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Zodiac Signs Ranked from Neatest to Messiest

Zodiac Signs Ranked From the Neatest to the Messiest

It is said that the way you take care of your home is a reflection of your individuality. And even though it is ideal to be a tidy person, that is not always the case. Everyone is different whenever it comes to how you function in a clean or not so clean environment. Some people are unable to work if they even notice the least bit of dust around them. On the flip side, some people do quite well even with a sink full of dishes. Whether you prefer your home neat and clean or don’t mind it messy, you have your reasons for doing the things you do.

What do you consider yourself to be, tidy or messy? Whichever one you are, what do you think is behind your cleaning habits? If you guessed your zodiac sign, you are correct. Now, let’s take a look to see how the zodiac signs rank from being the neatest to the messiest.

Virgo – Everything Must Be Neat and Clean

Virgo is the sign that rules work, service, and health. That is the most analytical sign around. Being organized is very important to Virgo, which means clutter is not acceptable to those who have this zodiac sign. Not only does Virgo have to manage their items in containers, but they must clean every countertop and table.

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Virgo does not cope well if there is even a hint of a stain somewhere or some dust. A clean and neat environment is the only area where those with this sign can function.

Taurus – Appearances Matter

Taurus is ruled by Venus, which means appearances are significant to those with this sign. Clutter and dirt make Taurus very uncomfortable, and they want to make sure that their settings are free of that. You know that Taurus needs comfort. That also means whenever Taurus invites a friend over to their home, they will want sure that the house is spotless before the guest arrives.

It is easy to say that Taurus is a clean sign that also cares a lot about food, beauty, material items, and comfort.

Capricorn – Loves to Organize

Capricorn ranks third for the neatest zodiac sign. The two signs that rank above this sign has something in common with Capricorn. They are also earth signs such as Capricorn. Earth signs have a strong need for being clean and organized; even though Capricorn will prioritize their work settings over their home, those with this sign care to have a clean and organized home.

The one thing that Capricorn does enjoy doing is organizing themselves. That is because those with this sign are unable to work in messy and cluttered settings. Productivity is essential to Capricorn.

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Scorpio – Personal Hygiene Is Highly Important

Scorpio is not the type to invite friends over except for the rare occasion. Those with this sign treasure the space that they call their own. They will keep their personal space clean, and they will make sure that their hygiene is up to par. However, for other areas in their home that they don’t hang around often, they don’t mind allowing some clutter to build into those.

Therefore, you will find that a Scorpio has a clean home, but the basement will have plenty of clutter. That is unless the Scorpio spends a lot of time in the basement.

Cancer – An Organized Home Is Important but Spotless Is Not

Cancer takes a lot of pride in their home and wants to keep the clutter to a minimum. That is if they are expecting guests to arrive. However, even though Cancer likes their environment to be tidy, scrubbing every spot-on countertop or the laminate or hardwood floor is not a priority.

The only time Cancer will spot check their home is if they are expecting company. Otherwise, a tidy home is a comfortable home, and it does not have to be perfect.

Aries – Relatively Clean but Not a Priority

Aries is not known to be a messy sign per se. However, housework is not on top of the list for Aries. It is more important for Aries to go out and have a fun and adventurous time somewhere. Even if that means Aries scheduled to clean their home on a given day, that will go out the window if a friend spontaneously invited them along for a new adventure. Aries won’t hesitate to take that opportunity and will put the housework off for another day.

However, if Aries is not doing anything on a particular day and sees their home is getting messy and cluttered, they will do a quick cleanup job.

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Leo – A Little Bit of Clutter Is Not a Big Deal

Leo is not a messy sign by any means. However, the home of a Leo is not known to be clutter-free and organized either. Leo is often too busy to do a tip-top cleaning job for the house. However, if they invite friends over, Leo knows how to make their home appear presentable even with a little bit of clutter in the background.

If Leo notices that their home is getting too messy, they will not hesitate to spend the money to hire a cleaning service to take care of it. They simply do not have the time to do that type of job.

Aquarius – Housework Simply Is Not a Priority

Aquarius and Leo have a lot in common in housework, which is not a surprise since the signs oppose one another. However, the difference is that Leo likes to impress others, which is not the case with Aquarius. Impressing others is not a priority to Aquarius. That also means that those with this sign can live in a cluttered setting without being bothered by it.

However, that does not mean that Aquarius finds living in a dirty environment acceptable either. That is why now and then, Aquarius will go on a cleaning spree.

Gemini – You Are Too Distracted to Put a Lot of Work in Housework

Gemini is not the type that does not care about housework. There are too many distractions around, which makes Gemini abandon their house chores. They could be ready to do the laundry or clean the dishes or vacuum the floor. However, the phone could ring, or they could get a text that they cannot ignore. The next thing they know that they are texting back and forth for hours to the point that they unintentionally abandoned their housework.

Gemini will end up with a cluttered home. It is not because they don’t care about cleanliness. They become too distracted to focus on finishing the cleaning task.

Libra – Beauty and Pampering Is Important but z Clean Home Is Not

Libra is all about beauty and pampering. The priorities that Libra has to involve finding the newest trending outfits to wear and finding coordinating color makeup to go with it. Libra also enjoys pampering themselves as they like having spa days or wanting a new latte at Starbucks. Attending parties and social events is another thing that Libra loves to do.

However, housework is something that Libra leaves at the bottom of the priority list. They aren’t too concerned if their environment is not tidy and clean. However, if they host a party or a gathering, they will clean their home and make it appear presentable.

Pisces – A Little Chaos Is Welcome

Pisces is not a clean and tidy sign. That is because tidiness is not something that is relaxing and comforting for Pisces. Pisces only care about being in settings that keep them calm and encourage their daydreaming and urges to sleep. Counterintuitive as it sounds, a tiny bit of chaos you have from disorganization and clutter in a home keeps Pisces calm.

Those with this sign dislike cleaning as well. If Piscean individuals know that their home needs a thorough cleaning, they will be more likely to spend the money to hire a cleaning service than to do it themselves.

Sagittarius – Staying at Home Is Not a Priority

Sagittarius is all for anticipating the next adventure and going out and exploring. Those with the sign are looking for things that will bring them humor as well. And cleaning their home does not enter the priority list of a Sagittarius. That is also because those with the Sagittarius sign are not even home enough to consider when the best time is to clean their home.

Not to mention, Sagittarius simply does not have the time to clean. Like the other signs that dislike or don’t have time for cleaning, if Sagittarius sees their house is getting downright dirty, they will hire someone to clean their home for them.

What if you read this and cannot relate since you are a clean and neat freak who is a Sagittarius? What if you are a Virgo that shamefully admits that you allow clutter to accumulate in your home? The thing is, you always have to remember that your sun sign only makes up a small fraction of who you are. The fraction may be a significant one, but it is not everything.

Do not forget about your moon, rising sign, as well as your house placements as well. For instance, you could have a Sagittarius sun and have a stellium in your Sixth House that would explain why you need everything in your home clean. You always have to make that consideration when you are thinking of your horoscope.

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