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What Is Your Subconscious Superpower Based on Your Zodiac Sign?

When you think of superpowers, you probably think about the superhuman powers you wish you had when you were a kid. Perhaps you wanted to fly like Superman or have a super skill such as telekinesis. However, what if you already have some superpowers?

Perhaps you cannot fly or move things around with your mind, but you may have some subconscious skills that you may not know about until someone tells you. Here is some news for you: you have subconscious superpowers, and if you are aware of them, you could do even more incredible things.

Your subconscious superpower, based on your zodiac sign

Are you ready to learn about your subconscious superpower based on your zodiac sign? Let’s find that out!

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Aries – Cleverness

Aries, you may think that your superpower is that you are the best initiator and brave because you will go into risky situations to solve some issues. However, your bravery is a significant part of who you are, but that is not your superpower.

Your subconscious superpower is that you are extremely clever. You are more clever than you think and know. That also plays a role in why you are so brave. Not only are you brave to enter situations that others would not, but you will use your problem-solving skills and creativity to solve any problems that arise. That takes cleverness which is what you have!

Taurus – Determination

Taurus, you know that you are a hard worker and tenacious. Therefore, the subconscious superpower that you have may not be a surprise to you. That is because you have a great amount of determination.

You will have the determination to complete any difficult task that lies ahead of you, and you will not worry about the level of difficulty it presents. You will complete the task and will not question it.

You will just do it. Others see you as stubborn, and even though you most definitely can be, that stubborn side serves you because that is what keeps you determined.

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Gemini – Caring and Empathetic

Gemini, you may be the type that is versatile and changes moods and your mind at the drop of a hat. On the other hand, you may also not be the type to show much emotion. However, you are social, and you love to hang out with others.

You may not know this, but you are more empathetic and compassionate than you think. In fact, that is your subconscious superpower. You know how to cheer someone up who is struggling, and you will do whatever you can to make them happy. So, even though you are not the emotional type, you certainly know how to put yourself in someone’s shoes quite well.

Cancer – Seeing the Glass Half-Full

Cancer, you are very maternal and emotional. However, you do have a subconscious superpower that may surprise you. You know how to be very positive, even during stressful times. You see the silver linings and the glass half-full.

You may break down emotionally many times. However, when you do calm down and settle your emotions, you see the light at the end of the tunnel. You also know how to help others who are struggling with their emotions and see the glass half-full. You may not think of yourself as overly positive. However, that is your subconscious superpower which means you are more positive than you know.

Leo – Vigorous

Leo, you love to be the center of attention, and you want to be in the spotlight. That is because you also want to be the best in the field that is important to you. However, you also know that earning that influential title in your field does not fall into your lap.

You have one thing in common with Taurus even though you and Taurus don’t get along, and that is the fact that you are highly determined. That is also the nature of being a fixed sign. Therefore, when you want something badly, you will go to great lengths to attain it. No one will get in your way, which means if you have to pull all-nighters to do it, you will! You will find the energy, one way or another.

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Virgo – Compassion

Virgo, you are analytical and organized, and you love cleanliness and want to be in the best health. You also are not the type to show your emotions, like Gemini. However, you do have one thing in common with Gemini, and that is your subconscious superpower.

You are highly compassionate even though you don’t show it, especially when you find yourself being overly critical. However, if someone is not doing their best because they are struggling – and it is quite obvious that they are, you will understand.

You will even find a way to help them through it. However, you do not have compassion for those who are not struggling but consciously make poor choices. You have no tolerance for that.

Libra – Being Humble

Libra, you are charming and social, and you only want one thing, which is peace. You are also very humble as you are true to others and yourself as you know how to keep your ego in check. If you accomplish something, you will mention it but remain humble as well.

Therefore, your subconscious superpower is humility. You also acknowledge that you are not really the best in everything you do, and you have no problem with admitting that. Your humility also adds to your charm which is why people really do like you!

Scorpio – Charisma

Scorpio, you are intense and secretive, but you are highly magnetic. Even though you keep to yourself and don’t let many people in your life, you are very charming. You are highly magnetic and charismatic. Is it your intense nature that makes you that way?

Perhaps, but you give off a charm, and you know how to attract others. You also know how to tell people what they need to hear, even if you don’t sugarcoat them. So instead of being angry or put off, they appreciate you giving them the dose of reality, and your charismatic ways help with that.

Sagittarius – Smarts

Sagittarius, you are also highly charismatic because you are naturally optimistic and happy-go-lucky. However, that is not what your secret superpower happens to be. You are very intelligent because you are highly educated.

Not necessarily by taking difficult courses at university, however, you do love to learn. Finally, you are very intelligent because you have lived through many life experiences, and you have so many pearls of wisdom that you can offer to those who don’t have much experience.

You have been on many adventures, and you don’t deal with fewer hardships than others. You just know how to handle them in the best possible way, which makes you even smarter.

Capricorn – Maturity

Capricorn, you are a very hard worker, and you are incredibly ambitious. You take everything seriously, but that also means you are quite naturally mature. For example, you will not throw a temper tantrum if something goes wrong or react to something you don’t like in an immature way.

You know that adversity is part of life, and you will not allow the negativity from any of it to distract you from your goals and ambitions. However, that does not mean you aren’t shouting profanities in your head, but you keep it there and handle problems that come your way with grace instead.

Aquarius – Resilience

Aquarius, you are the one that is known to march to their drummer, and you have an original way of thinking and doing things. You also have a solid humanitarian side. However, you have been through many challenging situations, and you have had to grow a lot of thick skin over time.

When you are in a difficult situation, you handle it with grace and strength because you are resilient. Others would crumble when disaster strikes them, but you know how to keep standing tall. You will not allow any tough hurdle to demotivate you, and you will keep going and rebuilding your life if you must.

Pisces – Psychic Ability and Intuition

Pisces, you are gentle, and you are the one that has an appreciation for arts, and you would also be there in a heartbeat to save someone. However, you are also known to drift away and daydream often. That is because of your subconscious superpower.

You are highly intuitive and psychic. When you are drifting off, you are visiting other realms and getting messages from there. That is why your intuition is so intense. When you deliver an intuitive message to someone, they need to listen to you because you are the one who is picking up information.

And why know your subconscious superpower, based on your zodiac sign?

What is your subconscious superpower? It may not be the one associated with your sun sign, but chances are, if that is the case, it is associated with your Moon or rising sign.

Your secret superpower may be associated as well with your house with the stellium in your natal chart. If you have strong intuition but don’t have your sun, Moon, or rising sign in Pisces, then if you have a potent Twelfth House, that is why.

Remember, too; you can always build any superpower that is listed regardless of your sign. That is if you feel it would serve you in some way, and if you do, best of luck with it!

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