July 15, 2024
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Wolf Totem

The Wolf Totem in the Native American Zodiac

The world is a complex place with complex ideas. Each designed specifically for a specific job. A field emerged hundreds of years ago regarding the Native American zodiac. This was one of the attempts to characterize the vast number of the human population into small and dedicated groups. As we can study the things on a smaller level in which things are broken down into small portions. The wolf totem is one of the many totems created by the Native Americans in their pursuit to characterize humans. This led to the idea of showing us that those people having a love for freedom, sharp intelligence, and strong instincts belong to the wolf totem. It corresponds to people born between February 19th and March 20th.

This gives us an insight into what is the wolf spirit animal and what does it signify.

Wolf Spirit and Instincts

Instinct is the thing which separates a living rabbit from a dead one. It is such an important ordeal in everyday life that without it, millions of dollars of deals would not have been made. Heck, many of the scientific discoveries might not have existed. Such is the importance of instinct in life.

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The wolf totem in the native American zodiac holds the position for being recognized by the trait of their instincts. The native has said that if a wolf appears in one’s dream, then it is basically pointing to a spirit guide which is here to give you wisdom regarding a certain situation in life. It could also point to understanding and perceiving the world around us.

A free soul

The wolf spirit animal is a very important creature as it signifies freedom in one’s life. It teaches us the fact that life can be very demeaning if one is held back from doing anything. Freedom can be in different ways possible. But it is up to us how we perceive it. The people with wolf totem do not appreciate the fact that they are held back from the things they love to do. That is what separates them from the rest of the zodiac signs. It is a reminder to keep your spirit alive and running about.

Wolf Zodiac Compatibility

Without love, things can become very troublesome as they might not possess the same feeling as it does when a person experiences it when he is one whole. Such is the beauty of love, as it completes a certain person. Native American zodiac tells us that a pair formed by the wolf and the snow goose, woodpecker, Bear, snake, and Beaver works best with the wolf totem.

The wolf and Work

The wolf totem gives a clear message to all of us that it possesses a caring and such nature that is bent on helping others. But it also stays sharp of what is happening around them as they do not want to be used by the people. They love to work and help other people; this may become a very suitable career for the wolf to follow.

Now by helping people, this means in any way possible. Such is the behavior of the wolf totem. Another trait in the personality of this totem is that it does not want the spotlight. What it wants is to stay in the background like a true artist and let the viewers be the eyes and tongue of the artist when he shows off his workpieces.

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Over Sensitivity

The most important thing about totems is that it gives them a chance to realize the condition in which they are in at the moment. If the wolf totem appears in a way in which they may feel predatory. Or an aura of fear is dripping from its body.

This could be a clear message that we should consider as to who we are dealing with at the moment. The wolf, with its caring trait, is warning us to be aware of the danger that we do not foresee. As it turns out to be our spiritual guide with nobody yet full of wisdom.

Water and the Wolf

Water is a complex matter. It has the softness of touch yet it can become hard in the blink of an eye. Its temporary flow can be refreshing and helpful, but when it flows continuously, it may become destructive and break boulders in half.

Just like a wolf, it is soft and caring but when it comes out in rage, can critically cause some very serious problems. As the softer, you are the harder you are to break, but once you do it may turn out to be a very nasty experience as the wolf spirit animal does not forgive if its family is threatened. The other thing that may offend a person with wolf totem is when they are used by other people.

The pack is everything

Thought things might work out just fine when completed alone. The wolf totem teaches us the fact that we are not living in a world any longer in which just the work of a single individual would pay off. Everything needs a team to make it successful.

Such is the beauty of life, when things are done in a group it turns out to be a very able solution. The example of hunting by wolves is a perfect example. Where the movement and the actions are calculated and predicted beforehand. But this does not mean that a wolf cannot survive alone.

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Wolf totem gives a brief message of freedom, independence, and connection with the intuition. It teaches us that one thing can have two faces as the wolf can take up the face of a predator at the same time it may be a loving creature shedding love from its mouth. All the things depending on the fact of protection of the family.

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