July 24, 2024
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Worst Foods for your Zodiac Sign

Discover the Worst Foods for your Zodiac Sign

Much in the same way that each zodiac sign has strengths and weaknesses, they also have certain food preferences. Knowing the foods you should eat is one thing, but knowing which ones to avoid is arguably even more important. Some zodiac signs are more sensitive than others to certain food types which is why you should know the worst foods for your zodiac sign.

That’s exactly what we’re going to cover in this article today. We’ll go through each zodiac sign one at a time, and briefly discuss the types of food that they should avoid. We’ll cover several examples for each sign just to give you a better idea.


It’s almost poetic that the worst food we covered at the start of this article with Pisces is also the worst food for Aries. I’m referring to fast food, in all its many shapes and forms. Aries is a go-getter who lives a busy lifestyle, and so fast food always seems like an efficient option.

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This food type is causing you to feel lethargic, sluggish, and mentally blocked. You would get more done if you ate a balanced, healthy meal instead.


With Taurus, the worst foods for your zodiac sign aren’t candy, fast food, or alcohol, but rather dairy products.

You can drink milk, eat cheese, and consume other dairy products, but just not in excess. Your pizza shouldn’t be oozing with cheese, your macaroni shouldn’t be swimming in it, and bowls of cereal don’t need to be full to the brim.


As a Gemini, your biggest weakness is takeout food. Your problem isn’t so much the food itself; you’ve never really enjoyed eating takeout food, but it’s the simplicity of it all. The hardest part of ordering takeout is deciding what to get.

The easiest thing you can do to counter this behavior is stock up on food. Find some meals you really enjoy, buy all the ingredients, and make the meals in advance so that all you must do is heat it up whenever you get hungry.

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With Cancer, the worst foods for your zodiac sign are sugary sweets and candy. It always has been, and it always will be. Anything that is an unnatural color, full of sugar, and can be found in excess at a child’s birthday party, is your kryptonite.

You live a healthy life, but candy is causing your mood to fluctuate, even if you don’t realize it. Consider reducing your intake or switching to a slightly healthier alternative.


With Leo, we find another example of a sign that has fewer problems with foods but more problems with drinks. Leos are naturally energetic creatures and while we are covering the worst foods for your zodiac signs, the worst thing for Leos is anything containing caffeine.

Caffeine is mostly found in coffee and energy drinks, but you can also find it in junk food. Giving yourself excessive energy just leads to frantic and erratic behavior which almost always ends with you crashing.


As we reach Virgo, their horoscope diet is advising them to stay away from the one food they indulge in the most: carbs. Virgos tend to plan, and carb-loading seems like an easy way to prepare for most things.

However, snacking on granola bars and eating high quantities of pasta is not going to do you any favors. It’s important that you find a better balance throughout the day by cutting down on carbs and adding in more protein and greens.

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As we explore the worst foods for your zodiac sign, we reach good news for all you Libras. You simply must cut back on forcing down food that you don’t enjoy.

Stop searching the internet for trends and stop following every piece of food advice your friends offer you. Instead, take some time to enjoy what you, as an individual enjoy eating.


The worst Scorpio foods are typically party foods: chips, cakes, popcorn, and pizza. However, once you look past the worst Scorpio foods, you find that the main problem is alcohol. As a social being, you’re always going to be in an environment where alcohol is available, but this doesn’t have to be a problem.

One simple trick you can use is drinking a glass of water after every alcoholic beverage. Not only will this limit your alcohol intake, but it will also leave you feeling more hydrated the next day.


A Sagittarius will always be drawn towards sweet treats. This wouldn’t typically be a problem, as you don’t indulge yourself too much with these sweet treats, but since you have the habit of skipping meals in favor of sugary snacks, here lies the problem.

Candy may be the worst food for you, but you don’t have to cut it out of your diet completely. Try balancing things out by eating main meals more regularly and consistently. Include as many natural foods as you can.


With Capricorn, we discover that it isn’t always about the type of food, but rather the quantity. As a Capricorn, you enjoy cooking and you’ll often choose to make your own food over going out or ordering in.

However, you tend to prepare feasts rather than meals. Everyone who eats at your home leaves feeling horrendously full. Try to reduce meal size and focus instead on small, yet delicious meals.


As an Aquarius, you’re level-headed when it comes to your food intake. You never stick to a diet 100% but you find that indulging a little bit every so often allows you to fight off any major cravings. So, what are the worst foods for your zodiac sign?

With Aquarius, it’s the hidden sugars that pose the biggest threat to you. Eating lots of fruit may seem like a healthy choice, but even natural sugars can be bad in excess. Similarly, all the refined carbs such as chips, white pasta, white rice, and white bread are your enemy.


When it comes to looking at your horoscope diet and the worst foods for your zodiac sign, Pisces stands out as the most obvious example. This is a star sign that relies heavily on emotional and spiritual guidance when making any major decision.

As such, when things don’t go according to plan, a Pisces will typically head in one direction: towards fast food. This unhealthy binge of fried food may satisfy you at the time, but you will feel the side effects afterward. Avoid fried food and if you need comfort food, lean towards a healthier option.

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