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What It Is Really Like To Have Sex With an Aquarius

What It Is Really Like To Have Sex With an Aquarius

Aquarians are pretty weird! They’re unlike anyone else and have their own uniqueness about them. They aim to be original and totally unexpected and this is what makes them so appealing – you never know what you’re gonna get with them and this is what makes them so exciting. They’re extremely sexy people. Aquarians just know how to attract people with their cool, calm, and detached nature. But what exactly are they like in bed? Continue reading to get all the hot gossip about Aquarius…

The Energy an Aquarius Brings To The Bedroom

Sleeping with an Aquarius is like nothing you could ever expect. These originals have a surprise around every corner. Just as soon as you think you know who they are and what they like, they will shock you to your core. So always expect the unexpected with your Aquarius lover. That is the safest bet.

But that doesn’t mean that the Aquarius doesn’t know what they want in the bedroom because they certainly do! They’re just very keen at exploring and experiencing as much of what life has to offer as humanly possible.

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They’re open to being surprised and having their tastes change and this is because they know that they’re an evolving person. Plus, they just love the excitement that newness can bring to the bedroom.

An Aquarius is all about novelty when it comes to sex. The more surprising the better! An Aquarius doesn’t need to hear they are weird because they know this about themselves already and trust me, they fully embrace this about themselves. So you can expect a lot of “fringe” sex with your Aquarius. The further they can push the boundaries, the better!

Because an Aquarius is an Air sign they really value communication and mental stimulation. Having a partner who can tick this box is extremely important to them. They need to be with someone who knows how to turn on their mind because this is the only way for them to get their body to respond with arousal.

Talk, talk, and more talk is simply what drives an Aquarius crazy. It doesn’t even have to be dirty talk, they just need to have that mental connection with someone and then they are good to go. People with big ideas will always leave an impression on them! Sex to an Aquarius all starts in the mind.

What Turns an Aquarius Off In The Bedroom?

It is a pretty well-known fact that Aquarians are very independent people. They love to do what they want when they want to. Their biggest turn-off comes when their sexual partner becomes too needy and clingy.

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This is behavior that will make any Aquarius run to the mountains. They can’t stand it when someone gets too involved in their life and won’t allow them any space to breathe. Aquarians are detached and aloof and they like it like that.

The last thing they want is someone trying to take away their freedom. This is why they are so apprehensive about getting involved in relationships. They need their independence or else they suffer!

When it comes to your Aquarius it is important to remember that they are a rebel and a non-conformist, so anything that fits into a traditional narrative can easily turn them off and have them looking for a good time elsewhere.

They hate having a partner have certain expectations on them. They need to be able to express themself freely without having someone else tell them what to do. If an Aquarius can’t express themselves authentically, then it is impossible for them to feel turned on. They need to play by their own rules, nothing else works unfortunately.

Sex isn’t the most emotional thing for them. They like to do it because it is an experience from which they can learn and it feels really good, but they approach it in quite a detached manner. There are rarely feelings involved, so be careful of your own heart.

What Turns an Aquarius On In The Bedroom

The weirder the better is just the Aquarians cup of tea. They love novel experiences in which they can really push the boundaries of their sexuality. They want to express and learn through each and every experience, but especially through sex.

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An Aquarius is pretty much open to anything. If you have a kink, they will be more than happy to give it a try. Don’t worry, they will never shame you for what you are into!

They’re usually not shy at all and there is a side to them that is a bit of an exhibitionist in fact! An Aquarius is open to having sex on camera, in a public place, in a group, whatever! They embrace all of it and have a great time doing it.

One of the sexiest things for an Aquarius to experience is to have their partner relay their sexual fantasies for them in detail. They love figuring out how your mind works and what turns you on. It has their head exploding with anticipation and excitement because an Aquarius will always be more than happy to reenact your sexual fantasies with you.

Aquarians are often voyeurs or exhibitionists. It really turns them on knowing that they can get caught in the act of having sex and they’re definitely interested in knowing how other people get down in the bedroom.

Because they are so rebellious they like doing things that they know they shouldn’t. It adds and element of danger to the equation that really seems to excite them. It is the adrenaline that really does it for them.

And then of course, there is the role-playing and dressing up. Aquarians tend to love pretending to be different characters, it adds to the ambiance of a fantasy. And when it comes to fantasies an Aquarius believe you need to do it properly!

But for an Aquarius, the most important thing for them is to see that their partner is being themself Authenticity is a really big deal for an Aquarius and they love it when someone can just be confident in their own skin without worrying too much. To really get an Aquarius’ attention, just be yourself. That should do the trick!

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