July 15, 2024
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Zodiac Signs on First Dates

Zodiac Signs on First Dates

…Ranked as the Most Confident to the Most Awkward

Dating is difficult. That is especially true if it is the first date. You worry about how you will present yourself and how likely your date will judge you. You may inadvertently say something embarrassing or do something awkward because you are so nervous. If your date is kind and empathetic, you will find them laughing with you instead of at you. And if your date laughs at you while you are anxious on the first date, well, that should be the final one. You don’t want to date anyone who is unkind.

However, some people are naturally confident on first dates and don’t become nervous. They will be sure of themselves and know what questions to ask their date and won’t be afraid to be themselves. What makes you likely to be confident or awkward on a first date? That has so much to do with your zodiac sign. Let’s look at the signs ranked from the most confident to the most awkward on first dates.

Sagittarius – Optimistic and Fun

If you are a Sagittarius, you will find that going on first dates is fun and easy to do. You know how to make your time with the date fun, and the idea of being nervous on the first date is a foreign concept to you. You are not shy even when you meet new people. When you take out your crush to a dinner and movie date, you know what questions to ask and how to behave.

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If your date is the nervous one, you will know how to break the ice and help them loosen up; if they do something awkward, you will most definitely laugh with them and help them find the humor in it.

Leo – Confident and Charming

Leos know how to be charming and how to make the first date fun. There is no awkwardness with them at all when they take their crushes out on first dates. If you are a Leo, you may agree that you may not recall a time when you felt awkward on a first date.

You may have done the only thing at times to talk about yourself a lot since you like being in the spotlight. However, a simple nudge from your date to stop doing will make you realize that the focus needs to be on your date. Then you will begin to show interest in them genuinely and make it fun.

Aries – Flirtatious and Unfiltered

It is not a surprise that the first three signs that rank as the most confident on first dates are fire signs. Aries is highly confident on first dates, and if you are an Aries, you would agree. You can be quite flirtatious and give your date plenty of compliments if you like them.

However, here is the thing. You can be entirely unfiltered and may end up saying things that are not appropriate at times. That even goes for first dates. You may not feel embarrassed by it, but it can make your date uncomfortable. That is the only time when you may end up feeling a hint of awkwardness. Your date’s response to what you say will only make you feel somewhat uneasy, but you won’t be ashamed for what you say either.

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Gemini – If They Are in Their Element, They Are Confident

Gemini is a social air sign, and it does not take much for them to feel confident. A Gemini knows how to joke around on the first date and have some fun. However, the only thing is that if they are out of their element, they can feel somewhat awkward.

For instance, if you are a Gemini and take your date to a ballgame when you are not all that into sports, that can make you feel quite awkward. However, if you love concerts and take your first date to a show, you will have fun.

Libra – People-Pleasers

Libra is the most social air sign, and it may come to you as a surprise that Libra does not rank at the top as the most confident on first dates. If you are a Libra, you may agree. You want to make the best impressions on first dates, and you may even go far as pretending that you have the same interests as your date.

However, if your date catches on and realizes that you are only saying that you share the same interests to please them – then you will feel quite awkward and embarrassed. Being yourself is very important at all times, especially when you go on first dates with good behavior, of course.

Scorpio – Confident on First Dates Until They Feel Judged

Scorpio is an introverted sign, as water signs generally are that way. If you are the Scorpio, you can agree that you can be confident and sure of yourself on first dates if you know them well enough. However, if you feel judged, then that can quickly change.

You may end up starting an argument with them if you feel your date is judging you. If you end up fighting, then that certainly makes the first date awkward. For instance, if you see through your date’s body language that they don’t like the way you eat out on a dinner date, you will call them out.

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Aquarius – Comfortable with Those Who Share Intellectual Interests

Aquarius is not the type to be comfortable with intimate social settings. Therefore, those who have this sign would be quite uncomfortable on a first date. If you are an Aquarius, then you may relate to that.

However, if you hook up with intellectual and shares the same interests, such as involving sciences or anything stimulating, then you can relax. For instance, if you go on a date to the science center, you and your date would have fun, and you would not have a difficult time showing off your true self.

Taurus – Punctuality Makes the Difference

Taurus happens to be very set in their ways, and if the date goes well for the first time, they will relax. However, the fact is, there is no such thing as a perfect date, which is why more often than not, Taureans can be somewhat awkward on the first date. If you are a Taurus, the dealbreaker for you would be if your date was late. Punctuality is important.

If your date shows up late, then you will be too upset to enjoy it. You could come off as cold and unsure of yourself. When your date catches on, then that is when things become very awkward for you. You don’t like to lie, so your date will know that you are not happy that there was a lack of punctuality. You will also be upset if you were under the impression your date was taking you to a fancy restaurant, but it turned out to be a fast-food joint. Taurus loves luxury and has high expectations.

Capricorn – Cannot Relax to Have Fun

Saturn-ruled Capricorn is all about ambition, business, and hard work. That is also why Capricorns are so rigid. If you are a Capricorn, you can readily admit this about yourself. Therefore, the idea of going on a date does not thrill you. That does not mean you don’t want a relationship. Instead, you would prefer that your date comes over to your place to have dinner and watch a few TV shows. Then you would tell them it is time to leave since you have work to do.

If you end up going out on a dinner date, you will just go for dinner but not the movie. You will not even focus on your date. You will think only about your work deadlines and your ambitions. The fact you cannot relax makes things awkward.

Pisces – Romantic but Awkward

Pisces is romantic and can write the sweetest and sappiest love poems for you for Valentine’s Day. Fantasizing about first dates is easy for Pisces. If you are a Pisces, you may find yourself imagining the perfect date, whatever that may look like to you. However, once the real thing happens, then that is a very different story. You may be so unsure of yourself to the point that you could say the wrong something to your date. Anxiety may run high to the point that you suddenly become sick to your stomach during a dinner date, and you have to make a run for it to the bathroom. You may end up tripping at the restaurant or wherever you may be.

Cancer – Prefers to Be with the Familiar

Cancer is a homebody and doesn’t feel all that comfortable with meeting new people. However, Cancer does at the same time hope to get married and have a family since that defines the sign’s nature. Are you a Cancer? If so, you can relate.  Therefore, you would not be happy to go anywhere on dates other than staying home to have dinner and watch a movie with your date.

If you go somewhere on a date, you will become bored and restless quickly. You may feel differently if you go on a date somewhere that is familiar to you. Even then, you will just want to go back home and give the date the option to join you. That may end up causing your date not to want to carry on with you.

Virgo – Thinks That Their Dates Judge Them

Virgos are incredibly self-conscious. They think that their dates are judging their imperfections. That is because if you are a Virgo, you know that you are the one who is judging yourself. However, you are so analytical and have a perfectionist way of thinking that others share the same views. That is why you will assume that your date is looking at you with critical eyes.

At the same time, you are judging your date even if you don’t realize it. You tend to look at your date as you remain silent more often than you talk to them. And if you are on a dinner date and your date eats loudly, you will not hesitate to tell them that. Then you will feel guilty for embarrassing them. Either way, the date won’t go well.

However, what if you are a Virgo and a Cancer and tend to have fun on your first dates? On the flip side, if you are a Sagittarius and prefer to be home instead of going on a date, you would disagree with this. Remember one thing. Your horoscope consists of more than your sun sign. Your Moon and the rising sign would have a significant impact on how you handle your first dates.

Therefore, you may have the sun in Virgo, but a Moon in Sagittarius, and a rising sign in Aries. Consequently, you would present yourself confidently on your first dates because of your Moon and rising sign. 

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