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Aries Dating Profile

Aries Dating Profile

Dating Profile – Aries

Are you thinking of dating an Aries? Or, perhaps you’re already falling for them. Maybe you’re already together. Whatever your situation is, Astrology is here to help you figure out just how this zodiac sign works – what makes them happy, what turns them off, and what their strengths and weaknesses are.

First of all, Aries is a fire sign, which means that they’re passionate, hot and impulsive. You’ll have to get ready for adventure at the drop of a hat, because that’s what they live for an crave more than anything else in life. This is one sign that you can’t tell what to do -give them independence and they’ll keep running back to you, over and over again.

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Dating an Aries

So, what is it actually like to date an Aries? Well, besides the constant need for sudden adventure, it’s a fun ride. They’ll be crazy about you within the first week, declaring their undying love and whisking you away to romantic places. They are the quintessential hero/heroine and they’ll be all too ready to ‘save’ you from any mishap you find yourself in.

What you may have to get used to is the fact that this sign can blow hot and cold. So, one day they may be all over you, but the next, they are totally unavailable or seem to have gone off you. You’ll just have to remain secure within yourself and play a little hard to get. Never chase an Aries – they hate it!


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Communicating With an Aries

Aries is a straight shooter. You’ll always know where you stand with this sign. They say it like it is and don’t mince their words in the slightest. This may seem a little insensitive, so you will have to grow a thick skin. They don’t always think before they say something, so be sure to keep that in mind.

They also prefer it if you get straight to the point, as well. Beating around the bush and trying to manipulate, coerce or otherwise deceive your Aries lover is never going to pay off. They may take you at face value, but they won’t appreciate finding out that you’re not being real with them.


How An Aries Shows Their Love

You’ll never need to worry about Aries not being loving and demonstrative. They will show you with physical love and affection, sometimes even wearing you down with their ardor. Touching is definitely a form of communicating their care, so be on the lookout for that.

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Aries may also show love by taking you to special places close to their heart, particularly in terms of travelling. They ultimately want someone whom they can share experiences with, rather than actual things. Of course, they also enjoy their independence, so showing love might also manifest as feeling safe enough to do their own thing whilst you do yours. However, you’ll know that they are gaga over you when they choose to spend time with you rather than with their friends/hobbies – especially in the beginning.

Bear in mind that an Aries comes on strong in the beginning, and gets bored fast, so you’ll have to keep them interested by not being too available. It’s a tricky dance to be there for them but just out of their reach!


What Turns an Aries Off

It’s always valuable to know what turns a typical Aries off. There are a few things, amongst them clingy, needy people and a lack of spontaneity. We all have needs, so be sure that you know the difference between this and being needy – because very often, Aries can’t actually differentiate.

The lack of adventure could be an issue however – as much as Aries appreciate someone who is grounding a safe harbor from their storms, they also would like a sidekick to experience all that life has to offer. Be open to new things, and they’ll be forever yours.

They also get turned off by someone who lacks confidence, who doesn’t believe in themselves or daunts themselves. It’s important that you build an inner reservoir of security, or else they may just start disconnecting from you.

Lastly, a big turn off for the Aries is a lack of loyalty and honesty. Beware of deceiving your Aries, and make sure that you are always on their side, cheering them on and being on their team. They expect you to be there during their victories, so be careful of not acknowledging them or inuring them – they’ll be instantly turned off.

Strengths of Aries

Aries people have so many amazing strengths. Chief among them is their loyalty, openness and trusting nature. They wholeheartedly believe the best of people, including you. This childlike trust is something that can be very endearing and make you truly fall in love with Aries. They have an innocent about them that just makes you want to care for and look after this sign.

They’re also very confident and self – assured, which is always very sexy. No matter what life throws at an Aries, they’ll always manage to get up and fight back, and believe fully in themselves. They absolutely love a challenge, which is very inspiring.

This sign is also one that is always honest, which is a huge strength to have. They just don’t understand the concept of lying, so keep that well in mind when you date an Aries, because it’s a special quality.

Finally, a strength of Aries is their protective nature. They will always fight for you, no matter what, particularly when they love you.


Weaknesses of Aries

Everyone has weaknesses, even the indomitable Aries! You’ve probably heard that this sign can be somewhat self-involved, and that’s the truth. However, it’s not necessarily malicious or even narcissistic. It’s simply the self-absorption of an infant that doesn’t know any better. They want it, and they want it now, and it doesn’t matter what you want. This can, admittedly, be frustrating.

Arie can also be overly impulsive, which often leads to mistakes. Being too hasty, too impatient, can be a big downfall of this sign, and they do need to be careful. Impatience is never attractive, whether that’s with your emotions, your choices or the way that you do things. It’s a big lesson for the Aries to learn!

We’ve mentioned before that Aries can blow hot and cold, and they certainly can. They may all too easily fall in love with you, only to dump you within a week. Once they’re committed, this is less stressful, and you know that they probably just need some space and will come right back to you after that.

Lastly, Aries people struggle to compromise and admit when they’re wrong. They won’t easily back down from an argument, which could become exhausting in the long run – though they do tend to mature with age. However, no one pushes quite like an Aries, which may come off as aggressive.


Most compatible signs with Aries

You may already know that the other fire signs – Leo and Sagittarius – are very compatible with Aries. These signs share passion, warmth, enthusiasm, excitement, adventure and expansiveness, so it makes sense that they go together well in romance. Sharing values is important!

Next up is the air signs – Libra, Aquarius and Gemini, in that order. Libra is the opposite sign to Aries, which makes your two signs especially attracted to each other, knowing that you can complement one another. Aquarius is a major attraction for Aries seeing as you are so independent and love to do their own thing. Gemini is just a whole lot of fun, which Aries loves!

Lastly, you may not know that there are two ‘secret’ signs that Aries loves. These are Scorpio and Cancer. Yes, water signs! You see, Scorpio is also ruled (in ancient astrology) by Mars, which is the ruler of Aries. Thus, you’ll share passion, intensity and sensuality, all of which makes for a yummy relationship.

Cancer is a tough one – although you drive each crazy, Aries does feel cared for, loved and nurtured by you. And you just love caring for the Aries, creating a safe home for this sign to come to. You just need to be careful of your emotions running out of control together.


Least compatible signs with Aries

The earth signs, although not a total disaster, generally aren’t that compatible with Aries. Taurus and Capricorn are especially inimical to this sign, simply because they enjoy security and safety, predictability and comfort, rather than sudden adventure. Although, you may also be able to ground this sign and help them to have a safe landing after all of their challenges. The other issue is that Taurus and Capricorn are particularly strong willed, and so is Aries, which could be a recipe for trouble!

Vigo is the least of the incompatible earth signs, though you may still be too much of a planner to feel fully comfortable with spontaneous Aries. And finally, Pisces, although a very attractive sign for Aries, is just sometimes too sensitive for this straightforward and direct sign.

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