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The Dirtiest Thing Your Sign Will Do In The Bedroom

There is a kink in each and every one of us… But what is the furthest your sign likes to go in the bedroom? Keep reading to find out what the dirtiest thing is your sign will do when it comes to sex.


Aries – BDSM

Aries loves sex and they love passion. Having their sign ruled by Mars gives them a bit of an aggressive edge when it comes to sex. They definitely aren’t put off by a bit of pain. They understand the concept of pain being pleasure and this is why they are quite drawn to BDSM. This sign has no qualms about pushing the limits in the bedroom. They want to explore and see how far they can push things with themselves as well as their partner. They love to be in control, but sometimes they also enjoy being submissive and taking a few blows from their partner. BDSM is way more than just inflicting pain though, and there is a lot for the Aries to explore and enjoy. But acting like the big boss in the bedroom will certainly satisfy Aries’ true desire.

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Taurus – Oral Sex

Taureans are the sensual Kings and Queens of the Zodiac. They know how to give good pleasure in the bedroom. This is something that just comes quite naturally to them. However, they are a little conservative in the bedroom and don’t like being pushed too far out of their comfort zone as this makes them feel quite uneasy. That being said, they’re quite fond of giving and receiving oral sex. It makes sense seeing as there are so many senses involved in oral sex, touch, taste, smell, and sound. This puts their senses into overdrive and helps them experience utmost pleasure. Another thing to remember is that Taurus rules the mouth and the throat, which makes their talent in this department unprecedented and out of this world. Whoever is on the receiving end of this is extremely lucky!

Gemini – Role Playing

Gemini is the sign represented by the twin which shows that this sign is multifaceted, there is definitely more than one person residing inside of them. Roleplay has to be the most pleasurable and exciting thing for a Gemini to enjoy in the bedroom. They just love dressing up and pretending to be someone else for some sexy time. And because they’re not being themself, they have the chance to get really filthy. One of Gemini’s best skills is the ability to copy and mimic people. So pretending to be a professor, student, doctor, nurse, patient, etc isn’t too farfetched for a Gemini. This sign loves it when there is a narrative for them to follow in the bedroom because it really helps them to get off! When a Gemini’s mind is stimulated then so is their body!

Cancer – Breast Play

Cancers go absolutely crazy for anything boob related! This happens to be the case because Cancer rules breasts and the chest. This sign will go wild having their breasts touched, kissed, licked, and even nibbled on. Cancer isn’t a very outrageous sign, they like to feel safe and secure so don’t expect anything too dirty from them. Boobs make Cancers feel safe and nurtured, but they also turn Cancers on like nothing else on Earth. And there is a lot one can do with the breasts, everything from sucking them to “finishing” on top of them.

Leo – Sexual Worship

We all know that Leos can’t breathe without being admired and appreciated by just about anyone. They love knowing that there are people out there who adore them inside as well as outside of the bedroom. When it comes to Sex, Leo enjoys being a Dom in the bedroom. They really find the idea of having a “slave” they can control quite sexy! A Leo really gets off on knowing that they are in charge and that their partner is all too happy doing what they say. They need their partner to worship every inch of them and make them feel like the king or queen they know themselves to be.

Virgo – Sexual Submission

Virgos are the natural helpers and healers of the Zodiac. They love being able to support their partner by any means possible, even if that means allowing them to degrade them in the bedroom. In fact, a Virgo quite enjoys being a submissive and having someone tell them what to do. Virgos make the best sex slaves because they are always open to go that extra mile for their partner. They get a lot of their own sexual pleasure out of being of service to their partner. They live to be able to pleasure and make their partner happy. It is truly all a Virgo cares about. Getting their partner off is more arousing to them than you could ever imagine. They even like it when their partner “punishes’ them for being a bad boy or girl.

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Libra – Voyeurism or Threesomes

Libras are the romantics of the Zodiac. They love romance and of course, sex, but they don’t really enjoy anything too extreme or aggressive when it comes to their sex life. They like the soft, and sweet stuff!  But they’re definitely partial so adding another person into the mix and quite enjoy threesomes or group sex. Libras find it fascinating how other people have sex and get so turned on when there is another body for them to enjoy. This sign is quite flirtatious, so when they get extra attention it makes them swoon. They’re highly committed partners and they aren’t the type to cheat, but they sure do enjoy spicing it up with an extra lover. A Libra loves to watch people have sex and really get off on it. They may even enjoy seeing their partner have fun with someone else. Pleasure is a big deal for a Libra, so anyone having a good time is arousing to them!

Scorpio – Ownership And Bondage

Scorpio is probably the sign with the highest sex drive. Anything goes for a Scorpio really. But they’re definitely partial to a bit of pain in the bedroom. A lot of their sex occurs in their mind and see how much they can “control” their partner. This sign is all about possession and intensity. They want to see how far they can push someone because it makes them feel a greater sense of intimacy. Sex that is a little edgy and not vanilla at all seems to really do the trick for them. This sign really isn’t into casual sex. They want something a little deeper and meaningful, but with an edge. This is why they’re so into feeling like they “own” their sexual partner because it means that their partner has to release all their vulnerabilities to them. They’re also really into bondage and love it when their partner ceases all control over to them. When Scorpios feel like they are in a power position, it turns them on more than they can explain.

Sagittarius – Public Sex

There is no denying it but a Sagittarius is for sure the most adventurous sign in the Zodiac. All they care about is the experience of a moment. They don’t mind sex that is a little risky, in fact, the adrenaline definitely adds to the excitement and pleasure. A Sagittarius is super into exhibitionism and having sex in a public place. This sign is all about being bold and going against the status quo. They have no shame and secretly enjoy knowing someone could be watching or that there is a chance that they might get caught in a precarious position. When Sagittarius feels it in the moment and they want to get laid, really there is nothing that could possibly stop them. They are all living in the moment and listening to the urges of their body. They don’t care about being judged or ashamed that someone might see them, in fact, this probably really turns them on.

Capricorn – Submission and Domination

Capricorns are the bosses of the Zodiac. They are born to be in charge and have authority over people. This not only happens in the boardroom but also extends to the bedroom. They get turned on by being in control and it is their dream to have a submissive slave at their every beck and call. A Capricorn loves it when there is an obvious contrast in power when it comes to matters of the bedroom. They want to be in charge in the bedroom and have their partner do everything on the whim of their desire. They love knowing that there is someone who will do absolutely anything and everything for them.

Aquarius – Absolutely Anything

Aquarius is the most unpredictable and unexpected sign of the Zodiac. This sign likes everything that is a little odd and out of the norm. Because of this, they are super keen to experiment and explore their sexuality. Anything goes and they believe they need to try out everything at least once to figure out what they really like in the bedroom. They’re open to pretty much anything and because of this they can get quite kinky and become interested in all kinds of taboos. The weirder is always the best in their opinion. They will go for anything their partner wants from them as nothing is off the table for them, but perhaps they’re not too keen on anything too vanilla or boring.

Pisces – Tantric Sex

Pisces are highly spiritual and sensitive people. They like it the most when they can connect to their partner on a spiritual level in the midst of making love, so anything too crazy probably isn’t their cup of tea. They want to have an experience that makes them feel closer to the person they are sleeping with and one of the best ways to achieve this is by participating in tantra. This is the perfect way for them to sign their chakras and experience sex that can be described as otherworldly. This sign doesn’t enjoy having casual sex because they believe it is a sacred union between two people and they don’t like sharing this part of themselves with just anyone. If they can connect to someone on an emotional and spiritual level it awakens a great deal of desire within their body but also in their soul. Ultimately, what they are looking for is enlightenment.

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