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Feng Shui Mandarin Ducks

Feng Shui Mandarin Ducks: How to Use Them for Love and Marriage

Mandarin ducks are the most popular Feng Shui cures for love and marriage in China, Korea, and Japan. Further, these Feng Shui love symbols have been adopted widely around the world. In fact, they are considered THE classic symbol of love. They are often used to help reinforce a loving, committed, monogamous, harmonious marriage or a long-term relationship. A Feng Shui “cure,” also known as a Feng Shui “remedy,” is designed to bring positive energy into one particular aspect of your life and what’s more important than the love you share with your partner!

Why Are Mandarin Ducks Viewed as Symbols of Love and Marriage?

You may find it fascinating that the Chinese name for mandarin duck is yuan yang! Yes, right there in the name is the ancient Feng Shui concept of “yin and yang,” the complementary male and female energies upon which so much of the practical side of Feng Shui and related fields are based. Unlike other ducks, mandarin ducks mate for life and show a great deal of affection for their partner. In Feng Shui, mandarin ducks are the classic “love birds.” They even show obvious signs of mourning if their partner dies. Mandarin ducks are almost always represented at Chinese weddings. They represent fidelity and affection, for the long haul, through thick and thin, as the old saying goes. This concept and symbolism are harmonious to the promises made during most wedding vows.

Mandarin ducks are native to eastern Asia, the area where the practice of Feng Shui was originally developed thousands of years ago. In these ancient times, humans were much more in touch with nature and they watched the behaviors of animals very closely and took deep meaning from what they observed. In terms of physical appearance, mandarin ducks are showy birds so it’s hard not to notice them when they’re around. Further, they’re not that skittish so it’s easy to assume that mandarin ducks happily went about their business while these ancient Feng Shui masters studied and admired them. It’s logical to assume that those who developed Feng Shui, along with the concepts of yin and yang, were profoundly influenced by their intimate knowledge of mandarin ducks.

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Feng Shui Mandarin Ducks as Home Decoration

Mandarin ducks in parks always draw a crowd. They are among the world’s most beautiful birds so it’s only natural that most people can hardly take their eyes off them. Their colorful markings are so striking, in fact, that some people say they’re almost too perfect to look real. This is an advantage for home decoration because a mandarin duck figurine, or painted wooden carvings of mandarin ducks, can look exactly like the real thing if they are life-size!

When selecting a mandarin duck figurine for your home, some people not only consider the appearance and size of the Feng Shui mandarin duck pair but also the materials with which the figurine is constructed. For example, Feng Shui mandarin duck pairs are sometimes carved from rose quartz and left unpainted, even though these statues don’t show the beautiful markings of real mandarin ducks. The reason for this is that rose quartz in Feng Shui is thought to open the heart to love and promote peace by mending any wounds. There is no right or wrong way to go here. You and your partner can decide what’s more important to you and which type of Feng Shui mandarin ducks display will have more meaning to you both.

How To Place Feng Shui Mandarin Ducks In Your Home

First and foremost, always display a PAIR of mandarin ducks, not a single mandarin duck. Some people prefer a depiction of a mandarin duck pair that illustrates tender affection toward one another. However, you and your partner should follow your own hearts and pick out mandarin ducks that generate a feeling of love and affection that means something special to you both. For example, one couple may prefer their Feng Shui ducks represented in a painting, leisurely swimming together on a beautiful sunny day in a picturesque lake with a serene backdrop. Another couple may be more drawn to a pair of mandarin ducks cooperating together to obtain food. If a young couple wants to start a family, they may choose a photograph of a mandarin duck pair with cute fuzzy ducklings in tow.

The actual physical placement of your mandarin ducks really depends on the type of Feng Shui you want to practice and your specific goals. For many couples, mandarin ducks represent the intimacy of a marriage or relationship, not just intimate sexual encounters but the intimacy of the pillow talk they share each evening. These couples may decide to place their mandarin ducks on the nightstand in the bedroom or in a place where both individuals can easily see them from the bed. For other couples, they may want to follow the classic Feng Shui bagua guidance and place them in the southwest corner of the home, traditionally considered the strongest energy area for love and marriage. Remember, however, that most modern homes were not built with a Feng Shui bagua map in mind. Therefore, to achieve a “southwest” place, you can start by using your front door as the “north.” Following this, a “southwest” placement would be to the right as you walk through the front door and then all the way in the back of the house (the “south”).

Take Good Care of Your Feng Shui Mandarin Ducks

If you’re using mandarin ducks as a Feng Shui love cure, it is very important to keep them clean. Periodically, dust and wash your Feng Shui ducks and try to have both partners be involved in this process. This reinforces your commitment to your relationship and prioritizes it as something very important to nurture. If you take the initiative to care for your Feng Shui ducks in front of your partner, this is a nice way of indicating to him or her that you care about putting effort into the maintenance of your relationship and you want to ensure it is long-lasting. It’s one of those simple gestures that can have profound meaning and strengthen the bonds of your relationship.

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To receive the full benefit of your Feng Shui mandarin ducks, it’s important that you treat them with the utmost respect. If you’re displaying your mandarin ducks outside the bedroom, be sure to give them plenty of light so they’ll be easily noticed and keep the area free of clutter. You can place them in a position where they’ll receive ample natural sunlight and or highlight them with a nice lamp. Be sure to never cover your Feng Shui mandarin ducks either or neglect to immediately display them again after a move.

Alternatives To Feng Shui Mandarin Ducks

While mandarin ducks are the classic Feng Shui cure for love and marriage, you and your partner may prefer to use another symbol with which to draw energy. For example, there are many other charismatic animals that mate for life. The French documentary, “March of the Penguins” (La Marche de l’empereur), made famous the dedication that emperor penguins have for their partner, even though they live in grueling conditions of Antarctica. While his penguin species don’t always stay together for life, many penguin species do. Some couples may find these penguins or other penguins an excellent Feng Shui symbol of fidelity against all odds.

There are many other monogamous charismatic animals that you and your partner may want to consider as a Feng Shui cure to love and marriage. Albatrosses live a life almost as long as humans and they mate for life. If one partner dies, they often mourn for years before selecting another mate and some never do. Gibbon monkeys mate for life and care for their young together until the offspring reach sexual maturity around age seven. Beavers also mate for life, build and maintain their dams together, find food today, and care for their kits together. Barn owls are known for monogamy and the male works hard to keep the female well feed while she sits on the eggs. The majestic bald eagle is another bird that mates for life and shares in parental duties. The dazzling French angelfish mate for life as well. A pair will make their home on a patch of tropical reef, hunt together, and fiercely defend their territory as a cohesive team.

Final Note

Feng Shui cures like Feng Shui ducks only work if they inspire both you and your partner. This is why it’s so important that you make sure you both feel the positive energy from the love and marriage symbols you bring into your home. Even if someone gives you a Feng Shui mandarin duck wedding gift, you should never feel obligated to keep it in your home unless you both like it and derive positive energy from it.

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