July 13, 2024
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Women of the Water Element

Meet the Women of the Water Element!

People whose zodiac signs lie under the Water element are strong yet warm individuals. They tend to shape themselves in any way they want and have positive goals for life. The Water element is known for its intense and deep emotional abilities. People born under the water element are compassionate with effective communication skills. Water element governs women of the three zodiac signs, which include Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces.

The Water Element

The dichotomy of intense feelings and the potential to have a stable relationship build on trust and loyalty is what the water element offers. Their personality is shaped too often on honesty and integrity. These women are dedicated to their cause, and their commitment almost lasts forever. The flow of water also describes the flow of emotions and feelings from the Water element very precisely.

It is observed how water can have a sensual and warm relationship with people, and they are emotionally sound. Which is why they can be empathetic and receptive towards any emotional stimulus. Women born under the water element tend to be moody at times and self-indulgent. Let us take a look at the signs corresponding to the water element.

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Cancer Women

Cancer woman is the angel of all the zodiac signs. They are nurturers and will always look out for you whether as a friend, a colleague, or a mother. They are down to earth and will always trust you no matter what. They are intuitive people and sensitive too. Their personality is dependent on their feelings and will often be serious to any negative remarks which could hurt them. They are also spiritual and like to open up about their feelings.

Cancer women are into mysteries and like to know the working of things and wonder a lot. A Cancer woman is a top candidate for any teamwork. She would genuinely care for everyone in their team, which makes them better at leading teams and companies, for instance. They are always determined and will stay up late to complete the work and meet the deadline.

Cancer does not depend on others, but they do give a helping hand and aid others in their work which is why when given a chance to lead in corporate environments they manage to do creative work.

Scorpio Women

Scorpio women are the most intensifying and emotionally charged women of all the zodiac signs. They are overly sensitive, yet having the potential almost to achieve anything in their way. A Scorpio woman might not express her feelings clearly, but she sure has lots of emotions welled up inside her. She opens up to a very few people and therefore only some can gain her trust.

Scorpio women have a possessive personality and would like to direct your life according to their wishes. When it comes to work, they are extremely goal-centered and would not compromise anything over it. Scorpio women are the typical bosses who lead people in corporate environments.

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The best place for Scorpio to excel at is sales industry where they can easily sell any product with their excellent communication skills and thorough knowledge of the product. This is because they know how to read people and when it comes to customers, a Scorpio woman knows what she wants.

Pisces Women

Pisces are more mystical than spiritual; they have this deep sense of understanding of everything. This Water element sign knows the perks of being wise. Pisces women are often considered as people who live in an alternate world, which is why they can produce unique out of the box ideas and propositions. They are dreamers and often have great imagination skills as well. Pisces women like to be appreciated for their intellect and how they operate subconsciously.

Pisces are sentimental and can easily get emotional over stuff; they are soft-hearted individuals who are willing to give it all for anyone they love. Pisces women can work best as healers, they have a nurturing capability like Cancers as well, but they do well in making things right.

Pisces women are a bit old school, but they do not mind being a little traditional in their modes of operation. Pisces women might not be good at corporate environments; they would be better at standalone jobs, like freelancing, because their work can be mood dependent.

Finding common traits

From the above discussion, it has been made clear how each of the three signs have one single commonality, and that is emotions. They are sensitive and emotionally charged, which is not a terrible thing but rather tells many things about their personality. Since all the three signs do not take any false of fictitious stamens and would always expect the truth no matter what. When betrayed, they will forget you and never mention your name.

The Differences

In workplace environments, the difference occurs in being more selfish and selfless. Cancer, since they are nurturers, tries to lead the team and cares about them individually. This makes them loved by all and a better leader. Pisces would rather work in a non-corporate environment, but they too are good at helping others and tend to work selflessly, which makes two of the Water element qualities showing dominance. Scorpio, on the other hand, are possessive by nature and will tend to act selfishly sometimes. It means they are extremely goal focused and will not think about anything else. They are bossier then helpers and would not mind about their subordinates. They would expect 100% from everyone.

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The similarities and differences between the three signs show the emotional side of the Water element, which no matter what we need to have in our life. Because Water element can nurture our lives and provide us friends with and relationships that could help us grow and achieve more in life.

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