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The 5th House of Love Affairs

The 5th House – The Home of Love Affairs

When your full astrology chart is cast, it will be divided into 12 pie pieces called Houses.  Each House rules an area of life. The 1st House rules your identity, the 2nd House rules your security and resources, the 3rd House rules communication, and so on.  When you have points in a house, those energies activate most strongly in those that area of your life.  The 5th House rules many things besides love affairs, including children, creative expression, humor, entertainment, recreation, and playfulness.  This article will focus on the aspect of the 5th House dealing with love affairs and lovers.

The 5th House

All houses in an astrology chart have natural sign rulership, a point that rules the house, an elemental quality, and a modality.  Leo is the sign that rules the 5th House and the Sun is the point that rules it.  Therefore, the 5th House is a fire house.  Since it is ruled by a fixed sign, it is known as a succedent House (modality).  Succedent energy, like fixed energy, establishes.  A person “establishes” their creativity and sense of play in this house.

When an energy point resides in the domicile of the 5th House, that energy point is affected by the sign ruling the House determined by your birth time.  Astrologers and online programs will ask you to provide your birth date, birth location, and birth time.  It is the birth time that determines the connection of the signs to the houses.  In my case, I was born at 9:39 pm Eastern Standard Time on April 12, 1968.  Therefore, my 5th House is ruled by the sign of Pisces. My approach to love affairs is adaptive, cooperative, and flowing.

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Equally important is the placement of the Sun, indicating another area of life where love affairs can take show up in your life.  If your Sun happens to be in your 2nd House, then you will prefer to “find your lovers close to home”, while a 10th House placement of the Sun will make your career a place where you discover your lovers.

Love Affairs and Playmates

If you have a lot of points in the 5th House in your natal chart, there is a good chance you will experience a fair amount of energy around love affairs, short term romance, and even friends with benefits.  If Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, or Saturn happens to be moving through the sign that rules your 5th House, you could get “triggered” into a love affair. Take the time to get your chart cast and find out which sign rules your 5th House and read about that sign energy, as it relates to the love affairs aspect of this domicile.

Aries 5th House

Impulsive energy as lovers dominates this rulership.  Quick to fall in love, and out.  The 5th House Aries individual really enjoys the “newness” of a love affair.  Gender does not really matter, the 5th House Aries woman is just as interested in a new experience with a new lover as a 5th House Aries man.  There really has to be a spark of excitement to activate this person.  They can be intense, if not long-lasting lovers.

Taurus 5th House

Sensual energy, physical contact, and the pleasures of the body activate these lovers.  The 5th House Taurus individual really enjoys the body and physicality of their lovers and wants to share his or her body.  Food is definitely a way to this person’s loins, along with a sumptuous bed, rich aromas, and the promise of a strong and long-lasting sexual appetite.

Gemini 5th House

You will want to talk to these people into bed, and they will certainly try to talk you into removing your clothes.  As an air sign, Gemini 5th House individuals are sapiosexual, turned on by intelligence.  The more creative you are with words and the more you appreciate their cleverness, the more turned on everyone will be.

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Cancer 5th House

Trust, vulnerability and emotional safety are the aphrodisiacs of Cancer 5th House individuals.  Intensely private about their love affairs, they are one of the most sexually adventurous with a partner they love and who is committed to them.  They expect to be number one, whether they are your husband, mistress, or adulterer.  If you make them first in some important emotional way, they will get naked with you.

Leo 5th House

Leo individuals want to enjoy a grand romance; love is about performance, appearances, and playfulness.  You need to show other people how much you love and appreciate them if you want to have them as a lover.  And, you need to react with the proper appreciation when they make the effort to show you off to others, “look at how awesome we are together!”.  Like the perfect take in a scene for a movie, if you hit the right “note”, you will get the reward.

Virgo 5th House

All the earth signs love physical contact, Virgo included.  These lovers appreciate the little details and will get turned on by attention to a collection of small gestures that continually and persistently show you are interested and ready to serve them … in the bedroom.  They will plan to serve you.  They want to know every nuance of your body and want you to know the same from them.

Libra 5th House

As an air sign, communication is the key path to the unclothed body.  These lovers want to make sure everyone is getting a fair experience.  Simultaneous orgasms might just be the highest form of sexual balance and harmony a Libra 5th House lover can experience and enjoy. And they will want to talk after you come down from the ecstasy, so be prepared for some post-coital analysis as the “cherry on top”.

Scorpio 5th House

Perverse, kinky, weird, fearless sexuality and lovers live in this house.  In the home on the street where all the nice families live, this person has a play dungeon in the basement or one of the rooms where the door is always locked.  And some of the neighbors secretly enjoy visiting for a nice cup of tea and some bondage or secret exploration of their sexuality.  Like the other water signs, Scorpio wants you to feel experience with them to the depths of your soul and they want you to do the same to them.

Sagittarius 5th House

Command and conquer lovers have Sagittarius ruling their 5th House.  The more exotic the lover, the better.  These lovers seek adventure as their aphrodisiac and love to be a foreigner in a foreign land, either in awe of their lover’s sense of authority or bringing that “awe” to a lover.  Natural explorers, they like to plunder in their love affairs.

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Capricorn 5th House

How does this love affair increase my power or the power and status of my lover?  Turned on by power, achievement, and status, the Capricorn 5th House lover wants the affair to lead to gain.  Whisper investment advice in their ear or give them a gift that will gain value over time and they will be more likely to undress for you.  They will be turned on if you can “make it worth their while”!

Aquarius 5th House

Aquarius 5th House lovers have the potential to be the strangest of all, even more so than Scorpio.  Like all air signs, they are turned on intellectually, but they are drawn to what is unusual, revolutionary, and unconventional. Fetish for them is not about power, but rather about how it works to affect a person. If you show a willingness to break the rules or allow them to break the rules as a lover, then they will be willing to show you attention.

Pisces 5th House

Pisces individuals are the most fluid lovers, who can easily adapt to the emotions of their lovers as a way to be intimate and attract play partners.  Like the other mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, and Sagittarius), these lovers enjoy variety and they like to have ecstatic and mystical experiences when enjoying sex and intimacy.  They might also surprise you by how far they are willing to go as your lover.

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