July 16, 2024
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Gemini Who to Date and Who to Dump, zodiac sign gemini

Gemini: Who to Date and Who to Dump

Gemini often gets pegged as the flighty flirt of the zodiac, but that’s only one small piece of the romantic puzzle with this air sign.  Gemini is witty, smart, charming, and social, so when it comes to love you have to be able to excite them in order to hold their attention for a long.

Anyone who bores them or makes them feel stuck is going to end up being a total and complete turn-off. What this article is focusing on are love and romance, and the planets in our own astrology charts that have the biggest say about getting all weak in the knees are Venus and Mars.

Venus tells us about what we find valuable and lovable in other people, so this planet is a great indicator of what kinds of qualities make you swoon. Mars is more so about sexual attraction, so when people talk about the chemistry they’re talking about Mas.

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Let’s then look for Gemini, who to date and who to dump

So scroll down and see if your Gemini Venus or Mars matches up for long-time love with the Venus and Mars of your partner.


A Gemini in love needs joy, laughter, and excitement in order to feel fulfilled and an Aries partner will certainly bring that to the table. Spontaneous dates and adventures will keep you both happy, and with the deepness of Aries passion, the more cerebral Gemini will be pulled back again and again into the throws of love with this combo.


Gemini and Taurus move at completely different paces, Gemini is always on their toes and Taurus prefers to be tied firmly to the ground.

Aside from that, these two view love in very different ways, where Gemini yearns for excitement and stimulation Taurus prefers slow and steady comfort. All in all, this is one of the most challenging pairings for Gemini.


Gemini and Gemini make incredible friends because of their quick wit, sharp tongue, and interesting minds; they’ll know just how to play and poke at one another.

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Because of this solid intellectual connection, these two make for lifelong friends, but moving beyond that into something romantic requires some extra chemistry.


Cancer feels all of their emotions as well as the emotions of those around them very deeply, but Gemini prefers to keep things light and fun.

When a Gemini partner is feeling something more intensely they prefer to intellectualize their feelings in order to understand them, so a Cancer partner may feel frustrated since they bond with people through sharing emotions.

It’s not an impossible love match but it also isn’t easy.


You are both the life of the party when you walk into the room everyone knows it’s going to be a good time. In fact, it wouldn’t be a surprise if you met at a party, both reveling in the joie de vive of the other.

This makes for an exciting and powerful love match, both you and your Leo partner will have no shortage of good times and playful chemistry!

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Gemini and Virgo could make for great friends seeing as you both pride yourself on your intelligence but, for this same reason, you could also make perfect frenemies.

The urge to constantly one-up each other as well as the innate ability to push each other’s buttons could cause some friction, which could actually be pretty steamy!


There are probably few people Gemini could charm as well as a Libra. Libra loves love almost as much as they love socializing and being out and about with friends, and Gemini will know all the right things to say to lure them in.

With a pair as charismatic and fun as this, it will be hard for others to not be envious.


Scorpio and Gemini is a pretty unlikely match, however, it also happens to be one that works more often than it doesn’t. Both signs are deeply curious and love to explore the realm of the mind, but in order for this to be a love match they need to learn a thing or two from one another.

Scorpio can bring out the dark and kinky side of Gemini, and Gemini invites more levity and playfulness into the life of Scorpio.


There’s a lot that Gemini and Sagittarius have in common, in fact, they can easily fall into a natural rhythm of debate and discussion with one another. Both of them are prone to enjoying the heat of a loud debate in a way that the rest of the zodiac signs simply cannot relate to.

It may be, for all the commonalities between these two, that in matters of love they find themselves alike in all the wrong ways though.


Honestly, this combo is a big “no.” There is very, very little in common with the ways Gemini and Capricorn love as well as live their lives, but unlike the spark created with the tension of fellow earth sign Virgo, this match is usually devoid of chemistry.

So whether it’s friends or lovers, these two can rarely make a match that ticks all (if any) of their boxes.


Aquarius and Gemini make for great friends, you both approach life in a curious way, but whereas Gemini loves to be social Aquarius prefers to be the observer (which can be a really nice balance romantically).

The zodiac sign Aquarius will draw Gemini’s attention and fascinate them with their quirks and niche knowledge, but finding that romantic connection requires some other explosive and passionate aspects in the chart.


This can be a challenging combo to work with since Pisces is often lost in the sea of their sensitivity and Gemini tends to enjoy getting lost in the clouds of thought. So finding a middle ground to pull you back to earth is the challenge.

While there’s no denying that there is a certain string that seems to pull these two together, finding a long-lasting connection requires effort.

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