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Woodpecker Totem

The Woodpecker Totem in the Native American Zodiac

Those people that have the woodpecker totem as their Native American zodiac possess the power of rhythm deep within their blood. They connected with everything in the world that joins with the core of the earth and possesses a deep understanding of the flow of nature around them. They have a lot of presence, and they know how to grab the attention of another person with just a few simple words. Therefore, they understand the power of the words and use them sparingly or carefully. They are very precise and know what needs the most attention.

In the Native American Zodiac, the woodpecker totem corresponds to people born between June 21st and July 21st.

Dream Interpretation

If a woodpecker shows up in your dream, it means the bird is directing you to pay attention to what matters in life. There might be something that you missed, and the woodpecker wants you to pay attention to it now. Sometimes, the woodpecker spirit animal may also be a foretelling signal of an extremely busy period of your life. That period may be on the verge of beginning.

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Meaning of the Woodpecker Totem

The true meaning of the woodpecker spirit animal also stresses the significance of effective communication and opportunity in our life. However, it is important to note that the meaning of this totem may also point towards the fact that it is time to use our communication skills effectively and extract the best possible advantages from it. The woodpecker totem also has the meaning linked to ambition and determination.

Attributes of the woodpecker totem

The woodpecker spirit animal is the real attention seeker, and if you ever get the chance to encounter such an individual, you shall realize that they can grab one’s attention almost immediately. Some may even find them charming! Such individuals are keen and clever as they know how to make effective communication and reach their favorable results. Woodpecker totem means that these individuals are highly optimistic and they work hard to ensure that their life and the life of the ones they love are exactly in order and comfortable!

Symbolic themes of the Woodpecker spirit animal

The symbolic meaning of the woodpecker totem points out that such people need a creative vision for their sake and the sake of all those they are responsible for. This works particularly well in a more corporate environment.

Furthermore, the woodpecker totem points us to always return to where we started. It highlights the significance of following our roots and trust our instincts more than the others. The woodpecker also has a connection with the protection and keeps safe what is important to them in a longer run.

Knocks against out subconscious

Even though the people with the woodpecker totem are adept at effective communication, the symbolism in this spirit animal also suggests that we should be really careful with our worlds. It suggests that the fewer the words used, the more profound effect they have on the others in front of us. The brief and concise messages have the best effect on others as such messages make the most sense.

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The sound that the woodpecker makes is also significant in terms of interpretation in Native American Zodiac. Drumming and a rhythmic harmony or sound has always profound importance in important events throughout history.

In earliest times, they were linked with battles due to the rhythmic sound. Therefore, many people associate them with battle, victory, and war. On a more spiritual level, some tribes have considered the woodpecker spirit animal as a messenger from another realm as the sound resonates deep within their spirit.

Mythological contexts

Woodpeckers are often linked to mars, especially in Roman mythology. This also suggests that the woodpecker totem may also be linked to the sign Aries. All these factors point out to the possibility that the woodpecker totem is the crux of ambitious energy and initiative. Together, Aries and the woodpecker totem have a lot in common. They are often leaders. They are never behind in initiating communication. Some people also associate them to the starters of the day at dawn!

Similarities between the woodpecker totem and Aries

The symbolic meaning of the woodpecker also suggests that they are highly determined. They keep on beating against the bark of the trunk ahead of them until they can see the other side of the obstacle very clearly. Aries is known to be equally determined in its pursuits. They are often famous for breaking through astonishing odds to obtain their final goals for the greater good.

In terms of determination and the drive to obtain their desires, we highlight the woodpecker’s love for the oak tree. Oaktree is known for its stability, and that is the woodpecker’s favorite type of wood to breakthrough.

Guidance from the Woodpecker totem

Sometimes it is wise to heed the guidance and instructions that come out the way from the woodpecker totem. The woodpecker spirit animal guides the person to keep his roots in mind and never forget them. In the Native American zodiac, the woodpecker is also a symbol for protection against all kinds of threats. Not only does the woodpecker represent the crux for communication, but it also points to developing a more determined mindset while opting to find creative ways to go by in our life’s tasks.

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The woodpecker totem represents the ideals where the individual as a uniquely effective persona that makes heads turn. It stresses the importance of intellect, especially when it comes to interacting with others around us and communicating our ideas with them. This also helps an individual to overcome several barriers in life that may hold him back otherwise. A careful and clever person is always able to achieve more in life.

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