and you embrace that. Your friendly nature and positive feelings of being one of a kind are why you have Type 1 energy which is predominantly associated with your sign.

However, you have a small amount of Type 2 energy because you are sensitive, and even though you are friendly, you keep to yourself. Finally, you have a small amount of Type 4 energy because you are an excellent problem-solver which requires logic. Thus, you have three different forms of energies associated with you, making you one of a kind!

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Pisces – Type 2

Pisces, you are highly sensitive, intuitive, and dreamy, and it is not at all a surprise that you are strictly associated with Type 2 energy. Even though you are not known to be calm if you are in a stressful situation, you know how to relax when you are in a calming environment. You are also the type to take advantage of calming techniques such as meditation and yoga to stay as balanced as you can within. In addition to that, you are very caring, and you will make sacrifices to help someone out. That is your Piscean nature. 

If you haven’t known about the four energy types before, that is another thing that is fascinating that consists of your energetic makeup. You can also see how the elements of the signs have the energy type in common with the others, for the most part. For example, both fire and air signs consist of Type 1 energy which is not a surprise since they are the outgoing and extraverted types. But, on the other hand, the fire signs all have Type 3 energy, representing passion.

Then you have the earth signs that all consist of the Type 4 energy, representing logic, structure, and straightforwardness. Then there are the water signs, and two out of three consist of Type 2 energy except for Scorpio. Since everyone has different influences from their horoscopes, everyone consists of all of the four energies – however, one is dominant. It may not be the one that is associated with the sun sign!

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