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What It Is Really Like To Have Sex With a Capricorn

What It Is Really Like To Have Sex With a Capricorn

If you think that Capricorns are all work and no play, then you are wrong – there is more to them than what meets the eye. These mythical sea goats have a wild side that really knows how to give and get pleasure.

Sex is an important tool for them to release and let go of stress and they are definitely more sensual than what they ever get credit for.

When you first sleep with a Capricorn you might be surprised how amazing it is, so keep on reading to find out more:

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The Energy a Capricorn Brings To The Bedroom

Most people would say that Capricorns are married to their work and this is definitely the truth. It can be hard for a Capricorn to switch off and allow themself the space to experience enjoyment or pleasure.

They, unfortunately, feel the weight of the world on their shoulder and think that they can save the world by working hard and achieving all of their goals. So you might find that your Capricorn is a little tense, but what better way to relieve stress than a passionate night filled with sex?

Their mind is always on work, so you might find your Capricorn acting a little distracted at times. This is why it is so important for them to have a partner who is quite patient and understanding to help them realize that it is okay to let go and experience pleasure.

Sex can be quite healing for a Capricorn. Because their sign is ruled by the planet Saturn which governs things like duty, responsibility, and limitations, they can experience life to be quite tough. This is why they need something like sex to help them access pleasure and that not everything in life is all that bad.

Seeing as Capricorn is an Earth sign, it is vitally important for them to experience touch. This is why sex can be such a profoundly healing experience for a Capricorn. They need this gentleness in their life to counteract any harshness that comes their way.

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Things like hugs, kisses, and cuddles are more important to a Capricorn than they might realize. But if you are looking for a master in kink, then look no further than your Capricorn. There is quite a profound dark side to them that really enjoys exploring their fantasies and taboos.

What Turns a Capricorn Off In The Bedroom?

Capricorns are wild in the bedroom! They know exactly how to unleash their inner beast, this is why the last thing they need is someone who is closed-minded. The thing that turns them off the most is someone who judges them for what they find kinky.

Capricorns are very genuine people. They say it like it is and what you see is what you get. One of their biggest turn-offs is when someone is fake or disingenuous. They can’t stand it when people pretend to be something they are not. Phonies are a big no-no to them.

If they can tell that someone isn’t being themselves, it really turns them off. Their time is too precious than to waste it with someone who can’t be themself. Pretenders never get very far with a Capricorn. Their bullshit detector is too good for that. All they want is for you to be real.

And this extends to your looks as well. Capricorns appreciate natural beauty and people who don’t try too hard to impress with things like too much makeup or fake tans. Anything too artificial has a way of turning any Capricorn off. Natural is always best for them!

What Turns a Capricorn On In The Bedroom

Capricorns don’t tend to have a lot of free time available to them. They always have some big project they need to attend to, and this is why nothing suits their personality better than a quickie.

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But, when they do have time for a longer session they absolutely love getting lost and savoring every moment. Capricorns are big on creating lasting memories, and when they have the time they definitely indulge in every aspect that comes with sex, from the smell to the taste of it.

Capricorns are very open to experimentation when it comes to sex. Their personalities tend to be quite extreme, so they like to see how far they can push themselves as well as their partner. They’re usually into very specific kinks that tend to shock people.

What they like isn’t for everyone, and they are totally okay with that. They know that what they are into isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and neither should it be. But they really love it when they can be with someone who is totally open-minded and won’t shame them for their kinks.

They are really into extreme sex, especially if they get to wear their own version of a “power suit” think rope bondage, chains, collars, handcuffs, or latex. This stuff really turns them on and drives them absolutely crazy with desire.

And yes, you have guessed it, Capricorns are really big on BDSM and S&M. They usually like to be in the dominant position, calling all of the shots, but sometimes it is quite nice for them to take a break from reality and adopt a more submissive role in the bedroom.

Role-playing is also quite a big turn-on for most Capricorns. They love being able to dress up and play a different character. This just adds some extra spice to having sex. They really enjoy being someone else for a while.

But sex doesn’t always have to be extreme in their opinion, they also quite enjoy sex that is soft and gentle. Capricorns tend to deny themselves of too much sweetness, this is why it is necessary for them to be with a partner who can awaken this side of them.

For a Capricorn to realize that not everything has to be harsh or hectic is a breath of fresh air them. It can help them to relax and let go. Intimacy can be quite hard for them to allow, but this kind of sex is sometimes just what a Capricorn needs to open up.

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