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Zodiac Signs and Stress

Zodiac Signs and Stress

What makes you anxious, why is it different for others? You might be surprised to learn that it could actually relate to your star sign. Anyone can feel overwhelmed. Your individual anxiety triggers may or may not be limited to only you.

You’d be surprised by how much you might have in common with others of the same zodiac sign! While it may be a different reason for everybody, despite struggling against it, eventually one thing or another (varying from person to person) makes you crack.

Sends you into spasms of anxiety, biting your nails, or pulling your hair, depending on the level of stress you’re under. What pushes your buttons, according to your zodiac sign? Read on to discover the link between zodiac signs and stress.

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Zodiac Signs and Stress

Each sign has its own unique traits and characteristics, and by understanding what type of stress relief works best for your sign, you can more easily manage your stress levels.

For example, Aries may find that physical activity, such as running or yoga, helps them de-stress, while Pisces may prefer activities like meditation or listening to calming music.

Taking the time to recognize your own needs and actively work towards stress relief is a great way to keep your stress levels under control.


This one’s always on the go. The powerhouse and extremely fast-paced zodiac sign would hate putting up with slow walkers or lazy people when there are things to get done.

It can be incredibly infuriating for Aries to not immediately get results from others when they themselves are used to the ‘tough life’ and instantly checking stuff off their lists. No one delivers as fast as Aries, and that can be difficult to put up with.

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Taurians like to live a systematic, organized, predictable life and they do not prefer last-minute switch-ups, changed plans, or complexities. They hate not knowing.

Uncertainty or unpredictability, or being unclear about how the whole thing is going to play out from start to finish, gives these little perfectionists the cold sweats.

You don’t want to flip around a plan or cancel on a Taurus unless you want to bring out their dark side.


Geminis can be found sweating bullets if you put them in a spot, force them to make a decision, or confine them to small, uncomfortable situations. Given their dual nature and random personality, expecting anything from a Gemini is impossible.

One up a Sagittarius and you have the volatile, hot-blooded, impulsive Gemini. Geminis do not like to be suffocated or frustrated.

Clear, free-flowing conversation and compatibility with like-minded, spontaneous people keep them going while being pushed in a corner makes them lash out, something you don’t want to see!

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Cancerians are the most sensitive of all zodiac signs, and their emotional and vulnerable nature often makes them the target of pain inflicted by others.

Since Cancerians are lovers and givers, they often tend to take criticism too hard and would think over it too hard and for too long, but would never show it.

Emotions and energies are all about them, and they may let someone’s meaningless actions or words define them and hurt them. Tread lightly!


Leos are leaders. They’re used to being followed, listened to, and admired. When someone opposes, questions, or simply doesn’t agree with them, Leos tend to lose it.

Their biggest point of stress is losing their leadership and admirers, and it’s impossible to handle when they’re faced with contradiction or competition, so they lose their temper.

Relax! The other funny person in the room has nothing on you.


Virgos are the hardest on themselves. They’re sensitive and tend to second-guess, self-doubt, and eventually, self-sabotage trying to be their own worst critic.

While it’s nice to check yourself and improve, it can be really stressful to be always doing that. You attack and blame yourself and, in the end, create a huge deal out of a small problem and believe yourself completely incapable of success.


You will do just about anything to dodge an uncomfortable or awkward confrontation. Arguments and fights stress you so much that you’d lie, keep secrets, compromise unnecessarily, or plain escape or shut down to avoid them.

Your impression of others matters to you Libra, and one of the things that cause you the most anxiety is that you may lose those good terms with people.


You are not an open person, especially when it comes to your private matters. People of this zodiac sign selectively pick their friends and partners and like to keep their personal affairs away from prying eyes.

You find it difficult to trust Scorpio, and telling secrets means the other person has something against you, that they could use at any moment.

It makes you extremely uncomfortable to have your personal life and problems on display for the world, and since it takes a Scorpio some time and real effort to open up and communicate, you tend to freak out when your secretive life is not so secret anymore.


You’re a free bird. Sagittarius likes adventure, freedom, and spontaneity. You like to switch things up and find comfort in unpredictability, and so your biggest peeve is when something or someone gets in the way of your lifestyle or holds you back in any way.

You don’t like to be underestimated, and you cannot stand it if you’re forced into a box of routine or immobility that prevents you from being out there and living life on your own terms.


According to your zodiac sign, you’re a bit of an over-thinker Capricorn. You value honesty and trust in your relationships and friendships, and the idea of the other person keeping something from you stresses you to an unbearable degree.

You have an obsession to be confided in, and like to be in on everything, so when it comes to secrets being kept from you, BAM! The anxiety kicks in.


Aquarians and their lack of belief in themselves have them all knotted up. You hate letting your insecurities catch up to you. You feel as if your own shortcomings and incapability could be your biggest obstacles.

Limitations when it comes to yourself or committing to others can be an actual anxiety trigger for you. Don’t let self-doubt stress you out so much, and just relax. You’re doing fine.


As a Pisces, you like to order and structure your life. You absolutely cannot stand when things don’t go according to your ideal plan, and you fail to be in control. One thing spins out of your hands, and you lose it.

Mess and haphazardness stress you out and make you anxious, and you may need some time alone to take a deep breath and chill out. Give yourself a break. You can do this!


The world is full of triggers. What rubs us badly may not be so bad for others, and vice versa. It’s important to note and consider what the other person might be going through.

If you do end up getting triggered, take a chill pill and unwind with some friends, take a hiking trip, or grab a blanket and hot chocolate and climb into bed with your cat, whichever suits you best.

What makes you craze balls? How much could you relate? Let us know!

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