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The Best Sex Position For Each Zodiac Sign

Sex is something we all like to do, but it is also a profoundly personal experience between two partners and sometimes things click, and other times, not so much. So much actually depends on everyone’s individual taste and when you can meet a partner who aligns with what you like, sex can be pretty spectacular. However, sometimes it is necessary to think outside of the box and get out of your comfort zone to see if there might be something different for you to enjoy. Perhaps trying out the best kind of sex for you or your partner’s Zodiac sign could add some extra spice to the bedroom? Wanna know what it is, then keep on reading.

The Best Sex Position For Aries – Anything Goes

Any sex is good sex for an Aries. Frankly, it doesn’t really matter which position they find themselves in, as long as they are getting some. Aries are pretty straightforward in general, and this is what they are like in the bedroom as well. They don’t need anything fancy, in fact, a quickie in the outdoors will get enough adrenaline pumping to keep them excited and turned on. No matter what the position is, you can guarantee that Aries will bring passion and fireworks to the way they make love. They’re a little rough around the edges and even enjoy it when sex becomes a little rough. Pushing the boundaries will always be the flavor any Aries looks for.

The Best Sex Position For Taurus – Missionary

Having sex with a Taurus is out of this world. They’re extremely sensual and know how to experience deep pleasure, although they really like to be in control of their life, when it comes to sex they’re slightly more compromising. A Taurus will always prefer going slow and steady with tons of body contact over anything too rough and aggressive. They like to be close and stare deeply into their partner’s eyes to help experience that close connection. The more senses that are involved, the better. And it is well known that Taureans tend to be a little lazy, so lying back and having their partner do all the work would be ideal. No wonder it doesn’t get any better than missionary for a Taurus.

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The Best Sex Position For Gemini – Doggy Style

Geminis absolutely hate boredom, especially when it comes to sex. They need a lot of stimulation to keep them interested and turned on. They’re the type of person who likes to go through a variety of positions and why not? There is so much to explore! However, doggy style has to be their favorite. Gemini’s are known for their duality and dexterity and with doggy style they can do a lot of exploring with their hands, plus the view happens to be great from all angles! Enough to keep their minds racing, and this is all they could ever want from sex. Pro tip: don’t forget to talk a little dirty when you’re in bed with a Gemini. They love to hear what is on your mind.

The Best Sex Position For Cancer – Spooning

Cancers are highly emotional people. For them, sex is more than just a physical act, they need a strong emotional connection with the person they are making love to. Sex is all about forming a bond with their special someone and this is why getting as close as possible with enough eye contact will always come out on top for a Cancer. They need to feel deep intimacy and this is why they love gazing into their partner’s eyes. Having sex whilst spooning gives them a feeling of comfort, trust, and affection. All they need to do is lie down and wrap their legs around their partner’s body.

The Best Sex Position For Leo – The Captain

Leos are known showoffs. They have a penchant for the dramatic and know how to give a performance. This is exactly why the captain is the perfect position for a Leo. The receiver lies on their back with their legs in a V shape, while the giver holds onto their partner’s ankles as they penetrate them. Whether the Leo is the giver or receiver they are bound to put up a great show. This position takes a lot of stamina and passion, and there is enough drama to keep Leo and their partner extremely happy.

The Best Sex Position For Virgo – 69

Virgos are very particular people, they know what they like and have an eye for detail. They know very well that foreplay is an integral part of making love and always include it in their sessions. However, Virgos tend to have a reputation for being the prudish girl or guy, when that isn’t always the case. When it comes to sex they become totally wild and love to enjoy themselves thoroughly. Oral sex is really important to a Virgo, especially if both partners are giving and receiving simultaneously. It helps to turn them on and it prepares them for the big event.

The Best Sex Position For Libra – Yum-Yum

Libra certainly is the romantic of the Zodiac. This sign just loves everything to do with relationships, romance, and love. So you can imagine that sex is a pretty important activity for this sign. They thoroughly enjoy getting intimate and closer to their partner. The Yum-Yum is the perfect position for them to express this level of intimacy. This is a powerful Tantric sex position that can really fire up their Kundalini and help them create a stronger relationship with their partner. The position works by having the giver sit crossed-legged while the receiver sits on top of their partner’s thighs, with their ankles crossing behind their back. This is a very slow and sensual position in which the Libra can gaze lovingly into their partner’s eyes as they both rock gently back and forth coming close to absolute pleasure.

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The Best Sex Position For Scorpio – The Bow

Scorpios have a reputation for being intense, aggressive, and passionate in bed. All of this is true! They love to express themselves through sex and enjoy the emotional intimacy it can create with the right person. Scorpios are always thinking outside of the box when it comes to sex and there is very little they aren’t willing to try. The bow is a fun position every Scorpio should have in their repertoire. This position works by having the partners scissor their legs while the receiver partner has their leg draping over the giver’s shoulder. This gives them both the opportunity to gaze into each other’s eyes whilst finding a solid rhythm for them both to enjoy.

The Best Sex Position For Sagittarius – The Arch

Larger than life Sagittarius knows how to have a good time. This highly physical sign recognizes the importance of sex and needs a lot of it. But there is also a side to Sagittarius that is extremely spiritual and forever seeking expansive experiences. A fantastic sexual position for them to explore happens to be the arch. The giver sits straight on the bed with their legs spread out in front of them whilst the receiver sits on their knees on top of the giver with their back arched backward resting their head between their partner’s feet. Penetration is particularly intense in this position, but also something totally different for them to experience.

The Best Sex Position For Capricorn – Up Against The Wall

Capricorns are all about power, ambition, and reaching for success. This translates to quite the boss in the bedroom. They know exactly what they want and nothing is going to stand in their way. They have a no-nonsense approach to sex and know what they like. This is why having sex up against the wall is just their cup of tea. It brings a strong element of passion and excitement to the equation. They get to indulge in their love for power dynamics and domination which most Capricorns happen to really enjoy.

The Best Sex Position For Aquarius – The Aerial Dancer

Aquarians are weirdos. They like to stand out from the crowd and do the unexpected. This behavior is quite apparent even when they have sex. They’re constantly on the search for a new high by adding some spice and flavor to the bedroom. Aquarians are all about extremes and seeing how far they can push things, especially when it comes to sex. For those acrobatic among you, the aerial dancer might be a fun position to try. This is a standing position where the receiver wraps their legs around the giver, whilst the giver holds them up in suspension. This can be a little tricky, but quite fun to try. If this position is impossible you could always just add some toys to the bedroom because an Aquarius gets off with their tech.

The Best Sex Position For Pisces – In The Shower

Pisceans are emotional, sensitive, and highly romantic creatures. They care more about the connection they have with someone than the actual physical aspect of sex. However, shower sex really seems to do it for them. Pisceans tend to get extra energy by being around water, it charges them up and makes them feel amazing. The sensuality of feeling the water drip on them and their partner leads them to a place of pure ecstasy. It also doesn’t always have to be in the shower, any body of water will do the trick to get a Pisces going.

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