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Zodiac Signs Ranked in Terms of Their Sense of Humor

Zodiac Signs Ranked in Terms of Their Sense of Humor

Are you the type to laugh at anything, even dare I say, at times where laughter is inappropriate? Or are you the type to think some things are funny but don’t like to show your amusement? Or are you someone who you would say is in the middle? You will only laugh if you genuinely find something funny but become annoyed if others laugh about something you don’t find amusing.

Your sense of humor does say a lot about you. What is the one thing that can have a significant influence on your sense of humor? That would be your zodiac sign. Let’s take a look at the zodiac signs ranking from those who find things funny to not to have much sense of humor.

Sagittarius – Finding Humor in Any Situation

Sagittarius is the one sign ruled by jovial Jupiter. Therefore, it is not a surprise that those who have this sign not only find the silver lining in every challenge. However, they also find humor in any situation. They may even be guilty of finding things funny that aren’t appropriate.

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You can expect a Sagittarian to tell you the funniest jokes to the point that they’ll have you on the floor laughing. Or, they will tell a familiar story by adding humor to it. When you are in a challenging situation, you can count on Sagittarius to help you find the humor in it as well.

Libra – These Social Butterflies Can Make You Laugh

Libra is the friendliest sign of the zodiac, given that the ruler is Venus. Therefore, to be sociable, you have to have a funny bone in your body. Libras know more than anyone that to be personable, you have to have a sense of humor. They will find a reason to make you smile, and they will go out of their way to do so if they have to.

If you are the one who finds something funny, and you tell a Libra what that is, they will make you laugh harder by finding other things funny about it.

Gemini – Humorous and Sarcastic

Gemini is the master at communication as Mercury is the sign’s ruler. Therefore, they know how to make a joke out of anything. Gemini is known for creating witty one-liners, and they will also be the type to poke fun at others without being offensive. You will even agree to laugh at yourself once you hear a harmless joke made by the Gemini about you. Gemini has no problem with laughing at themselves as well. At the same time, they are good at being quite sarcastic because they find the humor in that.

Aries – Slapstick Humor

Aries ruled by Mars is all about action and energy. Therefore, they find slapstick humor endearing. If you are the one to slip on a banana peel and fall, they will find that hilarious. Aries will also be the type to volunteer and slip on a banana peel to make you laugh. You will see Aries get into deliberate accidents to make you laugh, such as pretending not to see a wall and run into it.

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Not all of the humor with Aries is physical. You can find Aries telling some jokes as well to make you laugh. However, because this is an immature sign, they may say the type of jokes could be juvenile.

Leo – Humor Helps Them Stay at the Center Stage

Leo‘s ruler is the Sun, which is the planet ruling ego, and that is what drives them to be the best performers. Leo is always hungry for being in the spotlight. That is why since they know that being in the spotlight is what they want, they have to bring humor.

That is why you will hear Leo tell a comedic story, even if they have to pull one out of thin air just so that they make others laugh. They will even act out the parts of the story they tell you to add more humor to it. However, sometimes they can go too far with that to the point that it is no longer funny but embarrassing. That happens when they exaggerate a story so much that others know it is fake and aren’t amused by that.

Scorpio – Dark Humor

Dark Pluto rules Scorpio, which is what makes those with this sign mysterious and dark. Scorpio likes anything deep and wants to have deep conversations, but you can count on them to add their type of humor to it. The humor you’ll hear from Scorpio would be dark humor. The good news is that there are many people around that would have an appreciation for dark humor. Therefore, you can count on Scorpio to make you laugh at very inappropriate things.

However, the issue is that it is not uncommon for Scorpio to go into foul territory with its dark humor. That is where they can get into trouble and turn others off as a result.

Virgo – Sarcasm and Dry Humor

Virgo is known to be the sarcastic type, and that isn’t a surprise given that Mercury rules Virgo. However, even more than that, Virgo uses dry humor, and they use it a lot when it comes to self-depreciation.

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However, when it comes to finding the irony in any situation, Virgo will point it out by using dry humor. And Virgo will be the one to point it out first since this is a highly analytical sign. Those with the sign also know how to cut through tension by using dry humor. And sometimes it won’t work, but when it does, it works very well.

Pisces – Old Jokes Lose Their Charm

The ruler of Pisces is Neptune, and Neptune can dissolve reality. Therefore, Pisces can be the type to laugh at their jokes because they are the only ones who find them funny. They even keep laughing at it when others aren’t interested. Another thing that Pisces can do is tell a funny story, which is funny to others once and maybe twice.

However, the more often you tell the same story, the more it loses its funny charm. Pisces does not think that is the case, and they notice that others do not laugh at the story. The lack of response offends Pisces. The truth is that you can only tell a joke or a funny story once for it to retain its humor. Pisces doesn’t see it that way.

Taurus – Low-Key Humor

Venus rules Taurus, and you may wonder how Taurus ended up at the bottom of the list while Libra, a sign also ruled by Taurus, is at the top. The difference between Libra and Taurus is that Venus characterizes Libra through being social. Venus represents Taurus through sensual enjoyment. Therefore, Taurus is not a social sign, and it appreciates physical pleasures.

At the same time, Venus has a reputation for being low-key, which describes Taurus. Taurus is laid back and isn’t the type to purposely tell a joke to make others laugh. However, that does not mean they don’t have a sense of humor at all. If Taurus hears something funny, they will laugh to themselves and maybe tell you quietly about the funny thing they heard. That can easily make you laugh out loud and share the funny thing with others if you are among the more humorous signs.

Cancer – Self-Deprecating Humor

The Moon rules Cancer, which makes the sign the most emotional one of all. Cancer is also known to be a nurturing homebody. Cancer is too emotional to find many things funny, and they can easily take offense to a joke. However, Cancer still has a sense of humor. They only use self-deprecating humor that will make you laugh if you understand the inner joke. For others who don’t understand the inner joke will not find Cancer humorous at all.

Aquarius – Prefers Hearing Jokes from Others

Aquarius is not the one to tell a joke unless it is with a tight-knit group who will understand their inner jokes. Uranus rules the sign, which is the planet of uniqueness and even eccentricity. Therefore, Aquarius prefers to not share their humor with anyone who they don’t know on a personal level. However, you will see Aquarius frequently at an audience of a comedy club or watching some hilarious comedy. Those with the sign like to be around others to make them laugh. It is never the other way around.

Capricorn – Extremely Dry Sense of Humor That They Rarely Show

Saturn rules Capricorn, and Saturn is the most serious-planet around. Capricorn is all about seriousness and work without play. Therefore, those with the sign aren’t known to have a sense of humor. And it isn’t easy to make a Capricorn laugh as well. Don’t be offended if you tell a funny joke to a Capricorn who won’t laugh at it. It is not that the joke isn’t funny; it is all because Capricorn isn’t amused.

However, those with the sign will occasionally show some very dry humor to those around them who can appreciate it. That is as far as the Capricorn can go.

However, what if you are the Capricorn and you have the sense of humor of a Sagittarius? Or, what if you are a Libra, but you have the sense of humor of a Taurus? That boils down to the fact that your sun sign represents a fraction of who you are. Your Moon and the rising sign can reveal much more about you than your sun sign in some cases. Don’t forget about your house placements as well. If others tell you that you need to develop a sense of humor, you can ignore that advice if you do not have a strong one.

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