June 22, 2024
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What Are Fall Date Ideas Geared For Your Zodiac Sign

What Are Fall Date Ideas Geared For Your Zodiac Sign?

Summer is over, as those days heading to the beach or going for an outdoor swim on a date will have to close for another year. That is because fall is here, and there are different date ideas to do during autumn.

And these ideas for dating go beyond sitting at home and enjoying a slice of pumpkin pie while sipping on apple cider or hot cocoa while watching your favorite movie with your partner. There are so many fun dating ideas to utilize during the fall and let’s find out the best type of fall date for your zodiac sign.

Aries – Race In The Corn Maze

Aries, you need action, and you are full of enthusiasm and energy. You are also competitive. Therefore, it makes sense that the type of date that would appeal to you the most would be action-oriented. That is why you want to take your date to the corn maze.

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And better yet, have a  race in the corn maze to reach the center, and the one who wins will have their date and buy them dinner or dessert next time. You will love to do this repeatedly throughout the fall.

Taurus – Go In Nature And Hike With Your Date

Taurus, you love your comfort zone and routine, but you also love nature and are willing to get out of your comfort zone a little bit to enjoy some nature. That is why you could go on a hike with your date in the woods with the beautiful fall-colored leaves hanging from the trees and the colored leaves on the ground.

And it is also good for your mind, body, and soul to take in what nature can offer.

Gemini – Date At Coffee Shop With Cider Or Pumpkin Spiced Latte

Gemini, you are versatile, and you love trying a variety of things, and you are also the one who needs intellectual stimulation. However, even though you welcome new adventurous fall activity ideas to go on dates, you are content with going on a date at a coffee shop so you can chat with your partner until the wee hours of the morning as long as the cafe is open.

Therefore, you will chat over cider or a pumpkin-spiced latte and learn a lot from one another.

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Cancer- A Trip To The Local Fall Festival

Cancer, since you are a homebody, it is understandable that anyone would believe you would have your dream date at home, but sometimes even you need to get out. That is why you will be the one to go on a date to the local fall festival.

You can find the art pieces you like, as you are creative, so you can create your Halloween costume, and your date may find it enjoyable. You and your date can also enjoy some fall treats with some hot cocoa too.

Leo – A Fall Drive

Leo, you want to have a good time, and you also want to be the one to make others remember that you had given them a good time. The impression you make on others is essential to you. That is why your ideal fall date is going on a fall drive, driving away from the city so that you and your date can enjoy the colorful leaves.

You will want to be the one driving because you want to make this drive memorable for your date.

Virgo – Carving Pumpkins

Virgo, you are analytical, detailed, and organized. You want to work with your hands often, which is why your ideal date will have to do with you creating something with your hands and adding fine detail to your work.

What is a better fall date idea there than carving pumpkins? You and your date will enjoy carving pumpkins, and you will be the one to show them how detailed your work of art is, as you will know how to sculpt realistic faces. Your date might be jealous, but it will be a fun date.

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Libra – The Apple Orchard

Libra, you are all about beauty and balance, and wherever you go on a date or with friends, you want it to bring you that – balance. And Mother Earth brings you balance. That is why the perfect fall date for you is to go to the apple orchard.

You can enjoy apple picking with your date, and you can then enjoy some apple cider and go back home and make some apple pies with them. That will be a memorable date for you.

Scorpio – The Haunted House

Scorpio, you love anything intriguing and mysterious and the idea of having to face a surprise, most of the time, unless it involves your partner or friend betraying you somehow. Otherwise, you are game for a nice scare. That is why you want to take your date to a haunted house.

You can visit many haunted houses during the fall, closer to Halloween. Your date will have to be the type to find the humor in getting shocked, or else you will have to comfort them the entire time, which is not what you want.

Sagittarius – Horror Movies At Home

Sagittarius, you are always ready for an adventure. You are generally not the one to prefer to stay home, but there are some exceptions. For example, when it comes to a date night in the fall, you welcome it as long as you can watch several horror movies with your date to get your adrenaline pumping.

You are not the one that will only watch one horror flick as you would want to watch a marathon because it is so much fun getting scared. Hopefully, your date will feel the same way.

Capricorn – Making Candy Apples

Capricorn, you are not only a hard worker, but you take traditions seriously. Therefore, you would go for a traditional date night idea in the fall. And that is making candy apples with your date at home, whether at home or theirs. You will gather the chocolate sauce, the caramel, and the apples.

Clean the apples thoroughly, and then start making the candy apples. Since you are a hard worker, you will ensure that you make the apples as perfectly as possible so you and your date can enjoy them.

Aquarius – Ghost Tour

Aquarius, you like to do your thing, and you are not the one that is typically into traditions, but you do relish the idea of spooking yourself. That is why you would want to go on a date with someone who feels the same way. Therefore, you will want to go on a ghost tour.

There are many of them in any city, and you will want to look up the upcoming ghost tours in your town. You and your date can listen to ghost stories from the early days, and you can enjoy getting spooked at haunted theatres, restaurants, and other buildings. It will be spooktacular for you and your date.

Pisces – Going On A Hayride

Pisces, you are romantic and dreamy, and if you are looking for the ideal fall date, you will want to do something low-key and romantic. That is why you will want to take your date on a hayride. It is more ideal than racing around a corn maze and getting lost or hiking.

You and your date can relax on the hay at the back of a cart, and you can snuggle up as you watch the world go by and get lost in a dream as the cart’s driver keeps moving.


If you have read this article to look for dating ideas for the fall now that the summer is long gone, and outdoor swimming and barbeque parties are over for another year, you can find some wonderful ideas to do with your date. It does not matter what your sign is, but all that matters is that some of these ideas appeal to you. That means you do not need to worry about experiencing boredom on your dates. That means one week you can enjoy racing around a corn maze, another week you can make candy apples, and then you can go on a hay ride, and so on!

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