July 16, 2024
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How to Know if Someone Is Really Interested in You

Here is the month that has everything to do with love, and since we are on the topic of love, think back to when you felt that a crush you had liked you or was only flirting with you for fun.

Or, if you had a crush on someone, how did you show them that you wanted them, if you were flirting with someone for fun, how did you do it?

Perhaps this is even your story today! How do you show it one way or another?

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How to Know if Someone Is Really Interested in You

Let’s talk about that! Let’s find out how to know if someone is genuinely interested in you or is flirting with you for fun based on their zodiac sign.

Aries – Very Direct with How They Feel

If Aries liked you, you would most definitely know it. Those with this sign are highly passionate and expressive about it. If you had a crush back in high school who did not hesitate to ask you out right then and there, and you think back to their birthday being sometime between late March and mid-April, then yes, that person is an Aries!

However, does that mean the Aries is capable of flirting for fun? Of course, they are. They may call you affectionate names and such but will not ask you out, and if you like them and they don’t like you in the same way, they will cut you off right then and there.

Taurus – Can Be Very Possessive

Taureans like to tease quite a bit if they like you and will even want to bring you along with their friends to some outings. The thing with Taurus is that this is a slow-moving sign, and it will be a while before they become comfortable enough to ask you out on a one-on-one date.

However, if the Taurus is interested in you and finds out that you went out with someone else recently, even if it was with a friend, they will not be happy that you left them behind.

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Therefore, if they are interested in you, they are quite possessive. However, if they are flirting with you, they may like you as a friend and can tease you and would still invite you with their friends.

However, they would not care if you went somewhere with someone else without asking them. That is the main difference.

Gemini – Stalks You on Social Media

Gemini is all about socializing and communication, but at the same time, they are not direct when it comes to communicating. If Gemini likes you and is interested in having a relationship with you, they will check out your social media and stalk it.

They will also want your public content or message you through there. You have to call them out on it to admit they are interested in you. Back in the day, when social media was not a thing instead, Gemini would ask questions about you to your friends and find out about what you were doing.

Gemini does not mean to be creepy that way, but that is how they are. If a Gemini is flirting with you, they may say cute things over messenger to you, but they will not care to stalk you on social media.

Cancer – Can Become Clingy

Cancer is highly emotional and maternal, but you still will know the difference whether Cancer is flirting with you or genuinely has a strong interest in you.

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If a Cancer flirts with you, they will tell you that they think you are cute, and if you have been sick, they will still send you remedies and check on you to see how you are doing.

However, if Cancer is genuinely into you, they will do all of that in addition to having deep conversations with you until the late hours of the night.

And, they will never want to leave your side and will be incredibly clingy. In other words, they can be very smothering if they like you!

Leo – Very Generous

Leo is the type that wants to be in the spotlight no matter what, and whether they show interest in you is flirt with you, they will put on acts, so you notice them. For example, they might do things such as purposely speaking loudly about something that happened so that they get a reaction from you.

They may even compliment your looks. However, the one way to know if Leo is genuinely interested in you is if they begin to buy you gifts or take you out to dinner, or both. Those with the sign are known to be generous and will show it if they do genuinely care.

Virgo – Being Helpful

Virgo is not known to be romantic at all, but they have other ways to show that they care, and they may still flirt with you in their own way. The sign is naturally detailed-oriented and analytical, and service and health-oriented.

Virgo may be the one to bring you things if you need them, which could be a simple way of flirting, and may also give you a piece of their healthy-made cookies that they baked the night before.

However, if they have a genuine interest in you, they will take time out of their day to help you in any way possible, whether by giving you an exercise lesson or helping you organize your home or office desk.

Libra – They’ll Ask You Out on a Date

Libra is the sign that is all about relationships and love, and it is not a surprise that it may be hard to know whether Libra is flirting or is genuinely interested in you.That is because Libra will call you affectionate names whether they really like you or flirt with you.

However, the one thing that you will know is if Libra asks you out on a date, then that means they genuinely like you and want to develop a relationship. On the other hand, if Libra only says sweet things to you but never asks you out, they are only flirting with you.

Scorpio – Has Deep Conversations

Scorpio is the most intense and passionate sign in the zodiac and, at the same time, is secretive, so if someone with this sign likes you, then you will know. Scorpios don’t waste time flirting because they are not game players unless someone crosses them.

However, if Scorpio likes you, they will not call you affectionate names. Instead, they will want to find some time to have a deep and powerful conversation that may be pretty personal.

You have to remember something, and that is Scorpio doesn’t trust easily and wants to build some trust which is why when a Scorpio wants to have a deep conversation, that helps build the foundation for a potential relationship.

Sagittarius – They’ll Invite You on an Excursion

Sagittarius is happy-go-lucky and will show that they like everyone, and it is hard to know whether Sagittarius is flirting with you or genuinely likes you for this reason.

And at the same time, Sagittarians are very picky about who they want to develop a relationship with because they do not like to be tied down. If someone enjoys adventure as they do, they would be open to it.

And the sure way to know if Sagittarius likes you more than a friend is when they ask you to come along to one of their excursions. If they do that, they want to spend a lot more time with you.

Capricorn – Wants to Know You Better

Capricorn is hard-working and very reserved. Like Scorpio, Capricorn is not likely going to flirt for the fun of it. However, they will approach you very slowly and will not be the type to text you compliments or how they feel about you if they like you.

Instead, they will show an interest in you by having conversations about getting to know you. They will ask you out on a date so they can get to know you better.

Capricorns will only show interest in those who are goal-oriented and ambitious. They cannot relate to someone who has no ambitions because Capricorn is a very ambitious sign.

Aquarius – Becomes Nervous Around You

Aquarius may be distant and entirely independent, but that does not mean those with this sign do not need or want a relationship. However, Aquarians like to play games, so they may flirt by talking to you in an affectionate way for the fun of it.

You will know when an Aquarian does that. They are flirting. Because when an Aquarian is around you and acts very nervous and fidgety, that is a sign that they are legitimately interested in you.

They are nervous because they don’t know how to approach you properly. And once they become more comfortable, they will introduce you to their friends.

Pisces – Wants to Be Around You All of the Time

Pisces is the dreamer and is also known to be the romantic one in the zodiac. However, at the same time, contrary to popular belief, if a Pisces likes you, they don’t necessarily write poems and recite them to you.

Instead, they may be affectionate whether they are flirting or genuinely interested. However, if they are genuinely interested, they will want to hang around you all of the time.

They won’t necessarily be clingy the same way as Cancer because they like their space and respect your space. But they will make appearances in your presence often.

However, if you think back to a time when there was a Scorpio or a Capricorn who was having some fun flirting with you since they’re not the type to flirt, then chances are their moon signs were in another sign.

You probably will see how someone behaves around you if they like you represented by their moon or rising sign instead of their sun sign.

The moon sign shows the emotional part of you, and the rising sign represents your mask and your immediate response to situations.

You can see that there are vast differences between whether someone is flirting for fun and whether them seeing someone as a true love interest.

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