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zodiac signs ranked from the most generous to the least

Zodiac Signs Ranked from the Most Generous to the Least

Would you say that you are a generous person? Are you the type to spend $300 on a gift for someone who you barely know? Or, are you the type to give wait staff a 30% tip even if their service was not top-notch? Or, are you the type to regift something to give to a family member for their birthday or Christmas? Are you the type to provide below the recommended tipping percentage to a waiter even if their service was good?

Sometimes, people tend to give the bare minimum to waiters or spend very little on gifts because they are getting financial. That doesn’t necessarily mean they are generally not generous people. Or, maybe they are frugal. However, there are other ways that someone can be given without having to spend money.  People can be generous with their time and help you if you are going through a crisis.

For example, they would volunteer to run errands for you when you are dealing with a hardship. That is generosity. What makes people generous? For starters, it can show through their zodiac sign. Let’s look at the zodiac signs ranked from the most generous to the least.

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Leo – Extremely Giving of Time and Money

You may associate Leos with being the type to want to be in the center of the spotlight. When you think of Leo, you may also think of someone putting up selfies all of the time for the sake of wanting admiration. However, there is another side to Leo that you may forget. Leos are incredibly generous.

They like to give and will be the type to hand over an expensive gift, and will provide generous tips as well. Do they do this from the goodness of their hearts? Yes and no. Sometimes Leos are the generous type because it helps to brighten their reputation, and you know how important that is to Leo.

Sagittarius – Wants to Spread the Love and Light-Heartedness Around

Sagittarius is the happy-go-lucky, fun-loving, and most optimistic sign around. Not only do they want to enjoy going on adventures because they love to explore – but they want you to have fun with them. Therefore, you may even find that a Sagittarius would go as far as buying a plane ticket for you so you can experience the joy that goes with traveling as much as they do.

However, Sagittarius does not only show their generous side through sharing their love to travel with you. If it is your birthday, Sagittarius will surprise you with such an expensive present to the point of you not wanting to accept it! They will insist you do and will want you to enjoy it, well, because you deserve it!

Pisces – Generous by Taking Care of You

Pisces is the sign that wants to help and take care of others when they are in need more than giving you expensive gifts. For instance, if you have a bad cold and you need to rest, you can expect Pisces to head over to your home and take care of your chores as they allow you to sleep. In addition to that, Pisces will make your soup or tea to help you feel better.

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Another example would be if you are struggling with a personal matter, Pisces will be there to listen to you and hold your hand. They may even send you a box of chocolates or a stuffed animal to cheer you up.

Libra – Helpful Friends and Will Always Send Donations

Libra is the friendliest sign and wants to keep anything balanced. That is why working for good karma is essential to them. When they see commercials that help sheltered animals or hungry children through donations, Libra will not hesitate to donate to those organizations.

Aside from that, Libras want to be a good friend, so they will want to spend time with you, especially if you are lonely. You can count on a Libra to cheer you up when you are going through a hard time. You won’t receive the same type of care the way Pisces provides. However, Libras will know how to cheer you up in other ways.

Aquarius – Humanitarian by Nature

Aquarius is not the type to give you expensive and fancy gifts or to take care of you in need. However, that does not mean they don’t care about helping out. Aquarians have a humanitarian side and will be the ones to volunteer their time to organizations to help collect donations from others.

An Aquarian will do if you are struggling to come up with cash for something; they will give you some of what they have in certain circumstances. For instance, you are at the grocery checkout, and your credit card without you knowing was compromised. That left you without having the ability to pay for your groceries since you have no cash on hand. Aquarius would step in and take care of your groceries and save your day.

Cancer – Very Sympathetic but Doesn’t Like to Leave Home

Cancer is the most emotional sign of the zodiac and the most maternal as well. You will not see Cancer buying your plane ticket or giving you an expensive present. However, if they know that you are spending time alone for Christmas or any holiday, Cancer will not hesitate to invite you over for a hearty dinner and good company.

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Cancer will also donate to organizations because of being sympathetic by nature and giving non-perishable canned food to food drives. However, because Cancer does not like to leave home; they won’t be the type to go over to you if you are struggling. They will, however, invite you over.

