June 17, 2024
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How To Heal Your Broken Heart According To Your Zodiac Sign

How To Heal Your Broken Heart According to Your Zodiac Sign

Suffering from broken heart? You’re not alone. Heartbreak is an epidemic these days, and it’s one of the most painful experiences that anyone can ever go through. We can all do with a few extra tools to help us get through it. Astrology is one such tool. Sure, you’ve heard all about compatibility and which sign goes with which, but Astrology isn’t just confined to matchmaking. No, the wisdom of the stars and planets can tell us a great deal about all romantic experiences – the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Astrology can even guide you when it comes to healing your broken heart by giving you helpful tips and insights on how you’ll handle it and what you can do to make it a bit more manageable. So, read on to explore how you can best heal your broken heart and open yourself up for new love.

How To Heal Your Broken Heart If You’re:

An Aries

Aries tend to fall in love hard and fast. Passionate idealistic and romantic, you can quickly become despondent and deflated if your romance isn’t a fairytale. You’ll fight for your beloved to the death, but once it’s over, you’ll know. You’ll be happy to hear that healing your broken heart is as quick as it was to fall in love. All you need is to be a little patient, and trust that as soon as the next new romantic opportunity comes along, you’ll forget all about your ex. Hitting the gym will also be a lifesaver for you –getting healthy and strong will not only make you feel good, but also boost your ego and heal that shattered heart.

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A Taurus

Taurus don’t really do breakups very well, and you know it. It takes ages for you to let go while you’re in the relationship, neverminded afterwards. You may need to lie around for a few months in bed, online shopping, eating your favorite sweet things and watching reruns of shows from your childhood. You’ll maybe even text your ex and try again, which is just not a good idea, and you know it. However, once you’ve gone through your process, you’ll move on – forever. You know that once you realize it was never for the best, you’ll get your strength back. Plus, you won’t be on the market for very long – you’re ruled by the love planet, Venus, after all. Get back in the dating scene as soon as you can!

A Gemini

One of the best qualities about Gemini sign is your ability to embrace change. You know, as painful as a breakup is, that there’s new opportunities out there, just waiting for you. With that said, you’ll still create plenty of drama. Late night texts of “I miss you” and clever scheming to make sure you’re at the same events as your ex isn’t unusual for you. You can draw things out, just for the sake of entertainment sometimes – or to avoid your painful feelings. It’s a better idea for you to write a letter to your ex, every day if you like, and keep it in a locked box. Don’t send anything, of course. This will just help you process everything without getting messy.

A Cancer

Oh dear Cancer. Breakups are really not your thing, are they? It takes a lot for you to let go in the first place, and then comes the journey of actually going through the breakup. Like Taurus, you’ll spend plenty of time crying and processing. It’s an emotional experience for you, and you may even go through old photos and weep over your special memories for months afterwards. The best way for you to deal with this pain is by going within and comforting your inner child through therapeutic activities. Spend plenty of time at home with your family and the ones who love you. Get creative and bake, garden or come up with new recipes. In time, you’ll fall in love again.

A Leo

As a strong sign, you’ll hide your pain and tell everyone you’re doing just fine. In fact, you may walk around saying it’s their loss, with your head held high. Yet at the same time, Leo will be hurting, deep down. The feeling of rejection for you is intense, unless you are the one doing the breakup (in which case, you should be a lot less emotional!). To get over your ex, you need to go out, dance, party and generally enjoy the attention of people who do deserve your time, energy and loyalty. Eventually, you’ll realize there was always someone better out there for you. Oh – and don’t forget to shop until you drop! That will help, too.

A Virgo

The way Virgo deal with a breakup best is by going to therapy and taking about it. Reading self-help books also helps, as it brings you to a deeper understanding of the mistakes you made, as well as the mistakes of your ex. Perspective is important for you, otherwise you can beat yourself up a little too much. What you’ll also find helps is getting really, really healthy. Detoxing is a fantastic way for you to focus energy on what you can control. Plus, there’s nothing like a sexy, well-nourished body and clear skin to make you feel on top of the world again, right? Right!

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A Libra

Nobody likes breakups, least of all you. However, because you’re such hot property, you seldom stay sad for long. You know that, with a snap of your charming fingers, someone new will come to steal your heart. Getting back into the dating scene is the quickest and easiest way for you to heal your Libra broken heart – you just need to fall in love again and have some fun. And even if you don’t fall in love, it’s still great to flirt and be flirted with back. One word of wanting: texting your ex ‘one last time’ will only make your life more complicated. You’ve been warned.

A Scorpio

The best way to heal your Scorpio broken heart is to kill your ex and bury them. Joking! But also, not joking. It’s tough for you to deal with the ending of a relationship. Sometimes, you wish you could just disappear, or that they would. Stalking your ex on social media is a terrible idea, so don’t do it. You’ll only prolong the pain. The best way for you to heal is by completely cutting them out, blocking them and unfriending them so you won’t be tempted to stalk. You also quite like the idea of revenge, and the very best revenge is being happy, whatever your new relationship status is. So – fake it until you make it.

A Sagittarius

Breakups are so boring, aren’t they? They kill all the fun in your life, and there’s nothing worse than not having fun. The easiest way for you to move on and make your life an adventure again is by going on an adventure. Book that flight ticket, go on that road trip, take that journey, Sagittarius! It’ll do you a world of good to reconnect back with what you’re passionate about. Having a spiritual and philosophical outlook will also bring you quicker healing, as well as perhaps even help you to forgive, forget and move on with an open heart. And finally, getting physically active such as going surfing, trail running or hiking will be just what the doctor ordered!

A Capricorn

You’ve probably already guessed what it is that helps a Capricorn to get over a broken heart. Yes, it’s work. Lots and lots and lots of work. You’ll work yourself to the absolute bone in the wake of a breakup, because you know that being distracted is the very best way to avoid all those horrible feelings. You may even take on an extra job, or decide that you need a rigid exercise schedule to go with your intense work diary. Over time, the pain will get less and less, and you’ll be able to relax more and start dating again. Trust the process.

An Aquarius

The truth is, it’s not as hard for Aquarius as for some other zodiac signs to get over a breakup. Once you know that your feelings are dead, or that the other person is no longer into you, you’ll move on pretty fast. That is to say, you’ll go from lovers to friends in the blink of an eye, feeling like it’s probably better anyway. And if you do have a surge of big feelings, you’ll just go out and party with your best mates, or arrange a fun get together. Your tribe is what will get you through this, and you know it. All you need is to reach out and ask.

A Pisces

Pisces don’t do breakups every well, just like all the other water signs. But what you know does work for you in a breakup is swimming away from it all – literally. Not speaking to your ex for a few months is the best and fastest way to healing, as it’ll give you time to process your emotions. It will also help if you have healthy escapes, such as reading, swimming, nature, music or art. Avoid the unhealthy ones – drinking, smoking, binge eating and so on, as it’ll only lock the pain away and not allow it to move out of your body and psyche. You may find that working with energy healers also helps to release any intense feelings in a gentle way.

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