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How Does Each Zodiac Sign Scare Their Crush Away

How Does Each Zodiac Sign Scare Their Crush Away?

When you are around your crush or the one you want to develop a serious relationship with, you may inadvertently scare them away because your emotions are too out of control. And at the same time, you may not even be sure of yourself, so you could say or do something that can turn them off.

And if that happens, you have to cut yourself some slack. It happens to the best of us since no one is perfect. You can always talk to them the second time and be honest that your emotions got out of control, and if they are worth the time and energy, they will understand. Let’s take a look and see how you could scare off your crush based on your zodiac sign.

Aries – Comes On Too Strong

Aries, you are passionate, and no one can deny that. However, you tend to get out of control when you are around the one you like. You may begin to ask too many personal questions and be too direct in other ways, such as asking to spend private time with them after having a dinner date, which will only cause your crush to stay away from you.

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In addition, you want to get things done quickly and tend to rush into things that are part of your nature. However, if you’re going to develop a relationship with your crush, taking it slow is the only way to do it.

Taurus – May Be Too Judgmental

Taurus, you need stability, but you also want everything your way as you are not the flexible type. If you like someone more than a friend and want to develop a relationship with them, you will want them to be the perfect match for you, literally.

That means you may tend to become too judgmental and critical because they may not wear the type of clothes you like, or they may not share the same tastes in music that you want. And if you come across as judgemental towards those things your crush likes, they will only see you as a bully instead of someone interested in dating them! Remember that you have to be flexible when it comes to your crush’s tastes!

Gemini – You Can Be Flirty With Everyone

Gemini, you are a social being, and that is in your nature. You also love to talk and chat, and the issue is that you will treat your crush the same way you treat others. You will become flirty with them. If you were only flirty with your crush, they would enjoy it and respond well to you.

However, you tend to be that way with everyone, and if your crush sees that as being the case, they will think you are a player and not want anything to do with you. So, instead of being flirty, ask them questions about their likes and dislikes, and show genuine interest in them without asking personal questions.

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Cancer – Does Not Take The Lead

Cancer, you are sentimental and highly emotional, and you are so caring. However, how can you develop a relationship if you do not take the lead? Aries comes on too strong, and you don’t show any initiative. Even though Aries is not the opposite sign (though it is incompatible), it is like you are the polar opposite of Aries.

You may be highly interested in your crush, but you do not show it. And your crush may think you are not interested in them, so they will not pursue you. Unless they understand your type, they will help you open up more. However, more often than not, that does not happen.

Leo – Forces Their Will Onto Them

Leo, you need to be in the spotlight, and you want your opinions heard. However, if you are in love with someone, you are happy to shift the spotlight onto them. However, that does not mean you are tolerant of their opinions, likes, and dislikes.

Therefore, you will force your views and your will onto them. You will invalidate them without meaning to do so, and that alone will scare off your crush. And scaring them off is not even the correct term. It will more likely put them off, and they will not want to have anything to do with you again. You have to learn to be tolerant of others’ opinions.

Virgo – Is Too Insecure And Lacks Originality

Virgo, you are known to be very analytical, which is why you are insecure. You analyze everything you do on your dates or around your crush. You may do things such as apologizing when it is not necessary, and that alone may put off your crush because they can sense your insecurity.

However, if they give you a chance and you go out on dates, you will only want to go and do traditional things such as going for dinners and to the movies after. Your crush will become bored and will not have the desire to continue dating you.

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Libra – You Start Talking About Marriage Too Soon

Libra, you are the one that is all for relationships, and you are also the one who enjoys romance, but you also fast-track your relationships. That means on your first or second date. After that, you are going to be talking about marriage. That is how you can scare off your crush.

You cannot talk about making such a commitment when you barely know your partner, and that is not only going to cause them to feel pressure, but you have to get to know the partner better before talking about marriage. You don’t start talking about that on your first day or even your first month of dating. After the first year, however, is appropriate.

Scorpio – You Show Jealousy

Scorpio, you are intense, and you feel things very deeply. That is in your nature. And you also have trust issues, which is why you struggle to trust your partner at first before knowing them well. You are also incredibly loyal as you would expect your partner to be just as trustworthy.

However, you can be possessive and show jealousy when you suspect your partner is not giving you all their attention. If they are talking to a friend of the opposite sex (or the same), you will show signs of jealousy. Your crush will catch on, and they will not want to be with someone who will struggle to trust them to that degree.

Sagittarius – You Can Be Clingy

Sagittarius, you love to go on adventures, and you have an independent streak. As a result, you usually shy away from commitment, but that does not mean you do not want a relationship. And when you feel you have found the right partner, you may want to spend time with them all of the time to the point that they don’t have space to do their thing.

As a result, you can come off as clingy, which is not typical. However, when you start acting as if you need your partner’s presence in yours all the time, that will be a turn-off to them.

Capricorn – You Can Be Too Pessimistic

Capricorn, you are very industrious, and you take everything seriously. You put a lot of work into your business or job and relationships. However, there is one issue that you struggle with often, and you tend to look at the glass as half-empty.

You may think you are being realistic about how the world is, but you do so from a pessimistic angle. And when you show that to your crush or your new partner, that will scare them off. Everyone indeed needs to see the world, but you tend to be a downer. If you add some cautious optimism to your expressions, that would be a much better balance.

Aquarius – Your Moods Are All Over The Map

Aquarius, you love your individuality, and you have a progressive side to you. You are distant, but you also want relationships because you are human, and you need those connections. However, because you are the one that marches to your drummer, you can be moody too. One moment you are happy and cheerful.

The next moment, you are sarcastic and can be condescending even if you do not mean to come off that way. Then, you can be in a sudden lousy mood. Therefore, your unpredictable moods will scare off your crush. If you cannot help yourself at all, you will need to be mindful of it and tell your crush ahead of time. If they are patient, they will hang in there.

Pisces – You Struggle To Deal With Reality

Pisces, you are a dreamer, and you are sensitive, and the truth is, you do not like to face reality if it is unpleasant, which it often is. You would prefer to run away and stay on some fantasy island. The truth is that will scare your crush because even though some realities are more challenging to handle than others, they have to be dealt with.

And if your crush sees that you keep running away from the reality of life, they will bail on you. They need someone they can work with when it comes to hardships, not someone who keeps trying to escape them.


If you recognize any of these traits presented, even if they do not match your sun sign (they may be more likely to match your moon or rising sign than your sun sign), don’t be hard on yourself. Instead, consider it as a revelation. If you have been unknowingly causing your crushes or new partners to ghost you or pull back from you, you may now be able to identify the issue. And if you have been that crush who experienced any of those things, then you know what your ex or the one you went on a few dates struggled with in that case.

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