June 24, 2024
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Leo Who to Date and Who to Dump

Leo: Who to Date and Who to Dump

Dating is tough these days, but it doesn’t have to be if you’re in the know astrology-wise! There are a vast myriad of things we can learn from a birth chart, and the type of people who make our heart melt and put an extra pep in our step is one of them. What you need to know is what sign your Venus (the planet of love) and Mars (the planet of sexual attraction) are in for you and your crush, then scroll down this list to see how compatible your Leo Venus or Mars is with their placements!


With these two fire signs the relationship is sure to be both hot and fun! There is no lack of passion between Aries and Leo, but sometimes a flame needs a little something extra in order to stay burning. There is certainly potential for this to be a lifelong love, but it’s also likely for this to become more of a memorable, sexy summer fling.


Taurus and Leo make for BFFLs (best friends for life) due to their shared interests when it comes to comfort and style. Sometimes friends can be lovers and that’s pretty likely between these two! There is a certain exciting spark created between these signs, and with Taurus’ penchant for love which feels safe and comfortable, falling in love with your friends is a good bet. Sometimes it’s best just to stay friends, so that will have to be up to you to decide!

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This air sign and fire sign make such a perfect couple! Both Gemini and Leo know how to light up a room but in different ways, where Gemini can make everyone laugh and feel good, Leo creates excitement and drama. It can be hard for these two to find a love match that actually compliments their own sparkling personalities, but that’s precisely what they find in one another.


This is a surprising couple that really has what it takes to create long-lasting love. Both Cancer and Leo are arguably the most heart-centered lovers of the zodiac, both signs need a lot of love, care and attention in order to feel appreciated in a romantic partnership. Since they both value romance so much it’s easy for them to give and receive love in ample measure with one another. Where other partners leave them begging for more, Cancer and Leo can satiate each other’s need for love perfectly!


There’s definitely some big-time chemistry created between Leo and Leo, so the attraction is huge in this pairing. It’s important to tread lightly though, since Leo likes a bold kind of love and both of you probably have a big personality, you’ll have to make room for two stars in the relationship. So long as you and your Leo Venus or Mars partner are good at hyping one another up and taking a back seat from time to time, this is a love match made in heaven.


It’s hard to find much in common between Virgo and Leo unfortunately. Virgo takes a long time to open up in love and views romantic partnerships very practically (most of the time), so they may not show their bigger romantic feelings enough in the beginning for Leo’s liking. Leo dreams of big love but so does Virgo, so if your crush has a Virgo Venus or Mars be sure to give them time to feel safe around you before you judge their love languages.


Libra and Leo make a lot of sense as a couple since both value romance highly. Aside from that, what really glues this air and fire sign together is their need to do things big and full out, especially when it comes to love. In the desire for love to be a beautiful adventure filled with carriage rides, rose petals and luxurious vacations, they are evenly matched. So long as both partners give and receive love in equal measure they are surely to become #couplegoals.

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The sparks definitely fly between Scorpio and Leo, so I wouldn’t be surprised if you have a scorned Scorpio Venus or Mars love from your past. Scorpio brings a certain intensity to love (and love making) which can become an enticing spell for any Leo–hard to resist but sometimes dangerous to engage with. There is certainly potential for wholesome love but it requires both partners to be honest about what they need and expect in the relationship.


When it comes to Sagittarius and Leo compatibility these two are often better as just friends. In fact, you two make great friends since you’re both passionate and know how to liven up a dull crowd. Finding the glue that could make this stick as a romantic relationship would likely be a struggle since Leo is more naturally prone to serious relationships and Sagittarius won’t slow down and commit unless they find someone so engaging they couldn’t possibly run away.


Honestly, this pairing between Capricorn and Leo is an odd one that just seems to work (look at Barack and Michelle Obama for example). What unites Capricorn and Leo is their bold and ambitious approach to life–which will unite you–but the differences are what make this union special. Leo helps to get Capricorn out of its shell, and the hardworking nature of Capricorn helps to inspire Leo to work towards their dreams… including their dream relationship!


Aquarius and Leo make great friends, but also lovers. It’s like the classic literary trope of long-time friends falling in love in the end with this pair. Aquarius is the type to prioritize friendship over love, but because of that their friendships are often where they find their best matches. Aquarius and Leo may not find the romantic spark instantly with one another, but they are still drawn together because of their unique world views and earnest humanitarianism.


When it comes to Pisces and Leo compatibility, things can get hot and heavy really quickly! Pisces is an unlimited well of emotional depth and that comes with a huge penchant for love and romance. Leo is easily engulfed in the naturally romantic heart of Pisces which makes this pair evenly matched when it comes to love.

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