Capricorn – They Will Only Give Anything of Themselves if it Benefits Them

Capricorn is extremely practical and has a tunnel vision when it comes to them achieving their goals. Another thing to say about Capricorns is that they may be sensitive in some ways but are not known to be emotional. Therefore, they will only be generous of something as long as they benefit from it. In other words, Capricorns will only give of themselves if it suits them and not from the goodness of their hearts.

For instance, if you need a Capricorn to help you out with something, they will expect that you do something in return. For example, if you need Capricorn to run an errand for you because you are in a bind, they will do it. However, they will also ask you when you plan on inviting them over for dessert or something of that nature. It is very tit for tat. Because they still have a sensitive side, Capricorn will donate to organizations such as the Humane Society, especially if they love animals.

Gemini – Shower You with Gifts, if You Are in Their Good Books

Gemini’s one thing is that it is a sign that represents them switching from one way of thinking to the next. Therefore, Gemini will only be generous towards you if you are in their good books. They can be the kind to shower you with gifts on your birthday if you are nice to them. However, if you do something to anger them, then you will be in their bad books.

That means when you are in their bad books, you will not even get a phone call from Gemini on your birthday. Gemini can be forgetful, but if they are angry with you, they will deliberately forget that it is even your birthday.

Aries – Too Focused on Their Own Needs to Be Generous

It is funny how the two other fire signs rank at the top for being generous, but that is not Aries’ case. That does not mean that Aries will not send a gift or a card for your birthday. It only means Aries will not donate their time to you because that is when they can use for themselves to go after what they want.

Aries is very competitive, and they will not remove any of their resources to get into the way of attaining their goals. Their resources would be time and money. That also means when Aries goes out to a restaurant, they will only tip the wait staff the minimum recommended amount. Aries wants to save as much money as possible so they can use it to help reach their goals.

Taurus – Usually Too Frugal to Be Generous

Taurus is an earth sign, which means it is very practical, and most of the time, lives frugally. The only times Taurus does not is if they see a luxurious item that they want and will not hesitate to spend money on it. However, they will never buy a luxury item for someone else. They will only buy it for themselves. Taurus does not see the need to give anyone else an expensive gift, which includes members of their family.

Expect Taurus to buy you a gift card for your birthday or Christmas, which will not cover very much. Maybe you will receive a small box of chocolates for your birthday as well. Taurus are not generous tippers either and won’t go out of their way to help you out. Taurus certainly will not help you out if it interferes with their routine and schedule, essential to them.

Scorpio – Can Be a Protective and Good Friend but Not Generous

Scorpio can only be generous to you by being a good friend, and if they love you, they will protect you. However, if you are looking for a lavish gift, Scorpio will not be the one to give it to you. Scorpio won’t tip generously and won’t donate their food either. Scorpio is one of the signs that bases itself on self-preservation, which means it is not giving.

The most you will receive from a Scorpio is listening to you if you are having a hard time. As said, they can be a good friend to you. However, if they are in the middle of doing something, they will tell you to call them back to talk about your issue at another time.

Virgo – They Don’t Like to Give and Don’t Expect Anything from Others Either

Virgo is another earth sign, and it is the least generous sign around. You can expect Virgo to have a tight budget, which is why they will give the bare minimum for tipping, presents, and special occasions. Virgo will only help their family members by making them food and cleaning up merely because they are known to be good service providers. However, they only do it as they see by doing that is them just doing their jobs. They also do not provide any warmth as they cook and clean.

The one thing you won’t see a Virgo do is to go out of their way to help others in need the way their opposing sign, Pisces, does. Like Taurus, Virgo loves to stick to a routine and will not want anyone to interrupt that either. Virgo is also very self-sufficient, which means they will not expect a thing from you either.

However, what if you know of a Virgo or a Scorpio that is a generous tipper? And is the type to surprise you with gifts? What does that mean? And you know a Leo who is very stingy when it comes to giving tips and gifts; what does that mean? That right there is an example of how the sun sign only makes up a fraction of your birth chart. Their moon and the rising sign can influence how generous they are even more.

Therefore, if the generous Virgo you know has a moon in Leo and a rising sign in Pisces, it explains why they are giving to a fault. On the flip side, if the overly frugal Leo you know has a moon in Virgo and a Taurus Ascendant, then that explains it. The majority of people fall somewhere in between when it comes to their generosity because each zodiac sign influences them differently.

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