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Astro Kama Sutra: Zodiac-inspired Positions for Intimate Connection

The Kama Sutra is an ancient Hindu text that explores various aspects of intimate connection, including sexual positions. Humans will always seek new ways to enhance their intimate experiences, and the concept of aligning sexual positions with astrological signs adds an intriguing element to this exploration. Each sign in the Zodiac is looking for something different when it comes to intimate connection. And the Kama Sutra has so many different positions to offer, it’s only natural for people to wonder which positions are best suited to their zodiac sign. Are you interested in exploring your intimacy and sexuality on a deeper level? Then this might be the perfect place to discover a new world of pleasure and connection. Keep reading to find out which sex positions are most compatible with your zodiac sign and how they can enhance your intimate experiences.


The Kama Sutra – A Brief History

The Kama Sutra is an ancient Hindu text that dates back to the 3rd century CE. It is believed to have been written by the sage Vatsyayana, and it explores various aspects of life, love, and desire. This text is not solely focused on sexual positions, but also delves into topics such as courtship, marriage, and seduction techniques. However, it is most well known for its detailed descriptions of various sexual positions. This guide offers insights into the complexities of intimate connection and provides a holistic approach to sexuality, considering not just physical pleasure but also emotional and spiritual aspects.

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Aries – Queen Of Heaven

Aries, the fiery and adventurous sign, craves excitement and passion in the bedroom. The “Queen of Heaven” position, inspired by Aries’ bold and dominant nature, is perfect for them. This position is named after a Queen, the wife of Indra who is the king of gods in Hindu mythology. To get into this position, the female needs to lie on her back with her knees bent really close to her chest, while the male partner kneels between her legs and enters her. This position can be very intense, and can lead to extreme passion and intensity in the bedroom, satisfying Aries’ need for exhilaration in the bedroom.


Taurus – Clasping Position

Taurus, the sensual and grounded sign, seeks comfort and connection in their intimate experiences. The love sex, but they can be a little bit lazy when it comes to trying new things. This is basically the missionary position of the Kama Sutra. The Clasping Position is perfect for Taurus as it allows for deep connection and intimacy, but not a lot of effort is involved. Both partners need to lie down with the female on her back and the male on top, entering her. This position allows for close body contact and the ability to maintain eye contact, which satisfies Taurus’ desire for sensuality and emotional connection in their intimate experiences.


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Gemini – Tripadam

Gemini, the playful and curious sign, craves variety and stimulation in the bedroom. And sometimes this sign is just down for a quicky because there is so much going on in their life. The “Tripadam” position, inspired by Gemini’s dual nature and desire for exploration, is perfect for them. Both partners stand upright, facing each other while the male partner holds the female partner’s knee and lifts it up, and rests her leg on his torso. This position allows for deep penetration and a sense of adventure, satisfying Gemini’s need for variety and excitement in the bedroom.


Cancer – Splitting The Bamboo

Cancer, the nurturing and emotionally connected sign, values intimacy and trust in their intimate relationships. The “Splitting The Bamboo” position, inspired by Cancer’s desire for deep emotional connection and comfort, is perfect for them. In this position, the female partner lies on the bed, with her weight slightly shifting on one side or her hip. She then raises that same leg and rests it on her partner’s shoulder while the other leg remains stretched out on the bed. The male partner can then enter her from a kneeling position, allowing for deep penetration and intimate connection. He is totally in control of the pace and depth, which aligns with Cancer’s desire to feel safe and cared for in their intimate experiences.


Leo – The Padlock

Leo, the passionate and confident sign, craves excitement and attention in the bedroom. This sign loves romance and the thrill of being in love, and the “Padlock” position is perfect for them. In this position the two bodies are basically padlocked together. The female partner needs to sit on a firm and stable surface while she reclines back and the male partner leans into her, while he pulls her towards him, lifting up her pelvis and holding her up securely. She then needs to lock her legs around his waist and hold onto him for support. This position allows for deep penetration and intense eye contact, satisfying Leo’s desire for passion, excitement, and the spotlight in their intimate experiences.


