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How Your Partner Is Vulnerable and Honest with You Based on Their Zodiac Sign

How Your Partner Is Vulnerable and Honest with You Based on Their Zodiac Sign

The key secret to a successful relationship is open and honest communication. And another secret to having a successful relationship is when your partner and you both talk about vulnerabilities. What makes your partner vulnerable? And how can you express the truth about your vulnerable side? Because everyone has them. And if you deny that you have any of that, and if your partner denies that, then there is a lack of honesty right there. Additionally, when there is a lack of honesty, the foundation built on trust is not there, which is when the relationship could crumble. So, therefore, it is best to talk about one another’s vulnerable side. Based on their zodiac sign, let’s see how your partner is honest and vulnerable with you.

Aries – Tells You the Entire Truth About What Is Happening

Aries is bold and passionate and wants to appear to have everything under control. Therefore, those who have their zodiac sign in Aries do not want to appear weak and fear defeat. However, there is only so much the Aries can hide as those with the sign are truthful as it is. When your Aries partner is telling you everything that is happening to them, whether it is good, bad, or downright ugly, that is when they are showing you their vulnerable side. Therefore, you will want to ensure that you support them at every step of the way.

Taurus – Expresses Their Love to You

Taurus is the one that needs stability and, at the same time, tends to hide their feelings. However, Taurus is very much in tune with their emotions even though they don’t appear that way. And if your Taurus partner is feeling vulnerable in any way (or enjoying their meals at their favorite restaurant with you), they will feel they are in a position to express their love for you. So if you don’t think that your Taurus partner tells you enough that they love you, remember that they do, and you’ll know that they express it when they feel like they are in a scary (or very happy) position.

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Gemini – Wants to Talk About Deep Topics

Gemini is friendly and loves to chat, but your Gemini partner may be known to talk about superficial things. Additionally, like other air signs, Gemini is not overly in tune with their emotions until they feel vulnerable. When they feel powerless, they are more in tune with their feelings, and the way Gemini express themselves is when they want to have a deep conversation with you. And when they start asking you deep questions, you want to ensure that you answer them because they need to talk about profound topics when they are vulnerable.

Cancer – Admits the Past Mistakes They Made

Cancer is the nurturer and wants to make sure others know that they are the ones who genuinely care about them. Those who have the sign are incredibly emotional. However, you will see that they are quick to blame others when they are upset and will not admit to their mistakes. But when your Cancer partner is being vulnerable and honest with you, you will see that they will also tell you about their previous mistakes, and they will be open about their regrets. You want to show them an appreciation for showing their vulnerable side to you because that is the hardest thing any Cancer can do.

Leo – Admits That They Are Extremely Insecure

Leo is the one who wants to have others notice them in the spotlight. And they want others to praise them and appreciate them as well. If your Leo partner becomes upset that they did not think that you appreciated them for what they did for you even though you did thank them, they show their insecurities. You know that Leo is insecure without them admitting it. And when your Leo partner reveals their insecurities to you, then you have to praise them for being honest and open about their vulnerable side. That is one of the most humbling things that a Leo can do.

Virgo – Cries and Acts Jittery

Virgo is the analytical one and does not like to show emotions. Your Virgo partner may be the one who is constantly cleaning up and encouraging you to organize yourself better, as they are pretty critical. You likely would be doing a lot of arguing with your Virgo partner because you don’t like how they aren’t overly emotional and how they are quick to judge. That may get them to show their vulnerable side if they feel extra vulnerable at the time. You will see them start to act jittery when they feel that way, and they may even downright cry. Additionally, they may likely apologize to you for being that way because they don’t like that side to themselves either. Your Virgo partner has more emotions than they let on.

Libra – Admits They Need Help and Advice

Libra is sociable only wants balance. And the thing with Libra is that those who have the sign do not like to admit that they don’t have all the answers. So instead, they clam up, which is also what they do when they avoid conflict. Libras struggle with making decisions, and if your partner is a Libra, that could frustrate you about them. However, when they come to you and tell you that they need help and advice with something, that shows vulnerability as it is challenging to admit those things. Speaking up comes hard for Libra, so you need to encourage them to do that even more.

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Scorpio – Admits Previous Mistakes

Scorpio is intense and quiet but has a great deal of passion. You want to ensure that you do everything you can to earn your Scorpio partner’s trust. You know that they fear betrayal, and you want to ensure that you can prove to them that you would never do such as thing. However, when your Scorpio partner feels vulnerable, they will admit to you that some of their previous mistakes and breakups were because they were to blame. They recognize taking responsibility for some of those mistakes, which you do not see a Scorpio do each day. If Scorpio is vulnerable to you, then you have earned their trust.

Sagittarius – Tells You Their Apprehensions and Worries

Sagittarius is the happy-go-lucky one and optimistic, so they appear. If you have a Sagittarius partner, then you are pretty flexible because they need to be with a partner who enjoys traveling the way they do. They will act as if everything is okay for the most part, but when they feel vulnerable, they will take you aside and tell you about their worries, fears, and apprehensions. They don’t want to talk about it with anyone else because they want to keep up their optimistic appearance. All you can do is be reassuring to them and feel honored that they chose to be vulnerable. It is tough to do for a Sagittarius.

Capricorn – Reminisces

Capricorn is extremely reserved and doesn’t like to share too much. However, if you are in a relationship with a Capricorn, they want to be entirely honest with you, and they usually do not have an issue with sharing their grievances if they have any. But if they begin to reminisce about their past with you, they are vulnerable. They are not known to be that type, and when they are, you will want to listen to them and reminisce about your past with them. You can have a deep conversation.

Aquarius – They Talk About Their Rough Days and Are There for You When You Need an Ear

Aquarius is a cerebral sign, which means emotions overwhelm those with this sign. But at the same time, it does not mean they don’t understand their feelings. They do understand them very well. However, they don’t like to be in tune with them. And when they are open and honest about having a rough time, they are vulnerable because they are expressing some difficult emotions. They also show vulnerability when they lend an ear to you when you are having a rough time. If you wonder why your Aquarian partner seems cold a lot of the time, that is why unless they are being vulnerable.

Pisces – Sharing Their Creations with You

Your Pisces partner is vulnerable as it is and needs to keep their creations private unless they plan on selling them. However, your Pisces partner has some personal artwork or writing that they do not intend to publish or show to anyone. And if they offer you their personal stuff, that is their way of being vulnerable with you. You must remember that your Pisces partner is hurt for a reason, as many others take advantage of their kind nature. Therefore, they become a lot more reserved and private for that reason.


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Whenever your partner is vulnerable with you for any reason, they trust you enough to be that way. And that is an excellent sign that your relationship is solid and secure. Think about it. You would not want to be vulnerable and overly honest with those you don’t trust. If you are in a questionable relationship, you will keep your vulnerable side hidden. Therefore, if your partner shows their vulnerabilities to you, then you want to ensure that you respond with care and share your own vulnerabilities as well. That makes a solid relationship with a very hopeful future.

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