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Virgo – Ballet Dancer

Virgo, the practical and detail-oriented sign, seeks a balance of physical and mental connection in the bedroom. The “Ballet Dancer” position is perfect for them, it takes a bit of effort and attention to detail. The way to get into this position is for the female partner to stand and face the male partner, balancing delicately on one foot. She then wraps her opposite leg around his waist for support. As they engage in intercourse, both partners can experiment with different angles and variations to find the perfect balance that brings them pleasure. This position is meticulous, like a Virgo, and takes time to perfect. Just the right kind of challenge for a Virgo to master.


Libra – Blossoming

Libra, the sign of harmony and balance, desires a deep sense of connection and equality in their intimate experiences. The “Blossoming” position is perfect for them as it allows both partners to fully engage and participate in the act of love. And Libra is one of the signs that just loves connection and relationships. In the “Blossoming” position, the male partner needs to kneel on a surface such as a bed or floor, and he then needs to lift her hips off the floor and keep them elevated as he penetrates her. She can keep her legs on either side of his hips for support. This is a very intimate position that requires a lot of trust and communication between partners.


Scorpio – The Milk And Water Embrace

Scorpio, the passionate and intense sign, craves a deep emotional and physical connection in the bedroom. Sex is very important to this sign, and they enjoy exploring their desires and pushing boundaries. “The Milk and Water Embrace” is the perfect position for Scorpio as it can be quite an adventurous move in the bedroom. What you need to do is get a chair with no arms. The male partner needs to sit down and then the female partner needs to sit on top of him facing away from him, allowing for deep penetration. This position gives Scorpio the control and intensity they desire, allowing them to explore their deepest desires and fantasies with their partner.


Sagittarius – The Tigress

Sagittarius, the adventurous and free-spirited sign, seeks excitement and variety in their intimate encounters. “The Tigress” position is a great match for Sagittarius as it combines passion, adventure, and a little bit of spice. It suits people who are especially confident because it takes a certain level of self-esteem to fully embrace this position. It is basically reverse cowgirl, so it shouldn’t be too difficult for the female to get into this position. She is in charge of the movement and rhythm in this position, allowing her to unleash her inner tigress and explore her wild side.


Capricorn – The Lateral Box

Capricorn, the practical and determined sign, values loyalty and commitment in their intimate relationships. “The Lateral Box” position is a perfect fit for Capricorn as it combines stability, trust, and intimacy. The two partners lie on their sides, facing each other in this position. This position is very intimate as they need to gaze into each other’s eyes for the duration of the act, fostering a deep emotional connection. This position is also very sensual, which an Earth sign like Capricorn loves because there is ample opportunity for caresses and touch, creating a sense of intimacy and closeness.


Aquarius – Dhenuka

Aquarius, the innovative and unconventional sign, seeks unique and non-traditional experiences in all aspects of life, including intimate connections. “Dhenuka” is the perfect position for Aquarius as it aligns with their desire to break free from societal norms and explore new frontiers. Dhenuka is just another way of describing doggy style, however, this being Aquarius’ position, and their love of breaking boundaries and going against the norm, they might add their own twist to it. Adding toys or playing with gender roles can be an interesting way for them to explore this position, especially if this couple owns a strap on and are open to experimenting with power dynamics.


Pisces – Lotus

The lotus position is an ideal choice for Pisces, the dreamy and imaginative sign. Pisces have a romantic and dreamy nature, seeking deep emotional connections in their intimate encounters. “The Lotus” position allows Pisces to fully embrace their sensual and spiritual sides. It involves sitting face to face, with their legs crossed and intertwined, creating a deep level of eye contact and intimacy. This position allows Pisces to not only physically connect but also connect on a deeper emotional and spiritual level with their partner, making it an incredibly satisfying and meaningful experience for them.

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